Friday, March 24, 2017


The leadership if Islam include many hate speech purveyors and rabble rousers who eventually, often after Friday prayers have a "lone Wolf", mentally unbalanced, or what ever other euphemistic description delivers, head on out on what seems a mindless assault perpetrated on enlightened people going about their lawful enjoyment of life.

Governments and their sycophantic Media enablers then bend over in poses that could win a gold medal in floor exercises to avoid any suggestion of a link with Islam.

Not so on Newstalk News this AM when  it was revealed that another Lone Wolf, this one from the state of Israel had been apprehended on terrorism suspicions in his homeland.
No hiding every salient fact there,  he was Jewish, he was an Israeli,  and his alleged nefarious intentions included a direct threat to even lil ole NZ.

Compare that to UK citizen, Kent born, user of several  aliases, convert to Islam, who mowed down innocents  lawfully using Westminster Bridge, with a hired car as his weapon of choice, then proceeded on foot armed with a knife to stab and kill an unarmed police officer before being shot in the chest twice and sadly died on the way to ED. I assume that poor bugger who euthanised  the  rabid "lone Wolf" will be subject of multiple inquiries  for, one shooting the bastard,  two more than one shot and if I was doing the questioning why the second shot was not a head  shot.

There is a significant and serious threat to world order from a concerted attack,1500 years old and continuing to deliver the Moslem religion to the rest of the world. An attack that once reached Spain and the Gates of Vienna while extending eastwards to India but beaten back by those with the balls to defend their freedoms.
Today it seems that Chamberlainitus has taken hold and the meme of if I dont poke them I will survive for now imbued Politicians and media stand aside practising their ludicrous gymnastics to avoid offence.


Jobson Growth said...

"and if I was doing the questioning why the second shot was not a head shot."

Which is exactly why we have trained police and not sherry sozzled OAPs doing the shooting.

Veteran, I am sure, will concur, a body shot is preferable to a head shot as the larger target is more likely to be hit. A miss could easily hit a gin soaked politician on her way to parliament. Furthermore, it is not the duty of the police to carry out extra judicial killings*, it is their job to protect the innocent and arrest the offenders.

*Unless you're a white cop in the uStates and the target is black.

Anonymous said...

Jobson Growth , your comments lose validity as soon as you make personal attacks.
The lack of a head shot is more to do with keeping the perpetrator alive to gather intel.

You've never been to the states have you, at least for more than a cursory visit.

GD you would have been impressed by Theresa Mays comment that "Islamist terrorism is not Islamic Terrorism".

Pin dancer extraordinaire
EH of D

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

EH of D

You should have stopped after the fifth word.

The Veteran said...

For what it is worth my understanding is that the police are taught to aim for the centre of the body mass being the largest target.

Many people will be wondering why Constable Keith Palmer not armed. The HoC (Palace of Westminster) is a very high profile target. 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Friday fulminations pretty much cover this. The perps name was Adrian Russell a well known Muslim name...non.

The ex Director of GCHQ has just been on the radio saying that the direct connection between ISIS and this man was non existant. He follows the same pattern as all the European incidents. Local bloke with a criminal past who has convictions for violence no stranger to the evil broth in other words just like a large percentage of any western population. He was not the shiniest shilling in the till and like all men whom suddenly realised his life was going nowhere found his, or someones else's god.

In the US men like him head for the nearest Mcdonalds.

Given that there now about 2 million Muslim refugees now in Europe and there has not been one involved in a terrorist attack rather takes the wind out of GD's "Muslim peril" If you are nice to people they are usually nice back seems to work.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor Egbut

Doesn't know how to spell Khalid Masood.

Anonymous said...

A reasonable week for Islam last week

Attacks 40
Killed 290
Injured 395
Suicide Blasts 11
Countries 14

And the Islamic Atrocity Of The Week goes to . .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comment not to be taken seriously. This is the sort of nonsense that might impress undereducated teenagers but has no place on a proper blog.

This is the sort of wild accusation that does not stand up to scrutiny that you normally find in the Daily Mail comments section.

Suddenly the Jordanian pilot or Kurdish militiaman is not of the Muslim faith 'cos he is killing ...wait for it...others of the Muslim faith. I will never forgive those Germans Christians for killing us New Zealand Christians years ago

Two million refugees.....think about it.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

In the US men like him head for the nearest Mcdonalds.

It's funny, but when I look up 'jo cox murder,' the second result after Wikipedia is a Guardian story with the headline "Far-right terrorist Thomas Mair jailed for life for Jo Cox murder." No time was wasted trying to pretend the creep's ideology had nothing to do with his crime, because, well... it pretty obviously did have something to do with his crime, didn't it?

And yet, when it comes to Mr Khalid Masood's crime, or the various other murders committed by Muslim terrorists in Europe lately, the Guardian and everyone else is falling over themselves to pretend these murders didn't have anything to with ideology. It's ludicrous and annoying.

Shelldrake said...

I take it that 'Lord Egbut' is an alias in order for you to retain anonymity?

Shelldrake said...
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Anonymous said...

Phsyco....the headline was the result of a trial in a court of law where after evidence was heard it was established that the defendant was indeed far right and had been radicalised.

Come back to me after the results of the coroners inquest on this one.
From the looks of it young Adrian Elms as he was known was a pretty good rugby player and being a convert to Islam does not mean you are a terrorist...a British Ambassador to one of the mid eastern counties has converted recently.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

Sure. And Thomas Mair was fond of gardening, and being a right-wing extremist does not mean you are a terrorist. Only, sometimes, apparently, it does.

You're effectively claiming that a right-wing extremist who kills people in support of a right-wing extremist agenda can't be assumed to be ideologically motivated until a properly-convened official enquiry declares it to be so. Which means you're over-thinking it - sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Gerald said...

I take it that 'Lord Egbut' is an alias in order for you to retain anonymity?

Sheldrake....obviously of the drop short variety.

If you call out someones real name on this blog y'all get hauled over the coals.
Hence the use of pseudonyms etc.

Anonymous said... a word yes. How many murders are assumed to be committed for one reason but turn out to be something else entirely. Whether you are right/left wing may only be incidenetal to the event and it's something only a coroners court or trial will establish.

Two pensioners argued heatedly over a Leylandia hedge for years and each had threatened to kill the other. One day one of them did, quite out of character it may be said. It later turned out the perp had a brain tumour the size of a golf ball.

Psycho Milt said...

If it turned out Thomas Mair had a brain tumour the size of a golf ball, I wouldn't let that convince me that right-wing extremism and white supremacy are harmless ideologies were harmless. Likewise with Khalid Mansoor - they could find a tumour the size of a baseball in his head and it wouldn't make Islam any less of a DO NOT WANT than it is now.