Monday, April 10, 2017

Guessing Game

Now that the dust has settled over Mr Assad's Sarin storage facility, a few cautious observations and a guess or two..

  1. I wonder if Mr Putin could put sixty or so cruise missiles onto a target half way around the world, with pin point accuracy at short notice.  I doubt it.
  2. I wonder what Mr Assad thinks about Putin's much vaunted state of the art air defense system?  He'll ask for his money back.
  3. I wonder what will the next move be?  

I see the US has an aircraft carrier strike group patrolling in the South China Sea.  So my guess is during the next two weeks, the little fat Nork will fire off another ICBM in the direction of the USA upon which the US Navy with shoot the bloody thing down over international waters.  Trump will call the missile launch an act of war and China will quietly close the fat Nork down.

Looking behind the obvious it appears Mr Putin's military does quite well against civilian aircraft from Malaysia but when it's time for the real deal one has to wonder if they would simply fail.

Is Putin all piss and no wind, just like Saddam?.


Andrei said...

You are just going to love WW3 Adolf - its going to be a barrel of laughs

There is so much wrong with this post that it is easier to point out what you have got right


Watch and learn

Noel said...

Define halfway round the world in kilometers

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goodness me, Andrei.

Quite a reaction to a few mild musings.

In case you hadn't noticed, WWIII started sometime ago. It's being waged between Islam and Christendom.

C'mon then Noel. You're dying to tell me.

Andrei said...

Well Adolf you didn't know about the Calibr missiles, you believe the bogus gas attack story and you have bought the story of the carrier group going to threaten North Korea when anyone with brains knows its real target is the Russian Pacific Fleet at Vladivostok

A week ago things were looking up Assad looked secure and America was about to make nice with Russia and suddenly in the space of a few days everything turned around with a terrorist sourced video of a supposed gas attack against children - somebody wanted to sabotage "peace in our time" very badly and has succeeded

And what you also don't realize is Syria is a red line and Putin aint Obama - in fact intellectually both Putin and Assad leave Obama (and Trump) in the dust

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Andrei, don't forget about the explosives in the twin towers.

Noel said...

I've no idea. But most cruise missiles have around 1500 km range.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, did I say the missiles themselves traveled halfway round the world?

Did I really say that?

Andrei said...

"Andrei, don't forget about the explosives in the twin towers."

Heading of on wild tangents involving conspiracy theories that have nothing to do with the topic at hand Adolf?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well whadddya know?

Noel said...

Did I reallly say that? OK you pondered it.
Factually given the same parameters Russia could carry it out.
They could also have probably taken out most of Trumps Tomahawks but chose not to.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Wrong Noel. You imagined it.