Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The MSM have gushed collectively over Jacinda taking over from her boss in the preferred Prime Minister stakes as reported in the Newshub-Reid Research poll out yesterday.   No great surprise given that the little man is polling less than Jeremy Corbyn on track to deliver UK Labour their worst ever result in living history.   Typhoid Mary would probably achieve the same result were her name to be included in the mix.

But glossed over by the media was the state of the parties reported in the poll.   National up 2% to 47.1%; Labour down 1.9% to 30.8%; Greens 'slightly' down to 11.2% and Winston First down 0.5% to 7.5%.   Leading the bunch of 'also rans' was Gareth Morgan's anti pussy party on 0.8%.

And that ladies and gentlemen is where the real action is.

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gravedodger said...

And some simples think Garry's 0.8 is the portent of the second coming.
The margin of error was, say again?