Sunday, March 12, 2017

To Cheer Up Our Resident Lefties

Couldn't win with wiretap

To quote the late  Bill Leak:-

"Suck it up, Snowflakes."


paul scott said...

The question is when will the prosecutions start for the UnAmerican, Unconstitutional and Evil Islamobama and Clinton.

Paulus said...

Drip Drip Drip - watch this space as the FBI and CIa are found to have used nefarious illegal methods of collecting information about anybody particularly political undesirables.
Much of what has been raised about somebody meeting the Russian Ambassador the meeting occurred in Trump Towers so how can the details of the meeting be known unless the information was from a listening device ?
Lots more to come and Trump knows it too but is keeping his powder dry.
Can a former President be indicted and jailed ? - no he is too well protected, but the Clintonistas are another matter.

Gerald said...

"Suck it up snowflakes"
A right wing insult to people who don't have the same view as themselves.
Tosser and insult that is not political.
Adolf you are a tosser.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Snowflake Gerald

You lost. Remember?

Gerald said...

No I didn't. Green Card aint citerzenship.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goodbye again Gerald. You dimwits just never learn.

David said...

Just another fact free rave from the alternative world of Adolf.

No wiretaps, it is all in Trump's head. He is POTUS, he can declassify anything he wants and put this story to rest, but he won't because it serves his narrative and cons the rubes like Adolf.

I can only concur with Gerald, above, with a most insightful comment.

David said...

I must withdraw my above comment. Apparently there was bugging of Trump Tower.

Baghdad Kellyanne Konway has let us know that the Trump microwave was turned in to a camera. Makes sense, no one in Trump tower would know what a microwave was, let alone how to use one.