Saturday, April 8, 2017


After decades of increasing misuse of Palmer's idiocy that gave unbridled power to persons, groups of self appointed disaffected and commercial entities seeking advantage in cahoots with  an army of crats merely justifying their existence and funding, a long promised "reform' of the RMA handbrake on progress has been passed.

Only, to the disbelief and chagrin of those who have the growth of our nation as a central driver , National have only added a booster to that handbrake.
In a pitiful embracing of the long internationally despised apartheid that sustained a semblance of order in The Republic of South Africa, the Nats have in a desperate act of betrayal and cowardice given sanction to the creation of another layer of bureaucracy based on racial separation that will advantage, not a racial group allegedly being abused, but a powerful lobby of manipulators and crooks who see their reason to exist as any semblance of connection to the primitive savages who were fighting, killing and enslaving their fellow occupiers of this land, until the Victorians with a 'treaty' established a rule of law and order.

Now Koha demands will add to delay and cost of any and all entrepreneurial efforts to build a better nation, provide amenities and services, and add to the endless opportunities that will grow New Zealand Incorporated.
Taniwha will need to be pacified,
Sacred grounds that were only ever of any importance to very small groups of the Tangata Whenua while entirely ignored by a massive percentage of  the rest of the disparate tribal entities who were more likely to desecrate such sites as an expression of denigration.
Manufactured grievances that have evolved since the economic potential was identified by successive bleeding hearts that have appeared, will all add to the wall of difficulty faced by people wanting to develop land that in the traditions of English Law were  a right of ownership.

National have evolved a collective death wish and if it was not an appalling level of competence and ability possessed by the rabble who oppose everything, that should have them loaded on a truck to the knackers yard to be turned into petfood, the current mob occupying the NZ treasury benches would be in the first consignment.

Arrogance, third termitus, worn out, unimaginative, complacency call it what you will, the agenda items that cause many who care, not only expands but the level of incompetence gets greater as the months pass.

McCully's apparent actions as a rogue over the back stabbing at the likely behest of Kerry and Obama, of the sole functioning democracy in the Middle East and the collective silence of his caucus colleagues,
The ineptitude revealed over the infinitesimal quantity of water being bottled and sold,
The ongoing failure to address the islamisation of our culture exampled by the once iconic Dunedin based Cadbury outfit deleting reference to Easter on its chocolate eggs,
The call for tougher conditions suggested by Ms Bennett last evening for entirely law abiding firearm licence holders in the face of the reluctance to action the well established law breaking of certain outlaws within the population.
When added to the race based kowtowing to the minority, now elevated to an exalted state of a higher citizenship, could be seen as a wish to give the MP for St Mary's Bay his wish for a last Hurrah.
Now I could accept that that move may be the only way this country will send  the pathos and slow decline of a once shooting star to his black hole but some courage, statesmanship and exhibitions of strength of character in adherence to the published basis for National Party existence could be a better way.
The abrogation of so much of the grand words and beliefs of the party founders in the betrayal of the RMA  debacle does not bode well.


Jobson Growth said...

Dodgie, when you think you know something, stop and think again, because the chances are you are wrong.

"The ongoing failure to address the islamisation of our culture exampled by the once iconic Dunedin based Cadbury outfit deleting reference to Easter on its chocolate eggs,"

When did this happen? Year please.

gravedodger said...

The six packs which swmbo delights in having to hand are branded 'Cadbury eggs' it is here and now, just one more step of appeasement Mr Growth.
Yes it might well be because of the relocation to the West Isle but it is there for all to see.
First you have to remove the rose tinted glasses you clearly prefer to view your world through.

Noel said...

It's all an attack on Christian reglion to the benefit of Islam.

Gezz Dogger do some research.

"While it is true that the word ‘Easter’ isn’t displayed on some items as prominently as it may have been in the past, this could well be a financial decision more than anything else; chocolates not explicitly marked as ‘Easter eggs’ have a longer marketing shelf-life than ones that do, and are less likely to be subject to severely discounted post-holiday sales."

Looked on the back of your eggs packaging.

Jobson Growth said...

"The six packs which swmbo delights in having to hand are branded 'Cadbury eggs' it is here and now,"

That fact is not in dispute. What is in dispute is your unfounded assertion that Cadbury removed the word "Easter" to appease Islam. I have a long memory and do not recall when those packs were ever labelled with the word "Easter". If you got out and about once in a while, you would also see the word "Easter" does not appear on the packs of eggs sold by Mars, Lindt, Darrel Lea, etc.

So, back to you, when did Cadbury remove the word "Easter" from its egg packaging?

Cadbury, along with Rowntree, Fry's, was founded by a Quaker. Quakers do not celebrate Easter or Christmas. Are you trying to tell me they were "appeasers"?

Anonymous said...

When we have a long standing holiday called Easter, produced confectionary especially for it and remove the related branding because the product has a longer shelf life without it I'm not buying. It may not be appeasement but then its arrogant fuckwittery by marketing people and accountants. They won't dare do this to the Ramadammadingdong festival merchandise when that becomes fashionable. Christmas cards will be next because a blank card has a longer shelf life.


David said...

Jesusonapogostick anon, you're as dumb as dodger.

Easter was stolen from earlier religions.

The Bible says nothing about easter Eggs.

For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten chocolate bunny so the people would develop diabetes.

Your easter celebrates a brutal execution of a man who never lived to appease a non existent god for slights against the god by beings he created to be imperfect.

I much prefer the True Meaning of Easter - shagging, eating, drinking and generally living life to the full.

Anonymous said...

You miss the point eater and shagger. Easter being stolen doesn't matter at this level because we celebrated it as Easter in the Christian tradition in NZ and the marketing machine accepted that. Assuming the egg producers are not anti Easter for some reason, other than money there was no need to change anything.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You have to make allowances for David. He is an atheist commie who has spent more time reading the Bible than he has Das Kapital.

Of course he throws in the gratuitous blasphemy so loved by lefties.

Gerald said...

Annon 3;16
Geez man it's simply marketing to extend the sale period.

Sorry, silly me it's above your comprehension.

David said...

Anon at 12:41, it is you who misses the point by so much that you would have nailed Jesus to the barn door.

WHAT has been changed? Nothing! The eggs have been labelled as they are today for eons. Neither you or GD have answered Jobson's question - when did Cadbury remove the word "Easter" from its egg packaging?

Anonymous said...

Minor spat in NZ.....big row in the UK, even the PM has waded into the debate.

The long and the short of it is that Cadburys is not English any more it is US and the corporate has decided that they will sell more eggs if they appeal to all faiths not just christian. They do have a point as I am reliably informed that it was not a vinegar soaked sponge that was offered to JC on the cross, it was a chocolate bunny on a stick.

Lord Egbut

Jobson Growth said...

Looks like I'll be waiting until Jesus returns riding a White chocolate bunny before any of you dropkicks above can tell me the year when Cadbury dropped the word "Easter" from their egg packaging.

Faux xtian outrage over something that never happened.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Try google. Easter eggs 2014, Eggs 2017.

Gerald said...

gravedodger said...

Thankyou to Gerald and Adolf, wondering how it is that Jobson's Jesus has turned up unannounced and the MSM missed it, his return has to be biglyer than bombing a airbase belonging to poor people.

Jobson Growth said...

Adolt, took your advice and it seems to prove you are, indeed, a dolt.

Nothing there to back up the lies above.

Jobson Growth said...

Gerald, attempting to inject truth into a religious debate is like trying to nail jelly to a tree.

If GD was interested in truth he would have thrown out his Bible and his faux Christian outrage long ago.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor dumb bastard doesn't even know how to use Google.

Jobson Growth said...

ADOLT, this is probably your most accurate post ever, You have no clue how google works. Then again, you have no clue how life works, either.

Still incapable of ever proving a point.