Thursday, March 23, 2017


The absolutely churlish response by the Greens to John Key's valedictory speech where, unlike members from all other parties represented in the House, they refused to acknowledge his contribution to New Zealand or to shake his hand and where one of their members went feral on Key on facebook, reinforces the view that beneath their so called caring and sharing facade they really are a nasty Party.

I guess they will argue they are being true to their ideals.   That John Key is the devil incarnate, does eat babies and is deserving of absolutely no respect at all.   But their actions reinforce their shallowness when measured against their own published values ... "Engage respectively and avoid personal attacks".     In Parliament and elsewhere you earn your own respect and the Greens will reap what they sew.    They have, as a Party, squandered the image of responsibility carefully nurtured by the likes of Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimons.   What goes round comes round ... mark my words.

And I note that in a tail wags dog story they have persuaded Labour to agree to ditch the NZ Defence Force long term capital equipment program designed to ensure our armed forces remain mission capable and instead divert the $20b to more worthy programs ... like reinstating homeopathy for pets??????   At least in doing so both Labour and the Greens are showing their true colours.  


gravedodger said...

When Elsie and Jack's son and hier departedd I mistakenly thought the melons had a chance to leave the hard left mindlless rubbish at the tip.
Sadly there was yet another moron to act in a truely deplorable manner.

Browning is a total numpty but even that must be close to a personal best in idiotic disrespect.
Reading it, my mind drifted to the old legend when the first person of colour to become a General in the US Army had a white grunt decline to salute him, a senior officer.
General Davis asked the soldier to stand to while General Davis removed his hat with its badges of rank so richly deserved and asked the soldier if he could not bring himself to respect the person then he might show the respect his rank required.

Browning is an sand pit bully, whatever the politics and the clear hatred he clearly held for the man retiring from nearly a decade and a half of service, eight as prime minister, only a petulant infantile person would show such demeaning to himself, behaviour.

Then it was so when Baroness Thatcher died, so many of the ilk of Browning who could not even stfu they had to indulge themselves in one last exhibition of depraved behaviour.

When Browning retires it will not even rate a Stefan who! he will sink without trace.

Chris said...
Unfortunately those of us lucky enough to live in Marlborough wont be able to forget who he is!!

Anonymous said...

I cant understand why the MSM give the Greens oxygen. They are a party full of lunatics who do not exist in the real world. They have no place in our Parliament and their outlandish and idiotic views should not be countenanced. They are an abberation and the sooner they disappear the better off we all will be. The world would certainly be a better place without these idiots.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:09 .....Presumably they are there because a percentage of the country voted for them...suck it up, it's called democracy.

Lord Egbut

gravedodger said...

So was the election of President Trump so self sucking prescribed.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

I'm surprised that there was no political representation at V3's recent reunion at Blenheim.

Did you not think to invite the Green Member for Kaikoura?

Anonymous said...

Very good point Dodger, I can only say in my defence that there is no such animal as a Trump fact I doubt whether there will be a Trump in 12 months.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

TTSS .... not for me to invite. Mind you, given what the Greens (and Labour) propose to do to our armed forces I doubt Mr Browning would have the guts to turn up. Probably too busy anyway lecturing the medical profession on his discovery of a magic cure for Ebola ..... sheesh, I think even the Greens were embarrassed about that.

gravedodger said...

You ignore the democratic facts again old Egg, last I knew Trump was the endorsed candidate for POTUS, of the Republican Party,
Your TDS is clouding your normally astute judgement.

As an occasional Bridge player and enthusiastic Five hundred afficionado, the Joker always dumps on any trump,including the ace of hearts and even the right bower.

Anonymous said...

The Joker in Bridge, Dodger? He wasn't there when I last played the game.