Thursday, April 6, 2017


Twice in the last month we have travelled the replacement SH 1 via Lewis Pass, Shanendoa, Upper Buller Gorge and the Wairau Valley, in use while the massive rock falls along the Kaikoura Coast dealt by the 'Waiau' now referred to as the 'Kaikoura' earthquake last November, are being cleared

Largely secondary highways, six, sixty three, sixty five and seven, the network is not designed to carry the volumes of traffic and loadings, exacerbated by the contemporaneous loss of the main trunk rail link.
We travelled North on March 9th returning on April 3rd and saw behaviour we can only wish was as good as what occurs on a daily basis on our much shorter city link Hway 75. 
The truckies were awesome, coming South we met nearly three hundred of them between Blenheim and Waipara Junction, and pulled over to allow another thirty to overtake who all acknowledged with a toot, not so Utes and cars, some of  them were driven by morons best described as "temporary residents". Cutting corners, passing on double yellow lines, and no idea what the function of the little lever on the steering column delivers, including some who gave a rather strange salutation of a raised arm and extended finger. Just testing for current wind direction I am guessing.
A direct link revealed between modification levels, lowered suspensions, tinted windows and degrees of moronic driving ability.

The road is struggling with the never intended loadings, we encountered over thirty five road works as scheduled and restorative are being actioned, lots of lollipops and speed restrictions, leading to estimated travel times needing to be recalculated to even double times in parts.

It is what it is and sadly some are making inane statements as regards the challenges. Get up earlier, slow down and be grateful it is coping with the challenge nature delivered last November. I know we were after family demanded an unscheduled trip that is all good in its outcomes.
Big ups to Transit, professional truck drivers and the majority of other road users making the best of what is the only realistic road link from Christchurch to the North.

A small advisory to the malcontents who in ignorance seem to have a misguided notion that slower vehicles should pull over immediately the better drivers arrive wanting to overtake.
My policy is I will not leave the carriageway unless it is designated a slow vehicle lane or passing lane as just seemingly wider verges can end unexpectedly or be traps for the unwary with pot holing and other hazards. One such, when on the ascent of The Lewis, in an act that was in retrospect ill-advised I entered a " picnic area" to clear a buildup of faster traffic only to discover too late it was so badly damaged as to surface quality as to threaten the tires and wheel assembly of my mobile home. An act of good manners that reinforced my policy settings.

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