Friday, April 21, 2017


But it is almost certain to keep coming.

This morning multiple MSM are reporting the desperate lunge Little Andrew made for relevance by calling for a pause in immigration at a level around twenty thousand.
Ignore for now that around one million New Zealand citizens live overseas, six hundred, yes six hundred thousand just across the Tasman.

Just because a stupid media decline to ask is no reason at all, but Mr Little, what will your moronic policy setting be when the nice twenty thousand figure is reached and another ten thousand want to just come home?


Jobson Growth said...

No further evidence required of the lack of clear thinking skills exhibited here every day.

All 1 million Kiwi expats could return tomorrow and the immigration quota would not budge.

A returning citizen is not an immigrant.

The only thing Little is guilty of his latching on to the xenophobia contagion sweeping the formerly welcoming nations.

The Veteran said...

Jobson Growth ... I agree about the xenophobic bit. His refusal to spell out numbers puts him in the same caetegory as Peters ... never mind the quality, feel the width.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ah yes, Peters, that political genius who could never find his way out of his bottle.

Paulus said...

But he does not make clear, if at all, as to whether returning New Zealanders and Australians are included.
From his figures it looks as though they will be included in his figures.

David said...

Adolf, IIRC, Peters had quite a lot of fun with a wine box.

Unknown said...

David. Especially draining the same and flaunting the empty receptacle before his fellow flaunters