Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Mother of the wee mite bludgeoned to death in what forensic evidence concluded as  more than a single assault that occurred  in the NW Christchurch suburb of  Bryndwr, was giving evidence in the murder trial of her then current squeeze, one Troy Kevin Taylor.
The mother not only stated the bleeding obvious but cleared the way for her own culpability to be established.

When the death of yet another toddler in the home of convoluted and dysfunctional parents eventuated nearly two years ago it was clear that the SOCK syndrome was a highly likely factor contributing to the 'Fifty Nine" separate identifiable injuries that contributed to the death of an innocent helpless little person.

The mother according to Radio news claimed the man on trial,  who was not the biological father, claimed the defendant was so much more successful at getting "Ihaka" to sleep. Quelle surprise, a child with broken jaw bones, fractured vertebrae, and many other injuries would almost certainly go to sleep after a few 'smacks'. Hell weren't we to accept Moron Bradford's hallmark legislation would stop such aids to gaining compliance from children.

The only large elephant in the room is why aren't the both of them in the dock. As Taylor's  defense attempts to blame the mother, gee bet no one saw that coming, the body language and visual observation of the two of them could be of enormouss value to the Jury.

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