Monday, March 27, 2017


and he can't blame the Democrats.   When Speaker Ryan pulled the legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare rather than have the Bill defeated in the floor of the House it was a perfect example of ideology 'trumps' pragmatism in play ... and the Republicans have only themselves to blame.

The 35 members of the Republican 'Freedom' caucus (representing hard-line conservatives) threw their toys out of the cot and withdrew their support for the legislation because they didn't feel the Bill went far enough.   A small number of so called liberal Republicans also opposed various aspects of the Bill.   In doing so they collectively dealt a major blow to Trump's presidency.   America, at least for the foreseeable future, is stuck with Obamacare with all its faults including fast rising premiums.

Politics is the art of the possible, not the impossible.   Of course you can stand pure (ACT like) and feel good about it but the reality is that unless you are prepared to give a little to get a lot you end up getting nowt.   And that's where the Freedom caucus is right now.

While the Democrats were united in their determination to preserve Obamacare (not one member of their caucus broke ranks) the Republicans fractured at both ends of the spectrum.    Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The Republicans were very good at frustrating President Obama's legislation.   Looks like they're doing the same to President Trump.   The Democrats will be enjoying this.



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, Vet. I've thought for sometime that the Republicans are a pretty dim lot. The defeat of this appalling replica of Obamacare was inevitable but they couldn't see it coming.

The next couple of months will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I agree Vet. What the Republicans fail to realise is that the voters have given them a 2 yr trial period.

We will give you the power to pass legislation now get on and do it.

If they spend too much time fighting amongst themselves come 2018 they may lose the Senate and will only have themselves to blame.


Noel said...

Not surprising. Political survival trumps a Trump.

Anonymous said...

Politics is the art of self survival. Republicans in marginals knew all along that repealing the Bill was akin to putting the suicide note in the bottom draw and going out to buy a lotto ticket,

It will also fracture Brexit in 18 months time. Even the Russkis are getting restless now with their opposition leader arrested and protesters in the streets.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

"Even the Russkis are getting restless now with their opposition leader arrested and protesters in the streets."

Lol Egbut Alexei Navalny is about as relevant to Russian politics as Kim Dotcom is to New Zealand's

He is a foreign funded agitator who sets up photo ops for the foreign press in Pushkin square - in a city of 12 million people where he can get about 5000 losers onto the streets to chant slogans

Less than a thousand turned out in St Petersburg, just enough for the BBC to report breathlessly that the "demo" had occurred but not enough to show images of in their reports and as for the other cities, places where intrepid reporters from CNN and the BBC never venture you could count the protestors on the fingers of one hand

Mind you it is the same in the USA, the BBC and CNN never venture to places like Helena Montana, Boise Idaho or Little Rock Arkansas which are nearly as foreign to them as Irkutsk or Vladikavkaz would be

Psycho Milt said...

I guess we can agree that many, if not most, Russians seem to prefer nationalist authoritarianism to liberal democracy - just not about that being a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Andrei....So who exactly is the legal opposition in Russia? You guys haven't actually got to grips with how system is supposed to work. The idea is to vote 'em in or vote 'em out, not kill them. Democracy was given to you and now it has been lost again. I have to laugh because most of the anti Muslim rhetoric is generated from Russia yet you cannot rid yourself of your own medieval surfdom and thrall to to the strongman.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

What nonsense Egbut - in the Duma United Russia governs with 343 seats.

The opposition has 104 led by the Communist Party (42), Liberal Democratic Party (39), A Just Russia (23) with three other seats held by oddbods

Alexei Navalny's one time party Yabloko (he hadn't succeeded in that party so he quit) achieved 1.9% of the vote last elections well short of the 5% threshold which is the same threshold as New Zealand and only slightly larger than the internet party's 1.4% in 2014

In 2014 he was with the "Progress Party" which couldn't register because it did not meet the eligibility criteria of having the minimum number of branches in Russian cities - equivalent to NZ's eligibility requirements for party registration based on membership (recall United Future had a near brush with deregistration over not meeting the membership requirements for party registration)

Anonymous said...

And Putins political rivals and business competitors continue to litter the sidewalk with their bodies and the Press is stifled and journalists are afraid to speak out;;;;tall poppy syndrome on steroids only these boys have a genuine fear of career ending reprisals. You are not here because of your interest in NZ or it's people, you are here to push the Putin barrow and whitewash his reputation. Trumps an idiot but he is a useful idiot compared with your man. Try reading the Moscow times, it's not what they say that is interesting it's what they don't say and what they are not allowed to say.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... You've let yourself down with your response to my post. The action of the so called Freedom Caucus was nothing to do with trying to preserve Obamacare and all about making a statement that Trump's Bill didn't go far enough. Stupid, they were never going to get what they wanted and too thick to realize that politics is the art of the possible. As for Brexit .. get over it, you may not like it but it will happen. Talk about hard landings and if the Jocks go it alone then they just might find what hard landings is all about. The English won't be of a mind to make it easy for them.

Anonymous said...

There I was thinking that it was along these lines......

Brexit is not over until the fat lady sings, two years to go. the EU chief negotiater M. Barnier has insisted all negotiations in Brussels will be in French and any talks in the UK will be in English..fair enough I thought..... trouble is the English are the poorest linguists in Europe. The Mini, Rolls Royce and Bentley all owned by German companies (BMW + VW) look likely to be built in the EU if talks fail.

Lord Egbut