Friday, April 28, 2017


Nationals very own foot in mouth disaster now that McCully has cleared his run for gold, little Mike Woodhouse,  list MP from Dunners is showing faux anger in his diversionary ploy over the very serious offending by an Afghani who somehow became a "resident" and has since created his very own lamentable record as a modern sex offender.

How did it come to this:
Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari must have lots of friends, especially in New Zealand Immigration.
Convicted of multiple unlawful sexual charges on multiple dates since his being granted 'Resident status' to come to NZ in 2012.
Nothing short of a trail of destruction is what this piece of dog excrement has left in a succession of offending, yet little Mr Woodhouse claims he can do nothing.

Here is one idea you appalling excuse for a man, have you considered resigning, first from your lamentable if somewhat lucrative ministerial office, then from the parliament and see if anyone else is upset at your departure.

Lay out for the increasingly angry citizens who had so little ability to refuse you the opportunity to walk roughshod over every value, most hold dear, exactly what this 58 year old has done to gain such absolution from what many would seriously consider crimes that the death penalty would be far too kind.

So a learned judge has decreed another female will have to have her life  ruined under a belief system that has the creep unaware he has even offended, to do what even other depraved  sex offenders try to justify as "normal" before deportation is considered.
A move that will not be so attractive and if as I suspect, his treachery to his fellow Afghanis will see justice that will have no connection to his "sexual emergencies", administered within a few Kms of his arrival point.


The Veteran said...

I am not defending Woodhouse but having delegated authority to a bureaucrat you have a certain right to expect they will exercise that delegation responsibly. On the evidence in the public arena it appears 'they' didn't especially in light of the fact that Akbari has been assessed as presenting a medium to high risk of re-offending. I agree he should have been deported and it matters not to me that he might have ended up in an Afghani jail or worse. The right to remain in NZL is a privilege not to be abused.

Woodhouse has suspended the delegation for a period of two weeks (I think) so as to allow time for the Department to review their own internal procedures. I would have thought a sensible way forward would be for the Minister to be briefed in advance of any final decision likely to create public interest so that at least he was in the loop and able comment as an offset to any perceived political correctness in the decision making process.

Paulus said...

A Minister is not expected to have any say in other than policy.
To interfere in the executive is tantamount to heresy in today's environment.

paul scott said...

Woodhouse is high on our hit list > You can guess. Smith, Finlayson, Woodhouse, English. People are beginning to see why Slackjaw did a cut and run.
Immigration and race relations are worth a 6% votes shift. English showing his audience how to cook spaghetti is just sad. How do you think Peters will swing when Labour offers him the big front desk. Not good is it. The most unprincipled Nat Government ever is about to awaken and the nightmare is real.

The Veteran said...

Hi Paulus ... you are of course right but I still think it would be 'helpful' if the Minister were to be advised of pending decisions. The delegation is the Minister's responsibility. In issuing the delegation he has to be comfortable the officials will exercise the delegation responsibly. If they don't it's the Minister who is in the firing line ... not the official. The Minister was right to call time-out' on the delegation.

I'm not sure that the Act allows for decisions to be overturned. Akbari should count himself lucky. If he re-offends I suspect it's all over rover. But I would say this to the official who made the call ... where were the victims in your thinking? Answer ... nowhere to be seen. You were too busy concerned with Akbari and what might happen to him were he to be deported. Stiff shit .....

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