Tuesday, March 21, 2017

They Will Live To Regret.......

....... their foolish so-called 'resistance.' (what an insult to the genuine French resistance people who fought the Nazis.)

The violent and vulgar brown shirts of the Democrat party and their Democrat operatives in judicial robes are doing everything they possibly can to frustrate the legitimate and legal efforts of the administration to protect American citizens from Islamic terrorists.   I refer of course to the trumped up decisions of lower courts to halt the president's temporary ban on immigrants from countries where there is no chance of properly vetting those people before they arrive in the USA.   Of course it matters not that Obama had instituted a remarkably similar but permnent ban with nary a whimper from media or judiciary.

I'm guessing the smart people from ISIS by now will have taken advantage of the convenient opportunity given them by the Democrats and will have infiltrated a team into the US.  When those good chaps get around to demolishing some soft target where nobody expected trouble, and in so doing kill a few hundred Americans, the partisan judges whose folly gave rise to the mass murder might find themselves in all sorts of difficulty.

Any sane administration would have them arrested and charged with treason.


Three O Nine said...

All the rest of you on here know where this is coming from, right?

Terror of "the other"


Hey "No Minister", how is Jack van Tongeren? Bought any paintings? Shared any war stories?


paul scott said...

From what I can tell the Trump Administration is just moving ahead with the program letting the sicklings snivel in a rearguard action.

For instance how doe we go with Russia which hacked the election with special votes.
How's the Clinton Foundation getting along. Still sending billions to Haiti? In fact is Clinton even alive still?
How long will it be before the Director of FBI is in jail.
How solid is the reputation of CNN and Fox now ?
Is Trump still Hitler or does he eat black children now. ?
Do all the liberal identity Pansies still live with Mummy ?