Saturday, April 29, 2017


For better or worse WRP and I go back 30 plus years to when I was on the executive of the then Waikato Division of the National Party and Peters was the ever so humble National Party MP for Tauranga.

One thing for certain ... he was never a team player.   He was 'our' enfant terrible.  It was all about Winston.  We used to joke and then it became a not so funny joke ... whenever he was scheduled to give a speech he would always delay his entrance ten minutes beyond the scheduled time to help build up the sense of expectation in the audience ... that was Hitler's trick.   He learned it well.

Tauranga should have been a high performing electorate.  Instead, we were always having to put out fires.   You see, essentially Winston was lazy, he paid little attention to the grass roots membership.  His executive comprised a small core of sycophantic supporters who thought he walked on water but anyone who challenged Winston's view of life was elbowed aside.   Good people walked; some out of the Party, others transferred their membership to neighboring electorates where their views were listened to.   Nothing much has changed.   You will recall Winston recruited Dail Jones, a former National Party Junior Whip, into his Party where he returned to Parliament on the Winston First List and later became their Party President.   Following a row with Winston where he (Jones) questioned Peters on the source of certain donations that ended up in the Spencer Trust (Peter's private Trust) he was demoted to an 'also ran' position on the List.   The same thing happened to Andrew Wright, the ex Mayor of East Coast Bays and one term NZ First MP.   He challenged Winston and paid the price.

Winston is both a populist politician and a lazy politician.   The stories about him turning up at the cabinet table with his cabinet papers unread are legend.   But it is the populist politician playing dog whistle politics that I abhor.   About this time in every election cycle Winston plays the xenophobic anti-immigrant card and this time and to Labour's shame he's found a sad dupe in Andrew Little.   The sight of them trying to outdo each other is pathetic.   We are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants (in my case from England via Australia and Germany).   There are no indigenous New Zealanders.   Peters is a half-breed of Maori and Scottish descent but that, in itself, doesn't make him a mongrel.   What makes him a mongrel is his willingness to play the race card and that is a measure of the 'man'.

That certainly was in play this week when he turned on two 'new' New Zealander journalists who told the real story about work visa numbers with the top five source countries being (in order) UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa and the US.   'Lies' said WRP, fuming that the narrative doesn't fit his narrative which blames any and all problems facing New Zealand on new arrivals from 'non white' countries.  To back his ascertain he complained that the data only records their last place of residence, not their ethnicity.    Peters' clutching at straws.   If we are to believe WRP the arrivals from the UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa and the US are predominantly of Asian, Middle Eastern and Chinese origin.   Tosh.   Continue his logic ... it must follow that those coming from say China are not Chinese?    Peters is floundering; his age is showing; some, less charitable than I, might argue he is exhibiting signs of early onset dementia ... paranoia certainly.

His band of true believers, led by such luminaries as our resident troll Paul Scott, will continue to believe in his infallibility.   His xenophobia defines them also and that's sad.   Peters is descended from immigrants, they're descended from immigrants.   Watching descendants of immigrants bash new immigrants based on the colour of their skin is an unedifying spectacle.  

Perhaps more unedifying is that Labour leader Little has climbed onto the same bandwagon.   He is facing a backlash.   Keith Ng, a former staffer in Helen Clark's slammed him when he wrote "Winston Peters' contemptible race-baiting rhetoric has hit a new low, but he's able to go further thanks to the Party that gave us 'Chinese sounding names' having already climbed half way"  ... clearly Andrew's  lost Keith's vote.    And just today this from a restaurant owner and immigrant from Israel and a self identified 'friend' of Little and Adern ... he concludes "I understand that you are desperate for more votes this election, and sure, blaming immigrants for the ills of society is an easy way of getting them. So shift the blame on us as many have done before you. I just hope you’re ready to face the consequences."

Little and Peters have much to answer for.


Anonymous said...

New Zealand is the only country in the western world where the word "mongrel" is used so disparagingly with the side effect that from an early age NZ kids sometimes treat dogs with contempt.

My bitza's are everything that Winston first and most politicians are not...loyal, obedient to my wishes and enthusiastically friendly with everybody regardless of their station in life.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... go Poppy.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut has never been to Australia.

paul scott said...

Sigh. Read the Immigration stats Vet and you'll get the idea. Everyone else has.
Spreadsheet pivots and analysis sorts.
The implications racist and xenophobe lost their meaning back at Brexit days, and before.
Its like deplorable, Vet, slur words are now a mark of pride showing a lack of credible argument from the user.
We'll [ NZF ] take 19% on the back of the unprincipled Nat Government Immigration, Co-Governance and Housing shambles that Slackjaw left for you. You don't have to like it, but your going to get it. Its a direct result of your Government.
Then there's Regional Development and Health. Ministers Smith, Finlayson, Woodhouse and Tolley, Brownlee are going.
I know blue rinse lifers in Christchurch who in disgust are ready to vote Labour.
Its real. Nat earned it,and video of double dipton eating spaghetti won't help.

Anonymous said...

Well said Scotski.....You peoples are alvays so rude about us putinbots. Have you no pity? It’s not easy being a putinbot I can tell you zat. I didn’t expect to be doing zis ven I joined ze FSB. I thought it vould be all speedboats and fast women, polonium poisoning and stabbing people vis umberellas. But oh no. Not for me. Zey haff me syittink in front of zis stinkink computer day after day typing lies on social media and webistes like ze No Minister. ‘Putin is a nice guy.’ ‘Konrade Trumpski isn’t a Russian agent.’ ‘Assad is kind to children unt small animals.’ Its demeaning I tell you. I didn’t sign up for zis. I didn’t vant to be a putinbot.

I vanted to be… a lumberjack! Leaping from tree to tree as zey float down ze mighty rivers of British Colombia. Vis my best girl by my side. I’d sing! Sing! SING!!!

Count Egbutski Popalov

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Respective socialist governments of Bolger/Shipley, Clark and Key put NZ on an immigration treadmill, and it looks like no one’s got any serious ideas on how to get off it.

The Veteran said...

Paul ... so no argument then, just bluster. The rhetoric coming from Labour and Winston First is all dog whistle and no substance ... we're going to cut immigration numbers. So, where to start? Are they going to cut the numbers of New Zealanders returning home? ... no, because they can't. Are they going to cut the number of Australians coming here? ... pretty dangerous. Going to reduce the number of student visas issued? ... and trash a major industry? Going to can the PI seasonal workers scheme? ... whose going to do the work lazy Kiwis won't? Going to turn the working holiday visa scheme on it head ... Kiwis going to the UK on the reciprocal arrangement might have something to say about that. Going to stop new New Zealanders granted permanent residence from sponsoring family members to come here? Yep, that has to be in play ... nice one. Going to overturn that Government's decision to extend to 20 years the wait time for eligibility for NZ Superannuation? ... nah. The list goes on ...

and BTW, yes, I looked at NZ First's Immigration policy. No specifics there ... like this doozy ... "Ensure that immigration policy is based on New Zealand’s interests and the main focus is on meeting critical skills gaps." News for you old son. That's what it is right now. Sigh.