Saturday, April 22, 2017


Once a pretend conservative called Frazer, no not the old goat on Dads Army, the one who manipulated Sir John Kerr into having Saint Gough left marooned and his government sunk in a palace coup and not a shot fired who was Federal Prime Minister of Straya.
Then in a change of persona became a soft hearted embarrasment who even sank to a level that saw him endorse a Sheila confused about her daddy standing in South Straya for a Senate seat as a Melon.

For one who subscribes to the idea that if you are not a socialist at twenty you have no heart and if you are not a conservative at thirty five you have no brains, it is puzzling what it is with former Prime ministers suddenly making decisions on their way to Damascus that eschew so much of what led them to the top job.

Back in the nineteen seventies I nearly became a National Party member when I responded to a call from a local Nat branch secretary to attend a wool shed meeting where Nat candidate Derek Quigley a personal friend was making his move to remove serial trougher Kerry Burke as MP for Rangiora.
I have always had high regard for Derek and on this occasion he introduced a fellow newby, King Country Farmer Jim Bolger.
That Jim 'Spud' Bolger can be no relation to the sad old bugger who has renounced the Neo Liberalism that got him elected, sustained his parliamentary career where he rose to be the thirty fifth prime minister proudly wearing the blue rosette and nary a whimper about Neo liberalism
Sorry Jim your rewriting of history is not going to sustain your new beliefs.
World poverty is so much reduced as to be almost hidden apart from the few fighting dunnies dominated by treacherous and corrupt leaders, mostly in the African Continent.
Welfare that you and your stupid enablers grew to kill self responsibility, self respect and pride in being self reliant is an enduring problem.
 So maybe you should reread the advice your predessor Keith Holyoak gave new MPs, "breathe through your nose and keep silent so as to learn".


The Veteran said...

Somewhat sad to see yesterday's politician seek to renounce the platform he once pretended to run on. The reality was that JB was a steady as you go politician in the Holyoake tradition. He was an economic wet and a social conservative but his abiding legacy was that he alone created the space that allowed Peters to go it alone with NZ First when he reneged on his promise to abolish Labour's surtax on the super (you remember ... no ifs, no buts, no maybes) and instead replaced it with an entirely new tax regime. Had the gall to argue 'we did abolish the surtax'. Tens of thousands of 'crinklees' said 'up yours' and become cannon fodder for WSP.

Some legacy.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Some legacy. Yes indeed.