Monday, April 10, 2017


Central to rugby is contesting the ball.

Hurricanes ten was yellow carded by referee van d Westhuizen twice for "deliberate knock down" of a ball that because of proximity to the tryline gave an opportunity for an intercept from an onside position and had it been successful would have ended with a try a hundred meters away another heroic effort from a maestro

I am no fan of The yellow and blacks and often wonder if a much greater power than I acknowlege, intervened that night at Lancaster park when the fog rolled in at kick off over a decade ago,ten minutes for a reflex attempt to grab the ball with a milisecond to decide then a red for a repeat seemed any amount of punishment  for the so called offending.
To then go to a full judicial with a real possibility of further punishment to the team by a suspension is way over the top in my ever humble opinion.

As with the contest of the tackled ball it is a very fraught area for decision making and if Barrett gets further sanction it is nuts, christ on a bike the refs take minutes of reviews and replays to establish try no try yet a massive crime here is a nanosecond decison by a player in the heat of battle with no danger, or serious foul play involved.


pdm said...

I think he's a sitter for a week off GD. Hurricanes players have history with professional fouls - remember Dion Waller and the idiot Spice who both had it down to a fine art. Because of them rules have tightened and Barrett will suffer.

OlderChas said...

I watched the "replays" over and over (as I had recorded the match). In both instances it's very obvious to me that Barrett was attempting an intercept. You don't 'deliberately knock down'a ball with both hands and he was reaching for the ball with both hands both times. Poor refereeing in my opinion - and I'm not a Hurricanes supporter!