Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Free Range Eggs

So the SFO is going to investigate Ararimu Farms over allegations of fraud involving the sale of so-called 'free range eggs.'

Good luck to the SFO.  Apparently there is no legal or other accepted definition of 'free range eggs.'

Maybe some intrepid reporter might ask the SFO how, in this case, it might define fraud.  It may well turn out the only eggs they find are those laid by wild geese.

After all, to my way of thinking, the only free range eggs are those you can pick up off the ground in areas where they practice with artillery.

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David said...

When I lived in NZ a neighbour had a sign on hsi gate 'Free Range Eggs. $6 a dozen.

I asked him - If Range Eggs are free, why do you want $6 a dozen?