Monday, March 13, 2017

No Matter What They Said, No matter What Thy Did.............

While the US enemy media continues to gin up fake news in its war against Trump, events conspire to frustrate them. 

New jobs and the number of people re-entering the workforce are on the rise.  Why?  Because businesses are confident Trump will deliver better trading conditions.
"....Labor Department reported a higher than expected 235,000 new jobs were created in February. This came on the heels of a report earlier in the week from ADP and Moody’s Analytics showing 298,000 new private sector jobs in the same month. Better yet, the Labor Department report showed strong wage growth and that 340,000 workers who sensed better prospects came off the sidelines and re-entered the workforce. This addresses a key critique of the weak Obama era recovery after the 2008 financial panic: namely, that the low reported unemployment rate was misleading because of the large number of working age Americans who stopped looking for work and were therefore not counted in official government unemployment statistics."

Since the election, the number of illegal immigrants entering from Mexico has fallen by a massive forty percent.  So Trump's wall already is proving effective, even before it is built.

Not a bad start, by any account.   More jobs and less illegals.

Humpty Trumpty was having a ball
Humpty Trumpty has a great wall
All of the Democrats and all of their shills
Couldn't stop Trumpty from giving then Hell.


Jobson Growth said...

Today it is Die feindlichen Medien, tomorrow it will be Lebensraum.

Anonymous said...

40% less illegals coming over the border? Tell me how that number was arrived at without knowing how many illegals arrived last year. Fake news.