Monday, April 10, 2017


The Jury deciding Litles fate have reported back that unanimous aint gunna happn, in Wellywood where  8%  think he should be Prime Minister is on the balance of probabilities a bit light, that is no big surprise.

So it is a majority of nine now to decide on the judges say so

With the moron admitting he tried  to make it go away for an inadequate apology and a hundy, reports the jury cant even decide guilt or innocence  seem farcical.

But then David didn't do it  in Dunedin,  that verdict delivered in Christchurch.

Maybe the word guilty is too hard and needs to be replaced with whodunnit.


Anonymous said...

Dodger....somehow you manage to personify the old saying "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing".

Along with Adolf and Veteran you were playing the man without even a cursory glance at the ball. When a zillionaire ladles out wedges of dosh to different political parties he is currying favour and dipping his toe into into the political soup and must expect consequences. It seems everyone bar the Labour haters can see this. Anther trial? waste of money and if it comes to fruition, damages in the region of $1000.

Claiming $250,000 for a dozen lawyers letters is taking the piss...and the best man won.

Lord Egbut.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it was a ridiculous lawsuit from start to finish. Little may have been a bit over dramatic in his use of words but he was absolutely right to question the $100k Hagaman donation when they had then received a lucrative government contract a few weeks later.