Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday's Fulmination

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought on the feckless, reckless poor much mentioned in previous posts being the authors of their own misfortune I would commend this article as a must read.

Demonising a sector of the population in order to gain power has been a part of politics ever since the Tudor times.

Lord Egbut

paul scott said...

We don't read WAPO garbage ever, Egg. Its Proven crap.

Enforced sending money to other is last year Egg.

paul scott said...

There was a hopeless regressive woman on Al Jazeera yesterday bleating ,
" I need my medicine and THEY are going to pay for it.

Socialism has proven to be the most destructive failure, and has costs tens of millions of lives. It is over.
We are now on to the part we we crush Islam, or the stone age crushes us.

David said...

And the lunatics in charge of the asylum have drawn up a Bill, World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017

What sort of stupid put these people in charge?

People like Martha Brawley, a 55-year-old woman who cast a ballot for the first time in her life. She voted for the Orange Cheeto.

I voted for Trump hoping that he would change the insurance so I could get good health care,” she told ABC News. “I might as well have not voted.”

Brawley was particularly upset when she learned that, under Trumpcare, she would receive a paltry $3,500 tax credit to buy insurance. At the moment, she gets a federal subsidy of around $8,688 to buy insurance from Obamacare.

Stupid is as stupid does, these morons thought that Trump would repeal "Obamacare" but leave the Affordable Care Act in place, totally oblivious that they are one and the same.

David said...

Australia is a little less Bleak today.

Barry said...

I'm very sorry to see that Bill Leak has died.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes indeed Barry. He was hounded by PC leftists until they finally killed him.

Anonymous said...

Troll Adolf leaves no depths unplumbed... Despicable comment.

Lord Egbut

Gerald said...

His own word hint at a possible cause.

"She (the section 18 complainant) has put me through a month or so of incredible stress"

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

How many 'wrongs' does it take to make a Legbut?

Jobson Growth said...

You are right Lord Egg. Adolf lives in a post Trumpian World where simply asking a question or proposing an opposite viewpoint is "hounding unto the death". Criticism is not hounding, any more than Bleak's satire was vilification.

It is fine for the right wing denizens of this blog to throw slurs such as Klarkula, Shillary, Obumma, etc but do not dare make a reasoned argument against one of their heroes.

I wonder if Adolf could ever define the term "PC", other than as something he doesn't like but cannot argue against?

Bleak was an old bloke with a crook ticker. His death was due to natural causes, was not unexpected, and Adolf shows his usual lack of empathy by attempting to tie it to an unrelated cause. Is it any wonder he adores the Pendejo of the uStates?

Anonymous said...

The Waffen-SSM one was a bit of a dag.

paul scott said...

Its good to be in a Trumpian world. And Islamobama, just one more drone, just one more.
We can see the end of socialism, nearly a century too late, and goodbye to pyjama poof identity politics. Lets hope we can repeat Brexit and Trump in New Zealand.
Welcome sad sacks to the reality show.