Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Not So Brave Predictiion

Little loses his defamation case and is bankrupted by the loss, causing him to be rolled by the caucus during the lead up to the general election.

Grant Robertson is elected leader with Jacinda Adern (straight from the horse's mouth) confirmed as deputy.

Labour goes down in a crushing defeat because NZers won't vote for a wimp.  They would vote for a poof but never a wimp and certainly not a bankrupt..

Labour convenes a conference of its most experienced losers who try but fail to figure out why they lost - yet again.


paul scott said...

Like the RMA scandal, I don't know how much this will affect the common vote.
The PM is receiving a swell of complaints against co-governance with unelected part Maori trribes people. Not good for NAT.
I have NAT= 43% LAB= 30% GR= 11% NZF = 15% MAori = 1%

The Veteran said...

Paul ... reference your NZF 15%. THe rolling average of polls have you at 7.8% ... only 95% out but what's 95% between friends.

If any Party leader is found guilty of defamation and the quantum of damages is significant then that person left with their reputation in tatters. Not quite the same as being found guilty by the Privileges Committee of electoral fraud in respect of a swag of donations (especially the $100k from Owen Glen in return for????) or even rorting the taxpayers of $155k to fund your election campaign and then voting for retrospective validating legislation ... but getting close.

paul scott said...

Yes the polls usually give NZF about 5% lower than the election results. If labour loses votes, how many are going across to the NATS. Not many. And if NAT want to keep on with their campaign of vanishing democracy and promoting unelected tribal Maori to Co-Governance and voodoo virtue, no tax, the words will stop and the action will start. You can quote me.
We will not tolerate loss of democracy.

Anonymous said...

If the Tramways Union bank roll, directly or via the CTU, Little if (when) he loses I'll be talking to the union rep before I cancel my membership.


Anonymous said...

Veteran...re PS post. This is just another way the Putinbots peddle their crap. The "latest" French poll shows the disgraced Fillon, who wants Russian sanctions lifted, in the lead. This "poll has been traced back to the Sputnik news agency and has been branded fake news...... We all like winners so lets get out and vote for Winston first hooray. Troll Scot is a minimum wage sad little tosser.

Lord Egbut