Sunday, April 9, 2017


Commentators having wet dreams and setting new records for the banal, were pathetic.
So a certain midfield back made a comeback off the bench for the Blues Franchise after a sensationalised injury incurred at the Rio Olympics, so bloody what.

Images of him lolling on the bleachers, a rather languid warm up then an injection that showed the player basking in all the adulation that could be aroused as he ran onto the field in all his reflected glory.
It came to what, one midfield break that was nothing special, then butchered by fellow splintered arse, Prattly, followed up with two missed tackles, all for another loss for Umaga's mob.

Then it is revealed this morning that the collar adornments that I mistakenly assumed were a matter of rank, but were' it is assumed, a rejection, religious based, of support for an organisation that is charging "interest" on bank loans, a practice not permitted by his religious beliefs.
Who does he think contributes to his generous remuneration package, I assume he deducts the sum that could be from the BNZ and returns it. What about Investic, NIB, didn't the idiot have enough tape.

No impact, minimal effort, contributed nothing to his team, it was revealed he merely prevented another who might have made a difference from getting an opportunity.

It is widely reported the Blues players and staff were not aware Bill had NZRFU conscientious objection clause to allow his very selective action.
It appears to me it did not become an action until game time when the TV exposure would be much greater.
Of course the BNZ have little issue as they have had unmeasurable exposure.

I return to NIB and Investic who are equally into usury as a component of their business so was I correct in suggesting Bill, Koda and Tony could not access enough tape.

The guy is a Prima Donna who clearly believes there is an "I" in his spelling of the word team.

If it is so serious then let him go and play for the golden oldies where the exposure will not matter who paid for the bus.
I doubt a 'man' of the likes of Mark Hammet would be so accepting so maybe a comparison of the Hurricanes vs The Blues over recent years could be relevant?


pdm said...

I cannot agree with you on this one GD.

I thought SBW played okay for his first serious match in 15 months or so. He was certainly a notch or two up on Moala and will improve quickly with game time.

When SBW switched to rugby I thought he was a prima donna but he has proved to be a quality player and is my first choice to start at 12 against the Lions.

The Veteran said...

Covers up the BNZ logo FFS ... did he refuse to take their pay check??? If I were the BNZ I'd be pissed. Muslims supposedly shun alcohol so how come he's happy to play for the Steinlager ABs??? Yes, he's got talent. No, he's not bigger than the game. Sponsorship comes with the territory.

Shelldrake said...

Sonny Bill doesn't make these decisions. He is a puppet on a string to his devious manager who benefits big time from all the income streams. He will eventually become a sorry sight.

The Veteran said...

OK ... got it wrong. Seems SBW has an 'out' in his contract reflecting his God like status ... puke. NZRFU stand condemned. Fascinating 'he' didn't choose to exercise the out wearing a BNZ emblazoned training jersey.

If SBW is a true Muslim then he has no friends among his teammates ... Quran 5.51 ... "Believers, take neither the Jews or Christians as your friends. Yje are friends with one-another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number.
God does not guide the wrong-doers".

pdm said...

Vet - Cassius Clay aka Mohammed Ali seemed to get round that friendship decree too and what about Shakin Stevens.

It seems hypocrisy reigns among muslims just as it does through out the rest of the world.

George said...

At the end of his 'career' anyway.
Its mandatory for muslims to lie to us ordinary non muslim folk.
I'd like to know how he saves his pay though if not in a bank

gravedodger said...

Yes pdm, I accept class is permanent but remember the chaos around cohesion and performance Mark Hammet had to contend with when he arrived at Hurricanes HQ and the rubbish he faced from Hore and his arrogant clique. Compare them then and now although this weekend showed was a poor effort imho.
If I was a Blues supporter, never gunna happen I know, I would be more than a little concerned at the precedent set.
Tana has more than enough talent without such conditional committment.

Good point George, but I am guessing Koda has that in Hand, pun intended.

Jobson Growth said...

pdm - do you see Muslims under your bed every night? I think Shakin' Stevens' fans of his Number 1 hit "Merry Christmas Everyone" would be shocked to discover he is a secret Muslim.

Perhaps you meant Yusuf Islam who has now returned to performing as Cat Stevens.

Jobson Growth said...

George, there is nothing in Islam that prevents the use of a bank. Islamic banks exist. All Islam prevents is usury. This same prohibition exists in the Judeo-Christian religion as well, but as is usual with Christians, it is one of the bits they ignore.

pdm said...

Jobson G 9.46.

Thanks for the help - I had the wrong Stevens.

GD - I think SBW is a reasonably `good bugger' surrounded by and probably manipulated by the unlikeable people in his management team.

gravedodger said...

@ Jobson, just as fits with the shonky muslim attitude, Yousif Cat Stevens has dropped the Islam bit of his new new identity and for making money from nostalgia.
Whatever happened to the heartfelt religious fervour that accompanied the big change all those decades ago.

I guess you are right behind the chorus of condemnation that is being unleashed on apostate Ayaan Hirsi Ali leading to her cancelling an Australian tour.
Geez cant have an apostate genitally mutilated woman speaking out now can we.