Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Traveling back from Blenheim yesterday and while I don't usually 'do' newspapers I had occasion to peruse a copy of the Royal New Zealand Herald in the Koru lounge.   The article on page A5 made me very angry ... I'm still angry.

It was about Oriwa Kemp ... lowlife extraordinaire.   You will remember her; the 'mother' of Nia Glassie jailed for the abuse and murder of the toddler ... gave her freezing baths, hit her when she cried, did not intervene when she was placed into a clothes drier which was turned on, was hung from a clothes line and spun round and round.   Found guilty and sentenced to a paltry three years and three months in jail.

At the time of her jailing Kemp had another child who was taken from her into care where he/she remains.  Since her release she has had four more children, the latest only a few months ago.   All four were removed from her at birth into care.   Clearly they were judged to have been at risk in Kemp's care.

The 'father' (who has sired only some of her brood) is in his 60s.  Last year and while pregnant Kemp was convicted of assaulting 'him'.   'He' is also facing charges of family violence against Kemp.   And now Kemp is reported as being pregnant (for the seventh time).   CYF have confirmed they will be involved yet again ... "the baby's welfare will be the first and paramount consideration" ... and it must be.

Enough is enough.   If Kemp wants to f**k and keep f*****g then there's nothing we can do about it.   But surely where it can be demonstrated to the Court that is person is unfit to be a mother then the Court should have the power to order sterilisation as a last resort.    Why should the State (ergo the taxpayer) be expected to carry the can for someone who demonstrably has no idea of the responsibilities that go with bringing a baby into the world.    I reiterate again ... this can only be a last resort option.   The bar for the making of such an order needs to be set very high indeed.

I expect people to disagree with me and if you want to call me a fascist then sobeit.    In my book the  Kemps of this world deserve very little consideration.


gravedodger said...

Many in their shallow ideal world will condemn you Vet.
For me, my basic animal husbandry based formative time has me in total agreement. Forget the obvious unpardonable welfarism that supports such waste will total many millions that could bring so much to other more deserving from struggle street, such denial of basic husbandry in allowing if not encouraging such depraved behaviour around procreation and fulfillment aspects of what results, is an abomination.

My anger had me purposfully avoiding this topic, well done that man.

Noel said...

"But surely where it can be demonstrated to the Court that is person is unfit to be a mother then the Court should have the power to order sterilisation as a last resort.

Is there a law for that?

Gerald said...

Noel there aint one for this situation.

The Realist said...

Totally agree Vet.

paul scott said...

We sometimes had violent bad dogs turn up in the clinic which had attacked people.
There would always someone call ' take the dpoor sad violent doggy to the dog whisperer"
Yes righto, sorry about your hand taken off whisperer.
!0 grams of Phenobarbitone. Problem solved.

The Veteran said...

Noel/Gerald ... there's not. Should be. I'll stand by what I said. If you want to stand with 'her' then that's your privilege.

Noel said...

Aw comon just because I asked if the Judge you want to make an order has no precedence in case law to carry it out somehow I'm standing with her.
One minute you bitch about Judges interpretation of the law and next demand they steralise someone without the backing of the law.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... crap. I said nothing of the sort. I said "then the Court should have the power ...". I repeat 'should'. Clearly there is no such law at present. There should be. Twisting my comment to infer that I am advocating the Courts should act unilaterally is wrong and you know it. Sad.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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