Sunday, March 26, 2017

Iwi and hapu objections to land transactions

In Tauranga, a piece of reserve land was to be sold by the council to Plunket, which had used the land for about 50 years.  But Plunket was in the middle of a restructure, and the land sale became delayed.

In the intervening period, local hapu became aware of the sale.  This is what happened:
A letter was sent after the decision to Ngai Tamarawaho advising of the council's decision to revoke the reserve status and sell to Plunket...
An objection was received on February 15.

Hapu spokesman Buddy Mikaere said in the objection that Ngai Tamarawaho had lost most of its land following the confiscations of the 1860s...

Mr Mikaere told councillors that revoking the reserve status needed the hapu's consent. "This is something we only learned about recently."
So, in short, the council was unable to act constitutionally and after a vote had taken place, because it needed consent of Maori first.

The council then met again, and reversed its decision.

On a national scale, the government is attempting to reform the RMA.  Last week, the Gnats struck a deal with the Maori Party on the changes, which include "Iwi participation agreements".  Act and United Future parties tried to stop this.  You can read about that here.

If you're wondering what these Iwi participation agreements are, they are nicely summarised by Hobson's Pledge here. In short, within 30 days of local body election, local bodies are required to invite iwi into participation agreements which will "virtually entrench co-governance and partnership obligations with some Maori into local government, creating an under-the-radar constitutional change" (emphasis added).

What happened in Tauranga is soon to be replicated on a national scale.  The question is: Will there be a party at this year's election returned in sufficient numbers to put an end to this racist, apartheid crap?    


paul scott said...

I joined NZ First specifically and only to end separatist sovereignty and selling out of NZ assets to unelected Chieftans.
Down here in the South, the European Maoris Steve O'Regan and Mark Soloman have done a good job of extracting wealth for their own Empire, and nothing for the people of Ngai Tahu.

Tomorrow Nikki Wagner [ ChCh Central ] will receive her letter to say we will campaign to send her seat to Labour as a direct result of Nat party race based policy.
As well Dunne in Ohariu and Kaye in Aucjk Central will lose their electoral seats.
This will not change proportion.

After the election the strangelehold [ NZ First 17-19% votes, Nat mid 40+ ] will end when the leader NZF accomplishes several tasks. I
Among them I want the replacement of Finlayson and Smith.
This is war. We have had enough of Nat Race base privilege // Co-governance and Dual Sovereignty .

Anonymous said...

Your final question is rhetorical I take it, Nick?