Friday, April 14, 2017


There will always be negs, my family worked Turoa Ski Field back in the day, one an instructor the other a hosty and a common belief amongst all staff was"there is one on every bus" referring to the many dropkicks encountered every day by them and their colleagues.

Just as farmers rapidly move from too dry to too wet in short order there will always be people disgruntled by the predictions from those who struggle with weather forcasting. Not always due to the inexact data to be worked with but NZ is a very small land in a very big pond with challenges as to knowing what is actually going on and things weather can change very fast.

So it is no surprise there are tire kickers now complaining, having abandoned their easter plans  are now faced with an apparent lower level of threat from decaying Cyclone Cook across the already damaged North.
Give me strength, everyone has a brain so process what you can discover and be flexible.

We were never going to participate due to recent personal challenges but a bunch of Movanners from Canterbury, in the absence of the long standing National Easter Rally, this year moved to Nelson some six weeks earlier with wonderful weather, decided months ago to have an 'Easter rally' in Kaikoura to raise a bit of dosh to add to the $1500 raised late last year by a series of forays via Hway 70  to recover vans abandoned in the chaos following the November seismic event.
Now with some serious challenges from the weather gods they are still intent on fulfilling their hopes and some are already there so best wishes to you all and I hope KK enjoys another bit of comfort from a bunch of good bastards, it all helps.

Just had a call from Rural Hawkes Bay, warm, sunny, blue skies brekkie on the terrace, house open to the day.
Not so here in paradise, buffetting SE winds increasing, rain since around 0200 hrs that I am aware of  and little desire to venture out.
Hoping the weather does as latest predictions say and the annual Lions Paddys Market and White Elephant Tent scheduled for Saturday, raises another heep of dosh to allow continued good works.

Remember people we live on a little rock in the middle of challenging blue ocean and if we dodged another Wahine, Bola or other April disaster, be grateful they overstated what could have been much worse from Cookie. 
Far better over warned than surprised, spare a thought for those not so lucky and have a happy easter break.


Anonymous said...

predictions from those who struggle with weather forcasting.
You surely don't class the gyrating fool with the jazz hands, who cavorts on TV1 following the news, as a "forecaster". He acts more like a washed up vaudeville performer. Perfect of course for what weather reporting has become in this age of "climate change". Disaster porn for the masses. Just watch the amateur dramatics when some bad weather is on the way. The glee in the eyes as the rain radar sporting the most garish red creeps over the country like a malevolent virus coming to devour us all.
Unwatchable crap unless you like comedy.

paul scott said...

I am in fairly low lying patch over in Richmond, ChCh. My rain guage is the wheel barrow, and it was full, overflowing this morning. Also the pump has thrown out 4 or 5 cubic meters in the last few days. The street is looking safe, so that Dudley creek bypass may be in action.
Other news; we still hate Dalzeil with passion and loathing.