Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Aaah the sixties, the music, the freedoms, love and lust, welfare didn't really matter, it was there to be a backstop for the unfortunate and by god we were not going to be in that dark place.

Last weekend three couples met for dinner, we have only met and become  good friends as we all chose to live in the quaint seaside village that clings to obscure french connections,  now merely a stage prop for the drama of life.
All retired, a builder, a retailer and a farmer who through life with a partner, enjoyed reasonable lifestyles in familial and work partnerships that endured and thrived.
The ostensible reason for getting together was the recent fifty third  anniversary of nuptials for one couple in those then turbulent but on reflection oh so calm and rewarding times. Inevitably some reflection on how we all arrived at this point still with the original mate and it was a little remarkable that totalled, we had accumulated over a century and a half of married commitment and what chance of that being replicated  in times that see many relationships appearing rather musical chairs in truth.

It is easy to seem smug and slightly superior but we all had our formative years in the wake of the second world conflagration, the first before we were born saw the  military adventure that spawned todays day of remembrance and grateful thanks that such matters meant many fighting for a cause and for too many, death at a young age.
Swmbo's dad spent days dragging tanks around Casino while mine suffering serious varicose veins and accompanying eczema was going to stop the Japanese at Gooches Beach in Kaikoura.

Did we enjoy the best of times, well any comparisons between generations is fraught but on balance I think we enjoyed a very fortunate time to grow up and live life.
I used to ponder the remarkable times My Dad saw in a long life that began in the Victorian reign and saw another five monarchs when today most have only had one. He was born in a time when a horse and gig were only for the better off, yet he saw a man on the moon. Advances in medicine, reductions in grinding manual work, universal state assistance that a Morgan research person "discovered' has become a viable alternative to actually working, have delivered a vastly different world yet many eventually climb out of bed every day and want more.

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