Saturday, April 8, 2017


Stuff has a very good article here on a so called miracle cure for cancer being marketed under the name of Te Keri Gold Water and costing $100 for a two-litre bottle.  At its highest recommended dose customers are advised to drink 600ml per day for six weeks. That will set them back a cool $1,700.

Graham Saunders, Waikato University Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry has analyzed the product as comprising essentially diluted bleach.

The Cancer Society Medical Director makes the obvious point that people with advanced cancers are particularly vulnerable.   When it gets to the point that modern medicine has done its dash people will grasp at any lifeline offered .... this isn't the time when people make overly rational decisions.

The purveyors of snake-oil remedies know that and they can also do the sums that $1,700 x a lot equals a hell of a lot more.   Getting Sir Colin Meads to quasi-endorse it was a master stroke.

I saw this happen with my m-i-l thirty years ago with her cancer.   Then they were marketing a nifty new product called an air ioniser (or negative ion generator) as a potential cure-all.    Didn't work for her and three decades 'they're' still trying.
Pimping on the vulnerable.    Ain't pretty but its legal.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I doubt very much it is legal.

As soon as any medicinal claim is made or implied the vendors should be grabbed and introduced to the slammer.

Noel said...

Very legal Adolf.
The supplier makes no medical claims
Just leaves it to those who've used the product to make an endorsement.

Not an uncommon approach with "alternate medicine" products.