Monday, April 10, 2017


John Clarke known to most New Zealanders of a certain age as Fred Dagg has died age 68 in his adopted home Australia.

A very talented comedian who makes most of the current wannabes look very amateur, maintained a connection with me through his satirical efforts with Bryan Dawe as an equally talented straight man in a series that has run weekly on Australian TV as Clarke and Dawe after he left us over a quarter of a century ago

To us over here he will always be Frad Dagg clad in red bands and a black singlet where  he competed with Billy T James for our humorous entertainment whereby most of us learnt the essential skill of laughing at ourselves.
Nothing was sacred for John Clarke and his passing so soon after Bill Leak is a double whammy.

Thankyou for the glorious memories Fred, I mean John, your death at an age far too young is hard.

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