Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday's Fulminations

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Anonymous said...

Just a comment on the the serious incident in London a couple of days ago. I say serious because people died, it is always serious when people die, but as an attack it was a a miserable failure with no outside planning by ISIS. just a nutter armed with a knife and a car chancing his arm. I said to my wife when the news broke I bet he is English and I double the bet that he has criminal record.... I win.

A transport company owner (now jailed) who deliberately let his defective truck on the road that killed four people in Bath barely rates a mention, prior to that a defective human (alcoholic who had blackouts) killed six people in Glasgow when his truck mounted the pavement is now a "victim". But there is no mileage in the ordinary...the MSM and politicians love terrorists, they can fill the papers and airwaves for days.

Lord Egbut

Jobson Growth said...

Exactly, m'lord.

We saw the same here in Oz with the nutter driving a car down a busy mall in Melbourne, killing 5. As soon as it was realised he was a nutter and not a terrorist a lot of the heat went out of the coverage.

It seems the English, and most of the world, have forgotten the terror attacks by the IRA and its offshoots. These did not lead to bans on Irish travel to the UK, did not lead to calls for Catholic churches to be placed under surveillance, did not lead to random law abiding Catholics being attacked in the streets.

And, just like ISIS, Al Qaeda, The Taliban, et al are creations of the uStates, the IRA was largely funded by American donors, not one of whom was investigated or prosecuted by the uStates authorities.

And NO, Adolt, I am not condoning any terrorist body, just placing it in historical context.

In fact, the IRA was far more successful than the ISIS wannabes - taking out a member of the royal family, ditto for Conservative MPs Airey Neave and Ian Gow, almost knocking off Maggie T, bombing the Birmingham pub with over 20 dead, the list goes on with far more deaths than Khalid Masood could ever dream of causing.

Thankfully Pendejo Orange Cheeto has no jurisdiction over the UK or he would be banning people from Kent entering the rest of the UK and building a huuuuuge wall.

paul scott said...

You have to wonder where the lame Islam apologists Egg and Job would stop.
I suppose if some lone islamic scum raped their wives they would say
" Oh well could have been worse, could have been a pack of them, or even a whitey"
No apologies.

David said...

I suppose if some Christian scum was to rape Paul Scott's wife he would say "oh well, could have been worse. Could have been a muslim."

Eggbut and Jobson are both simply pointing out the way different acts of death and destruction are reported, not due to the amount of death, but according to the religion of the culprit.

Those killed by the IRA and and the others referred to above are just as dead, but you seem focussed purely on one religion.

I know that comprehension is not one of your skills, but some of the first responders in London were Muslims. The police officer murdered in Paris as he tried to apprehend the Charlie Hebdo killers was a Muslim.

But it's OK Paul, because we saw you cheering on the Orange Cheeto as he abused the parents of Capt. Humayun Khan, just another Muslim who died fighting Islamist terror.