Friday, April 7, 2017

Even Pelosi and other snowflakes approve

Trump launches fifty something Tomahawks at the Air base it is suspected Assad launched his rather disturbing chemical weapon attack from.

A bloody Nose for Putins new BF and a message for the Boy Wonder with rather abnormal concerns for his immediate family. I mean killing them, his uncle with an anti aircraft gun, half brother with a nerve drug in Malasia, and maybe others as yet still secret is so indicative of the great leader that Garry Moron claims is such a wonderful country

The use of such brutality on ones own people is a lot more disturbing than run of the mill  acts of violence governments deem necessary, such acts that often result in unavoidable 'colateral dead' that have Lemon face and his equally inept co conspiritor so exercised.
Whether Assad or who ever launched the poison had any concern for civillian casualties is if litle moment as  they must have known the probable outcome.


Anonymous said...

Now that the rightwing loonytoon Bannon has been told to go back to the playpen the White House is being run by grown ups.

If anyone thinks that this is Trumps decision could not be more wrong..The Orange one has become a figurehead and will follow the party line. This attack takes the heat out of his failed domestic policies and it seems to me it is a reversal of Obama's admin which had successful domestic policies but fell short on foreign policy.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

But how long will it be before Pelosi and all the other snowflakes decide they were for it before they were against it?

They have form.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


So in your lexicon Obama was a loose cannon?

Jobson Growth said...

"But how long will it be before Pelosi and all the other snowflakes decide they were for it before they were against it?"

You mean like your best buddy the Pendejo? You two would fit very well together, like peas in a pod or like Michael Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzmichael.

Lord Egbut is correct. Trump didn't even have the decency to be in Washington when the order was given, he was far happier playing nine hundredth round of golf, 899 more rounds than Obama had played at the same time in hist presidency.

Go home, Adolt; you're drunk.

David said...

Gravedodger, no bloody nose for Putin. It was all a sham to take the heat of their bromance.

How was it bloodying Putin's nose when Putin was informed IN ADVANCE?

How was it doing anything to reduce Syria's air capabilities when the missiles didn't even hit the runways? More sorties have just been made from that airfield.

Russia is now playing its part by claiming offence, but notice the absence of Putin in all the announcements from Russia.

Even when they do the wrong thing for the right reasons the Mercans can't help but fuck it up.