Thursday, April 6, 2017

Temporary Labour Leader Made A Serious Mistake Ends UpIn Court.

Just stop digging, fool.

Your offer of $26 000 and absence of apology weeks later was seen as laughable.
Your next offer of $100 000 and a negotiable level of apology was clearly inadequate.
Had you an ounce of common sense, a fullsome apology and withdrawal of your intemperate remarks  publically announced,  when the Hagaman couple made it clear they were seriously offended and felt their reputation was damaged, I am reasonably certain Lani and Earle would have ended your troubles there and then. You were given a generous timeframe to take that option.
You are still behind the game by some many hundreds of thousand dollars.

The Hagaman family have now seen you as the master manipulator you clearly believe you are, and the further your implausible defence progresses any residual empathy they might hold for you must be exhausted soon if not now. They are generous donors across the political spectrum due to a hightened sense of the value of democracy, having given to the NZLP and other parties.

So Mr seven percent,  holder of a secure place as 4th polling option as Prime Minister, poor as a church mouse even after enjoying an income most can only hope for, leader of a party who could only deliver a very small handful of the votes for leader from your caucus colleagues, and going nowhere near the levels of support for your party the two now moved on predessors held, then deemed to be so bad as to need surgical intervention, please give serious consideration to just quietly leaving and maybe drive a Taxi. It worked for Reg Borman after Creech and his supporters finally got the ducks lined up and ended his memorable absence of achievement.

Our democratic traditions require a strong viable opposition to hold the government to account, the current rabble are failing spectacularly in that role and the pigheaded, emotional, oppose everything that has led to your current predicament is not in anyway fitted to that role.

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