Wednesday, March 1, 2017


No not the caver in Takaka although that has apparently ended well, an ex Green Party member having  had their fill of the lurch to extreme socialism in the wake of Saints Jeanette and Roderick departure, with an explanation that only confirms what most knew instinctively.

The NZ Green Party no longer gives credence to the environmentalism central point that enabled the embryo to become an electoral force that at its zenith nearly put Fitzsimons into Parliament as sitting member for the Coromandel. Since those days with successive inputs from socialists the green bit in the ID is only a green hued mantle grasped to give relevance or a bullet point to give a heads up for the latest promulgation of an extreme socialist brain fart.

Vernon Tava long time Green Party member who once had leadership ambitions has departed and although not a member of National has joined the promotion team of long time friend seeking election in Maurice Williamson's East Coast Bays seat for National, Erica Stamford.

Many voters, a clear majority in fact,  are environmentally green but it is only a part of what drives in pursuit of lifes goals. For some and it is far too many who give their vote to the Melons while in a state of euphoric addled thinking, it is a vote that so far has been largely wasted.
The original greens did well as a part of the Alliance group and after the departure of those environmental warriors the next generation seeking a pathway to power only saw the green mantle as an adjunct to give credence to the latest extreme socialist click bait, something for Vernon that has become too aligned to fraudulent for him it seems.

Incidents such as Gary Hughes flying to Dunedin expanding his carbon footprint exponentially, to meet with a dozen acolytes when his message could have been delivered by Face time, skype or email for free or a very inexpensive conference call,  Hypocrites just seems so inadequate sometimes and when matters Green Party are discussed always, so well done Mr Tava enjoy your life a whole lot more.

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Rockfield said...

Ahhh I didn't realise that Maurice had moved his Electorate Office to the North Shore. Wasn't happy in Pakuranga eh wot?