Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Nork's Nukes

There has been a rising tide of commentary of late dealing with the possibility of North Korea launching a nuclear attack on the United States and or its allies in South East Asia.

For the first time, one sees suggestions America might launch a pre-emptive strike.  I have not seen any suggestion such a preemptive strike would be nuclear  No doubt US military planners will have had detailed plans prepared for several years and I expect massive bombardment of missile silos and other nuclear facilities would be part of that.    It is said that a B52, loaded with  MAOBs (or similar) can do more damage than a small nuke.  (But hey, I'm no military expert.)

However, what really does intrigue me is the notion that any ICBM launched from North Korea against the US might ever reach its target.    I would expect some pretty sophisticated missile defense systems would take care of it before it got to within a thousand miles of the US coast line.

And then the invasion would begin in earnest.


pdm said...

` (But hey, I'm no military expert.)'

Don't go to Hager or Stephenson for help - they have proved that they know SFA.

Anonymous said...

Gareth Moron will have an opinion that we all need to hear about North Korea.


The Veteran said...

The NK leadership might be stupid, they might even be mad, but I doubt they are stupidly mad. A preemptive nuclear strike on the US (or South Korea or Japan) would mean oblivion for the DKR. China is the key to this. They could cripple the NK economy overnight if they so wished to and their halt to coal imports is a sign their patience could be running thin. But when you force a country (person) into a corner where they can't back down without losing face and anything can happen.

I like the commentator who has it that NK is so irrational that it's behavior is entirely rationale and predictable.

Don't think Morgan's war on cats would resonate too much in the DKR ... they've eaten all the cats.

Anonymous said...

Robert McNamara reflected on so-called rationality in his memoir "Fog of War" on the Cuban missile crisis. He said Kennedy, Kruschev and Castro were all 'rational'. Yet years later when he met with Cuban defense generals of the time, he asked if they knew that they couldn't win, Cuba would be obliterated had they moved to launch just one missile. They said they were fully aware of that but were going to do it anyway. The look of uncomprehension on McNamara's face says it all.

Don't count on rationality being a factor with the demented NK leaders. They've lived without it for 65 years, taken advice from no-one and their thought process is demonic.