Sunday, April 30, 2017

Just For Our Snowflake Resident Trolls

Obama News

And, did you know Democrat President Harry Truman used the FBI to spy on his enemies IN HIS OWN PARTY?  For three years.

Now that's a class act.  Makes Obama look like an amateur.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


The April 10th issue of The Women's Weekly has a heart warming promo on its cover for "The Dream Team", Jacinda and Andrew and don't think for a moment a camera cant tell porkies.

No it was not in our home, the rag mag made its appearance but via the interwebby and discovering it as Lunch was about to be served, it had a serious appetite suppression effect.

Now the enduring mystery as to why election promotion is exempt from scrutiny by the advertising standards authority was never better exposed than this nausea inducing effort of a twenty something model being hit on by a vigorous young male (that is the impression it presented to me) with copious use of air brushing, enhancement and lighting. The Male was described a a prolific 'dad joker' who impressed the vulnerable younger woman with talk of Pizza sans pineapple and even managed a dig at the PM, (not pictured) for liking 'pineapple on everything' as if in the context of the article such an allegation  might be relevant.

Earlier it was North and South cover revealing  a very comely matron with a gaggle of sycophants huddled at her tatted limbs seeking Mana from the sauce.
Cant hope for huntin n fishin coming home for Billy Boy or the great redeemer from the far North as it is just a megaphone for the great drain robbery with padres of the faithful such as Mike Joy(less) preaching doom and disaster from the depredations inflicted by the single biggest NZ wealth creators and their trampling on our pristine environment.

Bah Humbug!


For better or worse WRP and I go back 30 plus years to when I was on the executive of the then Waikato Division of the National Party and Peters was the ever so humble National Party MP for Tauranga.

One thing for certain ... he was never a team player.   He was 'our' enfant terrible.  It was all about Winston.  We used to joke and then it became a not so funny joke ... whenever he was scheduled to give a speech he would always delay his entrance ten minutes beyond the scheduled time to help build up the sense of expectation in the audience ... that was Hitler's trick.   He learned it well.

Tauranga should have been a high performing electorate.  Instead, we were always having to put out fires.   You see, essentially Winston was lazy, he paid little attention to the grass roots membership.  His executive comprised a small core of sycophantic supporters who thought he walked on water but anyone who challenged Winston's view of life was elbowed aside.   Good people walked; some out of the Party, others transferred their membership to neighboring electorates where their views were listened to.   Nothing much has changed.   You will recall Winston recruited Dail Jones, a former National Party Junior Whip, into his Party where he returned to Parliament on the Winston First List and later became their Party President.   Following a row with Winston where he (Jones) questioned Peters on the source of certain donations that ended up in the Spencer Trust (Peter's private Trust) he was demoted to an 'also ran' position on the List.   The same thing happened to Andrew Wright, the ex Mayor of East Coast Bays and one term NZ First MP.   He challenged Winston and paid the price.

Winston is both a populist politician and a lazy politician.   The stories about him turning up at the cabinet table with his cabinet papers unread are legend.   But it is the populist politician playing dog whistle politics that I abhor.   About this time in every election cycle Winston plays the xenophobic anti-immigrant card and this time and to Labour's shame he's found a sad dupe in Andrew Little.   The sight of them trying to outdo each other is pathetic.   We are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants (in my case from England via Australia and Germany).   There are no indigenous New Zealanders.   Peters is a half-breed of Maori and Scottish descent but that, in itself, doesn't make him a mongrel.   What makes him a mongrel is his willingness to play the race card and that is a measure of the 'man'.

That certainly was in play this week when he turned on two 'new' New Zealander journalists who told the real story about work visa numbers with the top five source countries being (in order) UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa and the US.   'Lies' said WRP, fuming that the narrative doesn't fit his narrative which blames any and all problems facing New Zealand on new arrivals from 'non white' countries.  To back his ascertain he complained that the data only records their last place of residence, not their ethnicity.    Peters' clutching at straws.   If we are to believe WRP the arrivals from the UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa and the US are predominantly of Asian, Middle Eastern and Chinese origin.   Tosh.   Continue his logic ... it must follow that those coming from say China are not Chinese?    Peters is floundering; his age is showing; some, less charitable than I, might argue he is exhibiting signs of early onset dementia ... paranoia certainly.

His band of true believers, led by such luminaries as our resident troll Paul Scott, will continue to believe in his infallibility.   His xenophobia defines them also and that's sad.   Peters is descended from immigrants, they're descended from immigrants.   Watching descendants of immigrants bash new immigrants based on the colour of their skin is an unedifying spectacle.  

Perhaps more unedifying is that Labour leader Little has climbed onto the same bandwagon.   He is facing a backlash.   Keith Ng, a former staffer in Helen Clark's slammed him when he wrote "Winston Peters' contemptible race-baiting rhetoric has hit a new low, but he's able to go further thanks to the Party that gave us 'Chinese sounding names' having already climbed half way"  ... clearly Andrew's  lost Keith's vote.    And just today this from a restaurant owner and immigrant from Israel and a self identified 'friend' of Little and Adern ... he concludes "I understand that you are desperate for more votes this election, and sure, blaming immigrants for the ills of society is an easy way of getting them. So shift the blame on us as many have done before you. I just hope you’re ready to face the consequences."

Little and Peters have much to answer for.

Friday, April 28, 2017


Nationals very own foot in mouth disaster now that McCully has cleared his run for gold, little Mike Woodhouse,  list MP from Dunners is showing faux anger in his diversionary ploy over the very serious offending by an Afghani who somehow became a "resident" and has since created his very own lamentable record as a modern sex offender.

How did it come to this:
Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari must have lots of friends, especially in New Zealand Immigration.
Convicted of multiple unlawful sexual charges on multiple dates since his being granted 'Resident status' to come to NZ in 2012.
Nothing short of a trail of destruction is what this piece of dog excrement has left in a succession of offending, yet little Mr Woodhouse claims he can do nothing.

Here is one idea you appalling excuse for a man, have you considered resigning, first from your lamentable if somewhat lucrative ministerial office, then from the parliament and see if anyone else is upset at your departure.

Lay out for the increasingly angry citizens who had so little ability to refuse you the opportunity to walk roughshod over every value, most hold dear, exactly what this 58 year old has done to gain such absolution from what many would seriously consider crimes that the death penalty would be far too kind.

So a learned judge has decreed another female will have to have her life  ruined under a belief system that has the creep unaware he has even offended, to do what even other depraved  sex offenders try to justify as "normal" before deportation is considered.
A move that will not be so attractive and if as I suspect, his treachery to his fellow Afghanis will see justice that will have no connection to his "sexual emergencies", administered within a few Kms of his arrival point.


We spent many happy hours unattended by a responsible adult, water race, nearby creek,  climbing trees, getting to and from the school bus' two Kms distant and on strong NW afternoons going cross country leaving the bike at the "corner".
The day I was asked by a "Captain Peacock" in Millars department store " is you mother shopping here " after my exploring the wonder of an escalator.
Even after a neighbours son aged four went awol one afternoon and was not found until early next morning there seemed to be no tightening of the surveillance regime.

We were given  guidelines at the dawn of awareness, with limits were set in stone and we survived.

Now I understand that many ratepayer funded Libraries run "holiday programs" largely staffed by amateurs so why is there now an outcry because time passing has made them so enormously successful and  the cry goes up, "parents abandoning their children at Libraries to avoid day care",  if I couldn't read I might ask what the hell is "daycare".

Parks, pools, libraries, trees, walking, running,   fighting, impromptu games, kids being kids and discovering the world, anything to remove the digital add hoc needs for entertainment surely.
The again as a rather sporadic user of libraries it seems the greatest concentration there, is the ratepayer funded and supplied Computers


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Thursday, April 27, 2017


Always interesting to go backstage to see where our viewers reside.

The vast majority are New Zealanders and Australians but in the last 24 hours we have had 'hits' from the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, UK, Taiwan, Korea (ROK, not the other one), France, Canada, Bahrain and Bangladesh.

Most viewers access No Minister direct.    Kiwiblog topped the list as the site from which most referrals come from.

A significant number of visits last less than five seconds ... look to see what's on offer then depart.   What is surprising to me is that 30% of our visitors spend more than 20 minutes viewing the various posts.

I can also confirm that this site is actively monitored by at least three political parties represented in Parliament.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


and no clue how their freedom to be so remains available!

During the dinner mentioned below conversation turned to todays opportunity to remember and it was agreed that it was great that the "Goffs"  seemed to have withdrawn to leave ANZAC Day alone and spared from the inane thoughtlessness that seemed to be fodder for a simple media through the years.

It was with some sadness that Newstalk ZB last night and again this morning, covered a forgettable sickening intention by a bunch who would not recognise freedom and sacrifice if it hit them in the chops, claiming they would remember the "six" from Hagar's novel, recently published and then day by day destroyed as facts emerged, intended to lay a wreath for the "six victims of New Zealand Forces War Crimes some years ago in Afganistan".
While thousands of youth and children along with adults, some with painfully close connections, for a host of reasons, embrace Anzac Day and hopefully garner some understanding of the necessity, the horror, the service and the sacrifice that enables that remembrance and celebration  to happen, there are apparently still a moronic few who cannot gather the necessary respect for the feelings of others and let it be.
The Media drones from Newstalk could have ignored it, but no, the non news was too attractive as an addendum to their hero's treachery.
Nuf said, back to what does matter

Lest we Forget.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.


I was privileged this morning to be invited to give the address at the Paihia Dawn Service.   A number of those present have asked for copies of the address.   Don't do Facebook so, for what it's worth, here tiz ....

Fellow veterans, Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls … We stand here as the dawn is breaking to honor the ANZAC legend ... we meet, not to glorify war or to argue the toss as to who won or lost, but simply to remember those who served during times of conflict and crisis and to reflect upon their selfless sacrifice.

For Australians and New Zealanders, ANZAC day is a tradition, paid for in blood and celebrated in our freedom. It’s a day on which we salute the ANZACs and, in paying tribute to them, we take the opportunity to reflect on their contribution of our nation.

102 years ago this day, a group of volunteer Australian and New Zealand soldiers found themselves wading ashore as dawn broke, at a small beach on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey. Many of these men were only teenagers, the youngest, Jack Harris, was just 15. He had forged his birth certificate in order to join up.   All were anxious to prove their courage and national identity.

Over the eight months following the landing, those young ANZACs underwent a ‘trial by ordeal’.   In total 36,000 Australian and New Zealand soldiers were killed or wounded at Gallipoli.   Included among those causalities was Jack Harris who was killed-in-action on the 15th of August 1915 at Lone Pine. 

Many of you will have driven across the ANZAC Bridge in Sydney.   There is another, much older, ANZAC Bridge just outside Ekatahuna in the Wairarapa built in 1922 to commemorate the sacrifice of men from the Mauriceville County.   In 1914 the population of the County was just 847.   There are six names on the memorial.   Reflect if you will the huge impact the loss of those six would have had on that small farming community.  Was one of those men a potential All Black or a farming leader or a captain of industry?    We shall never know.    What we do know is that they did their duty.   We remember their sacrifice with pride.   We honor them today.

In those terrible battles that followed the landings the original ANZACs earned a reputation for courage, self-reliance and comradeship (or mateship as our Australian cousins like to say).  Whatever, the experience helped forge our national character and identity.   For the first time we started to think of ourselves as Australians and New Zealanders rather than colonial outposts of mother England.   

The standards they set and their ANZAC spirit handed down encouraged and inspired the soldiers, sailors and airmen who followed them.  We saw it in WW2, in Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam, the Gulf and Afghanistan and the many peacemaking and peacekeeping operations we have participated in including the Middle East, Pakistan, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

This same spirit is represented among the diverse group of veterans gathered here today.

We acknowledge all current members of our defence forces – the brave men and women who represent our country on a daily basis.

Currently New Zealand defence personnel are deployed overseas in a number of conflict areas including Afghanistan, Iraq, Sinai, South Korea and South Sudan. It matters not whether you agree or disagree with the decision of our government to be involved in those conflicts … those young men and women deserve our respect and support.    Never again should we, as a nation, do what we did to our Vietnam veterans when we hung them and their families out to dry … that was a disgrace.   I have to think and hope that New Zealand has matured greatly since then.

ANZAC Day is a day to remember all those who served in our armed forces regardless of when they served.  We especially remember the wounded, the injured and the ill.

The ANZAC spirit, forged at Gallipoli, will never be forgotten. This is why Australians and New Zealanders come together every ANZAC day. We do it to remember the ANZACs and their achievements; and we should remember them, not as old soldiers from a distant war, but as the young servicemen they were in 1915 or later.

New Zealanders are a unique people.   We live in a beautiful country.  We are recognised as having the the ability to make it happen.  We are seen as confident, competitive, innovative and smart and prepared to stand up for what is right.    That is the ANZAC tradition.

We should be proud of our heritage.  We, the living, have been handed the ANZAC torch.   It is our collective responsibility to ensure that torch is never extinguished.

Lest we forget.


Aaah the sixties, the music, the freedoms, love and lust, welfare didn't really matter, it was there to be a backstop for the unfortunate and by god we were not going to be in that dark place.

Last weekend three couples met for dinner, we have only met and become  good friends as we all chose to live in the quaint seaside village that clings to obscure french connections,  now merely a stage prop for the drama of life.
All retired, a builder, a retailer and a farmer who through life with a partner, enjoyed reasonable lifestyles in familial and work partnerships that endured and thrived.
The ostensible reason for getting together was the recent fifty third  anniversary of nuptials for one couple in those then turbulent but on reflection oh so calm and rewarding times. Inevitably some reflection on how we all arrived at this point still with the original mate and it was a little remarkable that totalled, we had accumulated over a century and a half of married commitment and what chance of that being replicated  in times that see many relationships appearing rather musical chairs in truth.

It is easy to seem smug and slightly superior but we all had our formative years in the wake of the second world conflagration, the first before we were born saw the  military adventure that spawned todays day of remembrance and grateful thanks that such matters meant many fighting for a cause and for too many, death at a young age.
Swmbo's dad spent days dragging tanks around Casino while mine suffering serious varicose veins and accompanying eczema was going to stop the Japanese at Gooches Beach in Kaikoura.

Did we enjoy the best of times, well any comparisons between generations is fraught but on balance I think we enjoyed a very fortunate time to grow up and live life.
I used to ponder the remarkable times My Dad saw in a long life that began in the Victorian reign and saw another five monarchs when today most have only had one. He was born in a time when a horse and gig were only for the better off, yet he saw a man on the moon. Advances in medicine, reductions in grinding manual work, universal state assistance that a Morgan research person "discovered' has become a viable alternative to actually working, have delivered a vastly different world yet many eventually climb out of bed every day and want more.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Part They Didn't Want To Print


'Just for David Farrar and Legbut.'

The Washington  post has published a long dissertation on it's latest opinion poll in which it purports to paint President Trump as the biggest bastard since Genghis Khan.

Way way down at the very end, after yards and yards of 'bad Trump' comes the gold nugget which goes to show voters take little notice of the idiots who write for the WAPO.  God, they must have clenched their teeth and their anal orifices as they wrote.

The new survey finds 46 percent saying they voted for Clinton and 43 percent for Trump, similar to her two-point national vote margin. Asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 43 say they would support Trump and 40 percent say Clinton.

So there you go.  Trump takes out the popular vote as well as the electoral college.

Doesn't this remind you deliciously of  'No matter what we say or what we do....."?

Just goes to show, real live politics is the best comedy around.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

O'Reilly (Updated)

Adolf has followed the demise of O'reilly with interest.

There seems little doubt O'reilly is a bit of a sleaze and there has been a 'sleaze' culture alive at Fox for some time.   But let's have a little perspective.  It is as nothing compared with the sleaze culture which operated for years in the Clinton White House.

It appears also that Murdock senior was against the firing while his two sons were for it.

It appears some sixty advertisers withdrew their advertising from his show after a erport in the New York Times on pay outs to a number of O'Reilly's accusers.  Importantly, the majority of the funds withdrawn went to other Fox News shows so the company was not actually damaged.

Right up until the day of his ouster, The O'Reilly Factor was by head and shoulders the top rating cable news show in the nation.

All very perplexing.  I think there is a pretty big story here and it is yet to be told.

A couple of competent investigative reporters could start by producing a list of those companies which pulled their adverts.   They could then compile a list of those companies whose CEOs have come out with anti Trump statements and policies since the election.  I(t would be interesting to see what sort of effect a consumer boycott had on those companies.)

I would expect to find a significant cross over between the two lists and therein lies the potential.  Who, when, where, why, what?????????????

So wherefore now, Bill O'Reilly?

He has a major asset in his loyal viewers and unless he has been foolish enough to sign a restraint of trade clause, I wouldn't be surprised if he put together a group of financial backers, bought out one of the also ran cable networks and got himself back on air.

If my suspicions are correct, Hannity and Carlson won't last much longer at Fox before the Left has them turfed out on trumped up charges published in the NYT.  What better home for them than the same outfit which carries 'The O'reilly Factor'?

(Update)  Well, that didn't take long.

"The latest conservative commentator to be accused of sexual misconduct is host Sean Hannity who was accused on the Pat Cambell Show by lawyer, political commentator, and frequent Fox News guest Debbie Schlussel. Debbie claimed on the show that Sean Hannity asked Schlussel to come back to his hotel twice after a book-signing event. Does this constitute sexual misconduct?"


In an industry that is littered with many examples of cliche ridden fillers I give Ian Smith a bouquet for his one liner on Kieran Read's propensity to become an extra wing.
Between Read's game sealing two tries in the closing moments of the first half, after he scored the first, Smith showed some originality when he said;

"Read should build a house out there"

While adressing Rugbymatters the inanity of the current conference system is exposed again with The leading straya team the Brumbies occupying fourth spot and a guaranteed home quarter final with 17 points while even ninth placed Jaguars have 22 and currently outside making the playoffs. The Brumbies are equal tenth in a real world with our very own Auckland Blues


Turning on Sky News Oz this morning and they were running a very curious story being pushed by one of the defeated candidates in Tony Abbott's Warringah electorate that during the last election he noticed a surge in phone calls and text messages to constituents urging them to vote for Tony Abbott.

WTF ... so the Liberal Party machine in Tony Abbott's electorate were promoting their candidate and that's enough to make it the third lead item on Sky News!!!!!!!    Words fail me.

Or am I missing something ... like they should have been promoting 'him'.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Once a pretend conservative called Frazer, no not the old goat on Dads Army, the one who manipulated Sir John Kerr into having Saint Gough left marooned and his government sunk in a palace coup and not a shot fired who was Federal Prime Minister of Straya.
Then in a change of persona became a soft hearted embarrasment who even sank to a level that saw him endorse a Sheila confused about her daddy standing in South Straya for a Senate seat as a Melon.

For one who subscribes to the idea that if you are not a socialist at twenty you have no heart and if you are not a conservative at thirty five you have no brains, it is puzzling what it is with former Prime ministers suddenly making decisions on their way to Damascus that eschew so much of what led them to the top job.

Back in the nineteen seventies I nearly became a National Party member when I responded to a call from a local Nat branch secretary to attend a wool shed meeting where Nat candidate Derek Quigley a personal friend was making his move to remove serial trougher Kerry Burke as MP for Rangiora.
I have always had high regard for Derek and on this occasion he introduced a fellow newby, King Country Farmer Jim Bolger.
That Jim 'Spud' Bolger can be no relation to the sad old bugger who has renounced the Neo Liberalism that got him elected, sustained his parliamentary career where he rose to be the thirty fifth prime minister proudly wearing the blue rosette and nary a whimper about Neo liberalism
Sorry Jim your rewriting of history is not going to sustain your new beliefs.
World poverty is so much reduced as to be almost hidden apart from the few fighting dunnies dominated by treacherous and corrupt leaders, mostly in the African Continent.
Welfare that you and your stupid enablers grew to kill self responsibility, self respect and pride in being self reliant is an enduring problem.
 So maybe you should reread the advice your predessor Keith Holyoak gave new MPs, "breathe through your nose and keep silent so as to learn".

Friday, April 21, 2017


WSC was, by any measure, a great and controversial politician.   He was certainly a 'hands on' politician who must have driven his staff crazy.   He has his detractors and that is inevitable because his style of doing business led to some disastrous decisions.

He was a complex character born into the High Tory tradition who can nevertheless count among his achievements the establishment of Labour Exchanges (idea imported from the Kaiser's Germany); the institution of 'tea breaks' for workers and the creation of unemployment insurance.  

While he is perhaps best remembered for the leadership he provided during WW2 to my mind his finest hour was on 29 May 1940 when he faced down the War Cabinet (Churchill, Chamberlain and Halifax representing the Conservatives; Attlee and Greenwood, Labour, and Sinclair, Liberal) and the faction led by Lord Halifax (Holy Fox ... Anglican High Church with a love of fox hunting) who were arguing for a negotiated peace with Germany.    Holland had already surrendered; the Belgians had capitulated 14 hours earlier; the French were is disarray and the BEF had been cut off and concentrated around Dunkirk.    The Italian Embassy had sent a message to Halifax offering to mediate peace between Britain and Germany ... Halifax was strongly supportive of entering into 'negotiations'.   In his view the war was lost.   He proposed that Britain's opening gambit should be the surrender of various  assets ... not spelt out at the meeting but thought to have been Malta, Gibraltar and a share of the running of the Suez Canal.   He argued that they would get better terms before France surrendered  and before 'the Luftwaffe came over and destroyed 'our' aircraft factories'.  

The meeting was in stalemate (tending towards negotiations) when Churchill played his masterstroke and adjourned the meeting to reconvene at 7,00 pm.     He then convened a meeting of the full cabinet (including junior ministers) to argue against surrender.   He ended his speech with this almost Shakespearean climax "And I am convinced that every one of you would rise up and tear me down from my place if I were for one moment to contemplate parley or surrender.  If this long island story of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each one of us lies choking in his own blood on the ground".    They cheered and shouted and cheered him again to an echo.   Churchill had won.  By the time the War Cabinet resumed their meeting the debate was over.  Halifax abandoned his cause (to be exiled to Washington as Ambassador).

The stories about WSC are apocryphal.   Most of you will have heard the one where Bessie Braddock (Labour MP and formidable person by any standard) accosted him and accused him of being disgustingly drunk, and his reply was 'Madam, and you are ugly and the difference between you and me is that in the morning I'll be sober'.

I particularly like the one about one of his Ministers who was a 'bugger'.   He was always being caught but back then the Press weren't everywhere and nobody said anything.   One day he pushed his luck too far and was caught 'rogering' a Guardsman on a bech in Hyde Park at 3.00 am on a very cold February morning.   This was reported to the Chief Whip who rang Jock Colville, Churchill's Principal Private Secretary. "Jock" said the Chief Whip "I'm afraid I have some very bad news about ******.   It's the usual thing but the Press have got hold of it and it's bound to come out.   "Oh dear" said Colville.   "I really think I should come down and tell the Prime Minister".   "Yes, I suppose you should".

So the Chief Whip came down to Churchill's home at Chartwell and was ushered into the great man's study.   "Yes Chief Whip ... how can I help you".   The Chief Whip explained the unhappy situation "He'll have to go" he concluded.   There was a long pause while Churchill puffed his cigar.   Then he said "Did I hear your correctly in saying that ***** has been caught with a Guardsman?"   "Yes Prime Minister."    "In Hyde Park?"   "Yes Prime Minister."  "On a park bench?"   "That's right Prime Minister."  "At three o'clock in the morning?"   "That's correct Prime Minister."    "In this weather!  Good god man, it makes you proud to be British".      Priceless.,


But it is almost certain to keep coming.

This morning multiple MSM are reporting the desperate lunge Little Andrew made for relevance by calling for a pause in immigration at a level around twenty thousand.
Ignore for now that around one million New Zealand citizens live overseas, six hundred, yes six hundred thousand just across the Tasman.

Just because a stupid media decline to ask is no reason at all, but Mr Little, what will your moronic policy setting be when the nice twenty thousand figure is reached and another ten thousand want to just come home?

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stormy Weather

The Gods have just delivered us thirty millimetres of rain in half an hour.  That's fairly serious rain.

Smashed in the perspex pergola.  The Cook needed a Whiskey.

Thank goodness for house insurance.


I hope all those seeking to solve the future of Akaroa's waste water solutions have read the tale of woe that ensued when well intentioned people made decisions to solve a similar "problem" at Mangawai on the Kaipara, well covered by my colleague The Veteran here over a year ago.

Now Akaroa c2017 has a population of residents classified as "permanent" of around 600, a number that swells to an estimated 10 000 on a nice day at new year and there is an unfortunate bit of collateral in the form of waste water, currently euphemistically estimated at over 500 cu mts a day maximum, normally running at just over 200 cu mts a day

In the early 1960s when possibly many more lived permanently in the old Borough, a move to modern was made that involved installation of a "digester" (do not dwell too long there)  at Greens Point discharging its product into the harbour around a Km nearer the Heads between Akaroa and Onuku Marae.

Sea lettuce and water testing indicated all was not well and the now empowered Local Marae, Onuku, who if public statements are to be accepted can have thousands delivered in buses for a festival a stones throw from their foreshore with no apparent problems of effluent discharge, made a decision to force closure of the digester and harbour discharge  system,  currently scheduled  as imminent.

Compliant public office holders in cahoots with a bunch of unelected morons have a cunning plan to build a sewerage farm on the saddle,  north of the old Borough between Takamatua and Akaroa and land dispose of the "treated waste water" on rural land in The Takamatua Valley,  carrying the solids to Bromley to be added to the Christchurch bits.
Well those who have settled in the rustic little valley are a little put out and rightly feel  Akaroa's waste Water is not their problem.
Then there was an even more problematical brain fart to take it further to Robinsons Bay.
Now with sometimes as many as three cruise ships anchored in the "stream" discharging thousands of passengers by lifeboats on a single day to the wharf for a stroll, a coffee, or a bus trip, and suddenly  the discharge of effluent of the 600 is a problem.

I have little knowledge  as to the flow  data that accompanies the almost  twice daily tidal evacuation of sea water from the harbour but with normal tide levels averaging over a meter, the surface area around 44 sq kms, the effluent is really a "drop in a bucket".
Back of a cigarette packet calculation of nearly five million cu mts harbour out flow  every twelve and a half hours, am I being cynical to think someone is making mole hills again.
Then there is a complication that had up to one third of a meter of rain falling on the harbour catchment last week, soon it is real volumes of water no one wants any more.

It is similar stupid snowflake  thinking causing massive cost escalations as the road and rail links  are reinstated on the Kaikoura coast. Millions of tons of rock and soil were "captured"  by the now devastated links that acted as artificial barriers between collapsing mountains and hills and the sea. Can Man and Machine do what nature has been doing for millenia, hell no it must be all carted away.
Just think for a moment how insane that is.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Normally a decision to "go early"  for a General Election is so obviously cynical and smug and in this move by Teresa May enjoying seriously fulsome support in the opinion polls that could be said.

This is substantially different. Having inherited the Conservative leadership mid term from the now clearly hapless David Cameron in the wake of his miscalculated Brexit manoeuvre it is correct that Mrs May seek a mandate from the electorate to complete the divorce for her country from the increasingly dysfunctional unelected 'Crats' living their playboy existence in Brussels.

The almost dreamtime polling for her party is simply favourable Good Luck and the new Iron Lady will still need to make it work for her, that is her challenge.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Bashar el-Assad is, like his father before him, a despot and a killer prepared to do anything to retain his grip on power.   But he does have some things going for him ... he is secular and allows freedom of religion (of a sort) and promotes female equality (perhaps due in part to the influence of his British wife)

The huge danger for the West in trying to engineer his downfall is simply ... who for they replace him with?   You might argue that is for the Syrian people to decide.  Oh that was so simple ... it's not.  The Free Syrian Army formed in 2011 by defecting Syrian Army personnel was generally seen as a providing a centrist alternative to the Assad regime.    At the very best it was a disparate grouping and in recent years its influence has declined to the point where it is now a bit player to ISIL, the dominant force,  who are committed to the establishment of an Islamic State with all that implies.   

The Assad regime is supported by Russia who, while perhaps despairing at some of the goings on of Bashar regime are comforted by the fact that, while he is a bastard, he is at least 'their bastard'.    Their support has allowed them to establish and maintain a military presence in the area.   They will not want to relinquish that. 

Syria looks like becoming a proxy for the USA vs Russia.   There is a small common ground.   Both are committed to the destruction of ISIL.     Beyond that not much.   Russia is committed to supporting Assad.  For the West and the question has to be ... what's the game plan should 'they' succeed in toppling the brute.    There are lessons to be learned from Iraq.  You leave a vacuum and that's the recipe for mayhem.  I hope they have been learned well. 

Damned if you do and damned if you don't perhaps!!!!!!!!

We're Banning 457 Vizas.......

........ and replacing them with ............. 457 visas.

Never have I seen a politician as full of horse shit as Australia's Malcolm Turnbull.

And, he announced this fatuous no policy on Facebook as though somehow that will make him as decisive as President Trump.  What a pathetic creature this fellow is.


"The Turnbull government is abolishing 457 visas. In a Facebook-first announcement, pre-empting a press conference to be held shortly, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the temporary visas for foreign workers would be replaced by a new class of visa, better targeted to ensure that foreign workers were only brought in to fill genuine skills shortages.........

.........“So the 457 visa will be replaced by a new temporary visa specifically designed to recruit the best and the brightest in the national interest,” Mr Turnbull said."

Errrrrm, that's what the old 457 visa did but it was largely abused, mainly by Labor people.  New visas are not needed, just a few jail sentences for the abusers..

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Well done Lydia Ko.   Written off after the first round of the LPGA Lotte Championship in Hawaii and in danger of missing the cut she stormed back in the third and fourth rounds with a 65 and 64 to come in tied second behind America's Cristie Kerr.

Two days of absolutely brilliant golf by her.   She's back with a vengeance.

Don't talk to me about the Warriors.   Better named the Worriers.   The hype that surrounds this team is both over the top and undeserved.


Saturday, April 15, 2017


This from the Far North District Libraries new acquisitions catalogue part of the series Enid Blyton for Grown-ups by Bruno Vincent ...

Five give up the booze
Five go gluten free
Five go on a strategy away day
Five on parenting
Five on Brexit Island 

Kinda leaves me speechless.


April 15th.......

.........marks the birthday in 1912 of North Korean founder, Kim Il-sung.

It also marks the marriage in 1972 of Adolf and The Cook.

Adolphian marital bliss is likely to continue longer than Kim's fat little bozo grandson.


The idiot special friend of an increasingly inept and intimidated media, Hans Kriek, leader of a very small bunch of morons given status well beyond their relevance, has this morning come out to wail crocodile tears over "The Annual Easter Bunny Hunt".

An iconic combination of  real people's desire to 'hunt', a recreational opportunity during the long weekend and destruction of a pest that devastates millions of acres of some of the most challenged land environmentally, in Central Otago, the charity fund raiser has ben accorded target status as the latest brain fart of Kriek and his happy clapper fun police.

Teams of shooters are allocated an area of such land and they compete to deliver the winning total of rabbits in a designated time frame annually at Easter. Of course there have been attempts to rort the simple rules, using frozen earlier shot carcasses, having extras gather bodies from another area and other simpletons being clever but the event has been delivering fun and economic benefit for decades.

Of course SJWs and media enablers fresh from trying to spoil the long traditions of Rodeo another well run activity of real New Zealand citizens acting within the current law, must be outraged. So people shoot vermin, gee can't have that.

Here is another lawful activity with much greater potential to cause genuine suffering for " innocent animals" Hans but a dollar to a knob of moron poo I bet you and your tame minions of the media will not go within arms reach.
Back in the second half of last century,  an industry facing massive challenges from The UK joining the protected consumer ripoff, quaintly called The Common Market, NZ meat producers, seeking alternative markets for meat, by then in surplus due to the restrictions in place from Brussels, turned to the increasingly wealthy Middle East.
One minor hurdle, the traditional slaughter of sheep by slashing the throat and simultaneously snapping the neck vertebrae bringing instant death from brain/ spinal cord trauma and cattle by way of a "captive bolt" driven into the brain of the doomed animal followed by slitting the carotid arteries were not compliant with the Halal practice of slow death by exanguination that has the poor animal slowly dieing from blood loss, a process that takes much longer.
Now it is no surprise that a Stone Age religion with 1500 years of brutality embedded in its Sharia Law would wish to perpetrate such barbarity but here is a point that may give Hans and his vegan supporters some real potential suffering for animals to attack or at least ask some questions.
It is well documented that electrocution has widely variable outcomes. where one prson can suffer from a high current and survive while another being subjected to a much lower current dies in a milisecond, so hows about having a go at Islam Hans.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Sounds Familiar?

I'm grateful to the Vet for his advice on a biography of the late president Harry S Truman, a copy of which is on its way via the Australian public library service.

Meanwhile, I've been reading Truman's Wiki pages and the most extraordianary piece fell out and clattered across the floor.

"The campaign was a 21,928-mile (35,290 km) presidential odyssey.[157] In a personal appeal to the nation, Truman crisscrossed the U.S. by train; his "whistle stop" speeches from the rear platform of the observation car, Ferdinand Magellan, came to represent his campaign. His combative appearances, such as those at the town square of Harrisburg, Illinois, captured the popular imagination and drew huge crowds. Six stops in Michigan drew a combined half-million people;[158] a full million turned out for a New York City ticker-tape parade.[159]

1948 electoral vote results.

Truman holding Chicago Tribune that says "Dewey Defeats Truman"
Truman was so widely expected to lose the 1948 election that the Chicago Tribune had printed papers with this false headline when few returns were in.
The large, mostly spontaneous gatherings at Truman's whistle-stop events were an important sign of a change in momentum in the campaign, but this shift went virtually unnoticed by the national press corps. It continued reporting Republican Thomas Dewey's apparent impending victory as a certainty."

Now, where have I heard a story like that before?


That would never happen, would it?

Whaleoil suggests some desperate for shelter are getting temporary accommodation arranged by the Gummint at a motel then asking for a refund in cash and heading on out leaving the motel to find another occupier.

Wern't we told they are desperate for a roof and warmth, hahaha.

If only the bludging pricks could turn their entrepreneurial skills to legitimate and lawful enterprise but if true it is just another demonstration of how easily  welfare funded good intentions can be diverted.
It will be the same when dropkick parents discover they do not need to fund sanitary needs for a daughter now Auntie Paula is gunna step up and free up that money for booze and drugs.


There will always be negs, my family worked Turoa Ski Field back in the day, one an instructor the other a hosty and a common belief amongst all staff was"there is one on every bus" referring to the many dropkicks encountered every day by them and their colleagues.

Just as farmers rapidly move from too dry to too wet in short order there will always be people disgruntled by the predictions from those who struggle with weather forcasting. Not always due to the inexact data to be worked with but NZ is a very small land in a very big pond with challenges as to knowing what is actually going on and things weather can change very fast.

So it is no surprise there are tire kickers now complaining, having abandoned their easter plans  are now faced with an apparent lower level of threat from decaying Cyclone Cook across the already damaged North.
Give me strength, everyone has a brain so process what you can discover and be flexible.

We were never going to participate due to recent personal challenges but a bunch of Movanners from Canterbury, in the absence of the long standing National Easter Rally, this year moved to Nelson some six weeks earlier with wonderful weather, decided months ago to have an 'Easter rally' in Kaikoura to raise a bit of dosh to add to the $1500 raised late last year by a series of forays via Hway 70  to recover vans abandoned in the chaos following the November seismic event.
Now with some serious challenges from the weather gods they are still intent on fulfilling their hopes and some are already there so best wishes to you all and I hope KK enjoys another bit of comfort from a bunch of good bastards, it all helps.

Just had a call from Rural Hawkes Bay, warm, sunny, blue skies brekkie on the terrace, house open to the day.
Not so here in paradise, buffetting SE winds increasing, rain since around 0200 hrs that I am aware of  and little desire to venture out.
Hoping the weather does as latest predictions say and the annual Lions Paddys Market and White Elephant Tent scheduled for Saturday, raises another heep of dosh to allow continued good works.

Remember people we live on a little rock in the middle of challenging blue ocean and if we dodged another Wahine, Bola or other April disaster, be grateful they overstated what could have been much worse from Cookie. 
Far better over warned than surprised, spare a thought for those not so lucky and have a happy easter break.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017


After a one in five hundred year flood devastated Edgecumbe  following a stop bank failure a week ago, the river is again being primed by another decaying  tropical cyclone to make that potentially a two in a thousand year events, a week apart.

As I suggested in an earlier post such arrant nonsense is somewhat meaningless but I digress as it will matter little if the raging river again submerges large areas of Edgecumbe.

Now there are two man made (person made for the more sensitive) lakes on the longest river in the Bay of Plenty that begins its catchment in the foothills of the Ahimaniwhas on the Western border of  Hawkes Bay and are of course  subject to volumes of red tape, largely RMA generated, as to minimum lake levels, maximum lake levels, along with maximum and minimum flows, all set out after much debate and opinion from learned souls with seemingly adequate documented expertise and agreement often after endless hours of horse trading.

Maybe that should be horse manure, last week the debris of Cyclone Debbie delivered a heart breaking disaster to many of the citizens of a flood plain town that became a temporary inland sea.

Now it could be revealing if Joe public and in particular the poor souls almost wiped out, if an honest inquiry was held that considered such relevant matters as how much lower could say Lake Matahina have been taken to allow greater collection of the flood water and similarly how much more water could have been stored outside of the arbitrary statuary consent rules in situ as a maximum level while ensuring security of the earth structure.
Also background as to the release of spill  to mitigate the maximum flow that became a one in five hundred flood event.

Yes the regional authority will be able to proclaim no fault from the protection afforded by statuary rules of the consents yet it is more than probable a human in possession of facts free from arbitrary set limitations could have made better decisions if not being at risk of total condemnation if the lake was taken to an ultra low level or outflow managing exceeding the max flows set out by fiat
This week we saw how the robotic computer algorithm got things so wrong in selecting the sixty year old man to be removed from the United aircraft at O'Hare airport in Chicago.
Maybe some person with access to rainfall data, actual and predicted and a much more flexible governance criteria might just have been better situated in managing the flow that culminated in the breach that caused such angst for the residents of the Bay Of Plenty Town.

What Were They Thinking?

Here's my favorite from many pot shots taken at United Airlines.

United US Air

It doesn't look as though the company's share price will recover until the CEO is dragged from the boardroom by his heels with his face bleeding.

So far, it seems their market capitalization has dropped $255 mil.


Bill Williams needs some help, here is how almost all students of the english language spell 'team' without an "I".
Bill and his supporters want to spell it 'te' "I" 'am' which translates to our language as merely " the I am".
So what about Investic, NIB, Steinlager, Speights when he comes up against the Highlanders, and the very strong palpable involvement of the NZ TAB, it is a bloody farce. We will not go any where near those Crusaders now that is a problem even I see as rather insensitive to be solved by a temporary renaming as the conquerors perchance.

Then there are the tenets of the religion of peace when he must confront violence, or deliver it, not forgetting the non contact with infidels.
Will he and his missus happily hand their daughters over to some depraved fellow believer because he has desires that most see as wrong.

It is farcical and to make erroneous comparisons to Michael Jones, the Goings, Vic Pollard Bags Murray et al is equally inane as they were playing as amateurs with very little contractual obligations and the financial impact almost zero.

In the race to be best mates in stupid acknowledgement of variously imposed and accepted religious obligations is rubbish.

Just leave your so called church at the door or go elsewhere and create your special little world Bill and to Steve Tew and the other snowflakes grow a pair and stop with the pandering, you look stupid.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


One of my favorite TV programs of all time is MASH and one of my favorite characters is Father Mulcahy played by William Christopher.   He portrayed what I consider to be the essence of a good Chaplain.

A question ... and I pose it as a nominal Protestant.   How was it that the Catholic Chaplains in the military were a cut above their Protestant counterparts? 

During my time with 1 RNZIR I can think of Fathers Jim McNeil, Ray Stachurski (Stack) and John Carde as absolute stand outs.   On the Protestant side the only name that comes readily to mind is Wakahuihui Vercoe.

It has been suggested to me that the Catholics tended to send their best while the C of E and Protestant Chaplains were often also rans 'promoted' sideways. 

An absolute exception to the rule were the Salvation Army Chaplains/Field Staff  in Vietnam.   They were outstanding.   They had our total respect.

Times may have changed.   I hope they have.   Feel free to disagree.   Would welcome your comment.

Braised Turkey Shanks

From time to time you can buy from the supermarket turkey legs at a ridiculously low price.

They are magnificent, cooked in the following way.

Take your favorite lamb shanks recipe and substitute turkey for lamb.  (Chop the ends of the bones off or they won't fit.)

Substitute white wine for red.

Yum yum yum and double yum.

Braised Turkey Shanks

Recipe submitted by Adolf
Braised turkey shanks are extremely easy to make. Anyone can follow this recipe and turnout with succulent tasty turkey leg that falls off the bone. It's basically a throw it all in the oven recipe but with stunning results. The recipe doesn't require exact amounts either. The sauce has a delicious complex flavour that is sure to impress your dinner guests. Great for a hearty meal in winter.
Prep time:   10 minutes
Cook time:   2 hours
Servings:   3 people
4 Turkey Shanks (a shank per person but just add more for more guests)
5 cloves of garlic roughly chopped
1 cup white wine
2 cups beef stock
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1 large carrot roughly diced
1 large stick of celery roughly diced
1 large onion roughly diced
4 tablespoons of oil
1 tablespoon of Rosemary leaves(fresh is better but dried works well)
1 tablespoon of Thyme leaves(fresh is better but dried works well)
Preheat oven to 180°C

Place oil in pan and heat until med-high. Brown turkey shanks on all 3 sides quickly, remove using tongs and add to your casserole dish.

I use a heavy cast iron casserole dish (also called a dutch oven) with a lid but if you don't have one, you can use an oven roasting pan and just add a little more stock/water so that the turkey is half covered and cover with tin foil.

Next turn the heat down and cook onions, carrot, and celery. When onions turn clear add garlic and cook for a further minute. Tip the onions, garlic, celery, carrot and oil into casserole dish.

Add the rest of the ingredients into the casserole dish and give it a quick stir. Cover and place in the oven for 2 hours.

Serve on mash potato/kumara, use a large spoon to add a little of the sauce to each dish. YUM!

150,000? (Updated)

It is variously reported that China has moved 150,000 troops up to the North Koren border to 'assist with the flood of refugees expected in the event of a US attack on North Korea.'

Image result for chinese troops on north korean border

Interestingly, these reports are restricted to what one might call the tabloid media and I must admit I have my doubts. ( Update:-  These reports have been denied by China.)

If my memory serves me, 150,000 troops is more that the US had deployed in Iraq at the time of the surge.  It's only a few days since the US strike on Syria so I'm wondering how easy it is to move 150,000 troops, along with all their baggage, in a matter of two or three days.

At the same time, it is reported China has rejected coal from North Korea and, instead, purchased the commodity from the US.

I can't help thinking that if, in fact, China has moved such a large military force to its NK border, the little fat Nork should be more worried by the prospect of a Chinese invasion than that of an American air attack.  Such would make far more sense than the 'refugee' excuse.

After all, how would the refugees get across the border?  They can't now, to flee starvation.


After decades of naming military helicopters using anglicised names of North American Indian tribal groups, a snowflake is complaining the naming of the cruise misiles as "Tomahawks" a weapon of choice of The Algonquin before European settlement.

Iroquois, Kiowa, Apache, Comanche, Sioux, Black Hawk and others less well known were used to designate different wirly birds and not a wimper now that it is President Trump launching Tomahawk missiles and it is suddenly offensive.

For Offence to actually occur someone or ones need to take offence so it is abundantly clear why this "outrage",  just the latest TDS errupting.


What made headline news highlighting the chaotic events on a departing United Airlines flight  in the US, departing Chicago bound for Louisville Ky will eventually happen here in Paradise.

Normal practice has US airlines overbooking flights then when more passengers turn up, have protocols under their carriage contract to remove any necessary surplus. Keeping a seat can be better ensured by turning up early, paying a higher tarrif, or just being deemed more deserving.
Recently it all turned bad when the Airline, United, needed to get a crew of five to Kentucky for operational reasons and calling for volunteers and inducements left them one seat short, so United put its solution to work and selected a very bad choice to be removed, forcibly as things unravelled
Unfortunately the selected one refused, security and eventually police were involved to do their work eventually spilling the passenges blood and with cellphone cameras and recording it became a fiasco for the world to see.
United is suffering in the markets, gee who wudda thunk that
Overbooking is a practice that improves profits, keeps fares down and almost always works using computor algorithms to avoid problems when people often just do not show up for any of many reasons at normally easily predictable levels and resorting to generous bribes and compo is effected.
For United last week Murphy turned up and it got seriously bad for their image.

It is dificult to see how the last trolly dolly was so vital and the need to relocate crew was so last minute to ignite the fuse, hell was there not a seat in the toilet for it?

Murphy turned out to be very uncooperative, the screams and violence to solve the problem will take some overcoming for the corporate spin doctors.
I know it would cause me considerable angst to be asked after boarding, to get off.

Back in the totally misnamed 'good old days', following a cancelled ferry crossing from Wellington to resume travel in a car waiting at Picton, the Cooks and Stewards gleefully announced yet another need to cause max disruption on school holiday eve.
A night in a very ordinary pub beside pigeon park, next morning had us still marooned so down to Air NZ to get a flight to Blenheim only to be informed only one could acheive that, swmbo to fly to CHC,  all at our cost no offers of reimbursment it became more galling when on take off to Woodbourne a charming young lady sitting beside me was a Lufthansa trolly dolly on vacation who was paying 10% of full fare while swmbo was paying full fare to CHC.
Now that inexcusable departure from an assumed fair and equal world was somewhat annoying to be fair. I laboured under a totally false belief that my charming seat mate was supposed to enjoy her advantage if no one willing to pay full fare turned up, she was rather strikingly attractive I guess.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The government has agreed to the recommendation of the Veteran's Advisory Board (VAB) that the nok of servicemen and dependents buried in Malaysia and Singapore between 1955 and 1971 be offered the opportunity of having the remains repatriated back to New Zealand and re-interred here at public expense.    The government has also directed the NZDF to look at extending the offer to the families of New Zealanders interred overseas in Fiji, American Samoa, Australia, the UK and Korea in military burials between 1955 and 1971.

This is the result of a public campaign by families (and especially the family of Trooper Adrian Thomas, NZSAS, KIA in Malaya in 1956) championed by the ex Sergeant Major of the Army (Bob Davies) and endorsed by Judith Collins.      It reverses long standing government policy which had been formally endorsed by Cabinet as late as 2007.

The report of the VAB is a substantial document.   You can access it here  The report highlights the inconsistencies that occurred during this period with some families offered the opportunity of repatriation at public expense; some being asked to contribute to the cost while other families were not given any say in the matter.    The report concluded that fairness and equity dictated their recommendations.

The report highlighted the lessons learned from the recent move by the Australians to repatriate thge remains of their Vietnam war dead buried in Singapore at the CWGC Cemetery at Kranji and in the British Military Cemetery at Terendak, Malaysia.

This will cost.   $750k has been set aside as an initial contribution to scope and plan the process.   Further funding will be required to see it through to completion.

The VAB declined to recommend the request by some families that the government should cover the cost of their travel to the place of interment so that they could accompany the bodies home.  Instead, families are to be offered the opportunity to participate in the 'Ramp Ceremonies' when the remains are returned to New Zealand.    

For some families this will put to rest a long standing grievance.   Other families will, I suspect, decline the offer taking the view that the remains should stay undisturbed.

For myself I am somewhat ambivalent about the decision.    I can acknowledge the fairness and equity argument particularly as it relates to those killed in the Vietnam conflict but I think the money could be better applied elsewhere supporting veterans and their families.   That aside, I congratulate the VAB on their report and the government for accepting it.