Sunday, March 12, 2017


National will go into the election promising tax cuts.   The economy is in good shape, the books balance, there is real growth, there is a significant surplus.

Tax cuts ain't in the other mobs lexicon ... they know they can do a better job spending your money than you can.

Mi-Lord will correct me if I'm wrong but I think that in the UK the first eleven thousand pounds of earnings are not taxed.   That's equivalent of about NZD18,700.    This is a policy whose time has come.   Not sure we could/should try to match the UK figure but on my modelling $13,000 ($250 a week) is a realistic start point here which would give every taxpayer a break worth around $1,365.    The break would benefit those who need it most.

And for all our resident lefties who would argue that the money would be better spent on health/education/welfare well they can of course exercise their right to donate their money back to the government.    Takers?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

In Australia the threshold is $18,200, so you're close to the mark.

pdm said...

Getting rid of secondary employment tax would be another good move. Why should people prepared to get off their arse and hold down two jobs pay extra tax on their second job.

Unfair and makes no sense to me.

gerald said...

Get with it PDM
"“What are you going to do about secondary tax?” people ask me. “It’s not fair to charge people more tax just because they’ve got a couple of part time jobs.”

It’s a common mistake. And it’s easy to understand why people think they’re paying more tax. If you have two jobs, each paying $250 a week before tax, then in the first job, you will end up with about $220 in your pocket, and in your second job, you will end up with $202 after tax and ACC has been deducted.

Here’s the problem. If you didn’t pay secondary tax, and just paid the same amount of tax on each job, then at the end of the tax year, you would end up a big tax bill."

The Realist said...

Not sure Vet
These lower echelon taxpayers are the most virulent consumer of tax dollars so bugger them.

Anonymous said...

Tax is the price of a just society.........Angela Merkel.

NZ and UK have a lot in common, Two governments who have bribed the electorate or are bribing by appealing to personal greed. Two countries whose infrastructure is not only crumbling but falling behind in technology. The railways are a victorian joke, the UK roads are falling to bits, NZ roads are hi tech 1960's and in some cases 1930's not fit for purpose as a mass transport system using modern vehicles.

London water supply is failing, Auckland's electricity is shocking (pun intended). Health care in both countries lags well behind Europe. Just back from Barcelona where I clocked up 2000K in five days on well designed, well signposted motorways... stress free driving. Paris is 350k away....35 euro and just over three hours away by is all this possible...TAX.

Lets not forget the failure of education in both countries and the excessively full jails. A just society needs a fair and equitable tax system.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... I know you have been away from home for quite some time but NZL is investing massively in infrastructure ... and not before time. As for the NHS and we can agree it's a 'sick' joke (pun intended). Back here both I and Mrs Veteran have experienced hospital care in the past six months. Pam for surgery, mine accident related. The profesionalism and care we received was outstanding. Our primary health service in Pahia is first rate and Dr visits only cost $18. Check all the stats and NZL is right up there in the OECD rankings. Mores the point ... our books balance. Spain/France ???????

But as I said at the start ... socialists think they know better how to spend 'our' mone and there's always a new itch to be scratched. Don't buy into that. You can if you wish.

Anonymous said...

Why do you turn the discussion back to a party political rant. Most of the UK motorway program in the 60's and 70's were pushed through by labour against Tory opposition who thought that a car for every household was a pipe dream and only the well off should be able to drive.

There is more to a health system than a visit to the Doctor. It is the efficiency, speed and an eye for prevention rather than cure that is important. Two years ago a friend went to the "medicin" to have his ears syringed..........three days later he was under the knife for a triple bypass.

Tax cuts are a "vote for me" snake oil salesmans bribe. The choice is simple drive a modest car on superb roads or sit in your affordable supercar in traffic. Me, I just set the cruise control to 150k and leave it for an hour or so.

Lord Egbut

Noel said...

"Dr care only 18 dollars."
Aint you a lucky fella. Registered in a low decile PHO caused by those unemployed stoners.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut forgets that his motoring pleasure was financed by massive and unaffordable borrowing. That's why his Nirvana Spain is the "S" of 'PIGS.'

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... because tax cuts are Party political (and look at your 8.287 comment ... some might opine there's a political bias running thru that).

For Noel ... yep, sometimes the MoH bureaucrats make interesting decisions with Paihia, Opua and Russell (high decile) twinned with KawaKawa and Moerewa (low decile) in determining Dr consultation fees. Keri2 just 20k away and I think it's $35 or thereabouts. In the Hokianga it's free but they're a special case (the history of that makes fascinating reading).

Gerald said...

From memory decile rating was introduced by Labour.
If they had been really socialist they would have applied the rating to individual patients weath. Then you would be grizzeling about the 38 dollar surcharge for each visit supperanuates pay in my area.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... not grizzling ... sometimes the bureaucracy works in our favour. And that's really my point. People know better how to spend 'their' money rather than having decisions made for them in Wellington. But this time round I favor tax cuts at the bottom end rather than the mid point/top. All will benefit but those on low/middle incomes will benefit the most.

Gerald said...

People know better how to spend their money.
Ahh so if Paihia was funded according to its true decile and the surcharge trippled you would all be registering at the Kawakawa PHO?

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... ain't choice wonderful ... don't know why you consider it a dirty word. But no, I'm comfortable with what's on offer here in Paihia. I wouldn't consider changing based on the charging regime alone.

paul scott said...

NAT will win. NZ First will be a big player. NZF 19%.
Winston can eat Bill .
Nat has exacerbated many problems .
The small matter of the Balance sheet.
$NZ90 billion dollars public debt, more likely $NZ150 billion.
At 5% thats only $NZ7 billion a year, thats only $NZ 3500 per year per taxpayer.
Now thats what we call balance.
Immigration // diversity and violence coming your way soon care of moron Woodhouse, retiring soon.
Housing /// Regional development //
The 800 page RMA care of Nick Smith, vacating soon
and that tiny little matter of Co-Governance with self elected, and half european white Chieftan thieves. care of Chris Finlayson going away soon

The Veteran said...

Gueez Paul ... stop smoking the Winston Weed. Authenticate your assertion that our Public Debt stands at NZD150b. Perhaps a more 'balanced' view is to look at the ranking of countries Public Debt as a % 0f GDP.

1 ... Japan 226.1
16 .. Spain 93.7
17 .. France 93.4
19 .. UK 91.1
25 .. Germany 79.0
35 .. USA 71.8
96 .. NZL 35.4
109 . Switzerland 33.8
133 . China 22.4
148 . Saudi Arabia 12.2

Immigration ... we're all immigrants, including those guys who paddled here by canoe.
I don't feel threatened by diversity ... only the xenophobic do. Are you xenophobic?

RMA reform was a done deal until NZF voted against it.

Chris Finlayson will go down as one of our more enlightened AG's. There are legitimate treaty grievances needed to be put right. Pretending there ain't is an ostrich like approach. But I do hold the view that the process is coming to an end and needs to be wound up. The treaty grievance industry is being exploited by second rate lawyers who would find it difficult to turn a dime in the real world.

And then there's the small matter of the $155k WRP rorted from the taxpayer to fund their election campaign. It is to their everlasting shame that NZF voted with Labour to retrospectively validate the expenditure. Pay it back guys and then you can take the moral high ground.

Anonymous said...

New Zealands external debt is $US52300 per person. Spains external debt is $52085 per person. More fake news from troll Adolf.

New Zealands external debt is is almost the same as the US per person. To get the true picture you have to also look at the OECD rates on household debt and savings. NZ does not look good with the UK deep in the merde. UK external debt is $144,000 accumulated through years of bribing the elcrorate with tax breaks in order to retain power.

Lord Egbut

Paranormal said...

Legbut, tax isn't our problem it's the spending that's the problem. I'm no fan of blenglish, but he has done a better job than the last lot of managing the books.

Veteran, history will not be kind to either Key or Findlayson, particularly when some of the more objectionable elements of treaty settlements come to light such as cogovernance. There are a host of dirty deals that will cause more generations of grief.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Using Legbut's impeccable logic, PIGS is now spelled PIGSNZ.

According to reliable reports Spain's public debt in 2015 (last year reported) stood at 99.2% of GDP which was US$24,877 per capita. Unemployment is at 21%. The country was in recession from 2011 to 2013 and the last reported trade deficit was US$25.62billion.

By comparison NZ's public debt stood at 32.1% of GDP which was US$37,760 per capita. Unemployment is reported at 5.8%.

NZ has enjoyed steady GDP growth for the last five years and has a trade deficit of US2.5billion

You should change your nom de plume to pig's arse.

Anonymous said...

As usual the Putintroll cannot debate a point without gratuitous insults and put downs.

If you are going to quote wiki. which incidentally you have said many times is "crap".

IF you quote please include the riders. "Gross government debt is the most relevant data for discussions of government default and debt ceilings. It is different from external debt, which includes the foreign currency liabilities of non-government entities."

If you want to denigrate Spain as a failed State compared with NZ you will have to do better than than that. In the 50's and 60's NZ was one of the wealthiest OECD nations per capita in the world and Spain was one of the poorest. So you have to ask the question.....where did the money go?

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Pig's Arse

It's not Wiki, idiot.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor bastard. The master of insults complains when he is insulted. Also happens his whole thesis is wrong. But what's new?