Sunday, April 23, 2017

O'Reilly (Updated)

Adolf has followed the demise of O'reilly with interest.

There seems little doubt O'reilly is a bit of a sleaze and there has been a 'sleaze' culture alive at Fox for some time.   But let's have a little perspective.  It is as nothing compared with the sleaze culture which operated for years in the Clinton White House.

It appears also that Murdock senior was against the firing while his two sons were for it.

It appears some sixty advertisers withdrew their advertising from his show after a erport in the New York Times on pay outs to a number of O'Reilly's accusers.  Importantly, the majority of the funds withdrawn went to other Fox News shows so the company was not actually damaged.

Right up until the day of his ouster, The O'Reilly Factor was by head and shoulders the top rating cable news show in the nation.

All very perplexing.  I think there is a pretty big story here and it is yet to be told.

A couple of competent investigative reporters could start by producing a list of those companies which pulled their adverts.   They could then compile a list of those companies whose CEOs have come out with anti Trump statements and policies since the election.  I(t would be interesting to see what sort of effect a consumer boycott had on those companies.)

I would expect to find a significant cross over between the two lists and therein lies the potential.  Who, when, where, why, what?????????????

So wherefore now, Bill O'Reilly?

He has a major asset in his loyal viewers and unless he has been foolish enough to sign a restraint of trade clause, I wouldn't be surprised if he put together a group of financial backers, bought out one of the also ran cable networks and got himself back on air.

If my suspicions are correct, Hannity and Carlson won't last much longer at Fox before the Left has them turfed out on trumped up charges published in the NYT.  What better home for them than the same outfit which carries 'The O'reilly Factor'?

(Update)  Well, that didn't take long.

"The latest conservative commentator to be accused of sexual misconduct is host Sean Hannity who was accused on the Pat Cambell Show by lawyer, political commentator, and frequent Fox News guest Debbie Schlussel. Debbie claimed on the show that Sean Hannity asked Schlussel to come back to his hotel twice after a book-signing event. Does this constitute sexual misconduct?"


The Veteran said...

Adolf ... a sleezebag is a sleezebag no matter if he is a poster boy of the Right or the Left. Where is his moral authority to pontificate? The 'Left' dominated media will relish the opportunity to use his fall from grace as a means to tarnish the conservative brand. He would be foolish to attempt a phoenix like rise from the ashes.

Times change ... you put yourself up there and you become a target. Lot different from just say two decades ago. I remember well a secondary school principal in Auckland; recipient of a Royal honor and a leading figure in the Auckland Labour Party hierachy. Topped himself in Indonesia after having been found in bed with a per-pubesiant young boy. Was that hushed up or what.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It is the back story in which I am interested. That is, what appears to be a campaign by the left to take down Fox News.

I think the younger Murdocks, by acquiescing to the pressure to sack O'Rielly, have set in train the destruction of Fox. Their father could see this. It is noteworthy that they threw him under the bus when his misdemeanors had not cost the company any revenue.

We shall have to wait and see, As they say in the media, this story is developing.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sorry 'Anonymous' but we don't accept anonymous comments here. Get yourself a nom de plume or pen name.

However, I did read somewhere this morning something which seems remarkably similar to your astute observations. Here it is.

"I thought the only 'evidence' against O'Reilly was that he had settled some complaints. It's common practice to settle rather than litigate. They weren't 'proven' complaints.

I see one complaint was from 10 years ago and she claimed O'Reilly had once 'leered' at her in the office. Another claimed he had called her 'Hot chocolate'. Stupid thing to say, but sexual harassment? Stretching it a bit isn't it?

Another said she thought he was masterbating while talking to her on the phone. No proof that he was- but she got a couple of million for that.

Personally I find him bombastic so not really a fan but this all smacks of a witch hunt from the left to knock him over. He had recently been very critical of personnel on other channels too.

No surprise they are after Hannity now. He really corrects and ridicules the Lefts narrative. "

SHG said...

It's also a generational change. Calling The O'Reilly Factor "the top-rating cable news show in the nation" is kinda like being the best manufacturer of horse-drawn carriages at the turn of the century. Cable news has influence because Trump's a cable news addict, but the advertisers pay the bills and they want to know they're getting eyeballs.

O'Reilly's last show: officially 3.3 million viewers


John Oliver Last Week Tonight, last episode: officially viewed 59 million times on Facebook plus 19 million on Youtube

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The advertisers were quite happy to keep their money with Fax cable News. Must be a pretty good horse drawn carriage.

PS Trust you are well. Still in SA or back in NZ?

SHG said...

Yep, still living the Fleurieu life :) where you at these days?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Shortly moving to Bunbury.