Thursday, April 20, 2017


I hope all those seeking to solve the future of Akaroa's waste water solutions have read the tale of woe that ensued when well intentioned people made decisions to solve a similar "problem" at Mangawai on the Kaipara, well covered by my colleague The Veteran here over a year ago.

Now Akaroa c2017 has a population of residents classified as "permanent" of around 600, a number that swells to an estimated 10 000 on a nice day at new year and there is an unfortunate bit of collateral in the form of waste water, currently euphemistically estimated at over 500 cu mts a day maximum, normally running at just over 200 cu mts a day

In the early 1960s when possibly many more lived permanently in the old Borough, a move to modern was made that involved installation of a "digester" (do not dwell too long there)  at Greens Point discharging its product into the harbour around a Km nearer the Heads between Akaroa and Onuku Marae.

Sea lettuce and water testing indicated all was not well and the now empowered Local Marae, Onuku, who if public statements are to be accepted can have thousands delivered in buses for a festival a stones throw from their foreshore with no apparent problems of effluent discharge, made a decision to force closure of the digester and harbour discharge  system,  currently scheduled  as imminent.

Compliant public office holders in cahoots with a bunch of unelected morons have a cunning plan to build a sewerage farm on the saddle,  north of the old Borough between Takamatua and Akaroa and land dispose of the "treated waste water" on rural land in The Takamatua Valley,  carrying the solids to Bromley to be added to the Christchurch bits.
Well those who have settled in the rustic little valley are a little put out and rightly feel  Akaroa's waste Water is not their problem.
Then there was an even more problematical brain fart to take it further to Robinsons Bay.
Now with sometimes as many as three cruise ships anchored in the "stream" discharging thousands of passengers by lifeboats on a single day to the wharf for a stroll, a coffee, or a bus trip, and suddenly  the discharge of effluent of the 600 is a problem.

I have little knowledge  as to the flow  data that accompanies the almost  twice daily tidal evacuation of sea water from the harbour but with normal tide levels averaging over a meter, the surface area around 44 sq kms, the effluent is really a "drop in a bucket".
Back of a cigarette packet calculation of nearly five million cu mts harbour out flow  every twelve and a half hours, am I being cynical to think someone is making mole hills again.
Then there is a complication that had up to one third of a meter of rain falling on the harbour catchment last week, soon it is real volumes of water no one wants any more.

It is similar stupid snowflake  thinking causing massive cost escalations as the road and rail links  are reinstated on the Kaikoura coast. Millions of tons of rock and soil were "captured"  by the now devastated links that acted as artificial barriers between collapsing mountains and hills and the sea. Can Man and Machine do what nature has been doing for millenia, hell no it must be all carted away.
Just think for a moment how insane that is.

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