Monday, March 27, 2017


Those advocating for a coalition with the once forgettable, Just the Member for Tauranga,  after the. Next GE, really need to do due diligence.

NZF have an unenviable record in Government. 25 years in existence and a gold card  that is too often a licence to some transport options to print money, numerous roadblocks and hurdle creation on the path to progress is not much chop from all the palaver.
The party is a personality cult with all the levers within easy reach of citizen number one.
Hand picked to an extraordinary degree the very flexible list has a track record matching a mob of Kaimanawa  brumbies awaiting a date with the cannery.

Meanwhile the leader of what in reality is Winston First, who was once touted as the likely first 'Maori' prime minister, has feet of clay. Lead the country, pfft he couldn't even manage a working relationship with his National Party colleagues in Caucus nearly a quarter of a century ago.
Tossing toys from his Tauranga Cot, resigned and stood again sans the Nat tag, successfully until eventually a more popular local, convinced the rather senior  hoards that WP was for the knackers yard.

However he has hovered around the 'honeypot' since Bob "The Builder" Clarkson terminated his always transparently shallow desire to 'just be the mp for Tauranga', until years later the electors of Northland in cahoots with a NZLP  increasingly  desperate to land a punch on Teflon Johns chin, stood aside and in a moment of madness, elected the aging colleague of Walker J and Parrot G as their MP.

Now the wailing gets louder as the often neglected far North, come to understand electing a Hobby Poly just might have been stupid and the Government saddled with race based desires, and no ability to make serious changes to the RMA, not surprisingly have little interest in doing any North of the Brynderwyns.

Now, amidst the wrecked political carcass of the seemingly beyond resuscitation once great Labour Party, the mentally deranged are rearranging deck chairs in what could be an infantile pick up teams to theoretically build the coalition from hell.
Current polling has that nightmare scenario demanding the eviscerated remains of Labour, the politically neanderthal Melons, two variously orientated, at odds Maori mobs, and possibly even Possum Chameleon in a group that would make herding cats a much more attractive option.

While increasingly frustrated and disappointed with what National are delivering with particular reference to Findlayson, Nick Smith and Simon Bridges to name some, the alternatives are too frightening to contemplate.
The much trumpeted pledge from the MoU bunch on spending restraint is of very small comfort when one considers history, leopards and spots but  with some of Winston First  splashed into the mix taxpayers and patriots should be afraid, very afraid.

For my ever humble opinion, sitting it out could be the best option for Simon Swinglish, while preparing the rebuild. Sadly he seems to portray fence sitting and "just restin" as preferred options.


paul scott said...

Dodger, once you get your new specs,you will be able to read NZF policy and principles, which is consistent and enduring. You can then go over to the NAT party principles, and umm argh, your eyes will blur over.
In the absence of any other opposition to > dual sovereignty > Rule on high from people like Mark Solomon > diversion of your Water supply and > traitors like Chris Finlayson , we will vote NZFirst at 20%.
It is a temporary measure. The revoilution will follow when New Zealanders see what slackjaw and English are giving away for one vote .

paul scott said...

Dodger, we are downlist now so here is the program of events
1/ NZ First retains Northland and gains 15-20% of vote
2/ NZ First enters a formal coalition with English with the following characteristics
3/ NZ First have Ministry of Health, Police and Maori affairs
4/ There is increased spending on portfolios Health, Police, Regions and Education.
5/ Maori affairs and the gravy train takes a reverse cturn for the better

One of the reasons Slackjaw had to get out is he knows the NZF bottom lines, including Ministers .
There will be no alliance with Green Red of any sort.
The election will be dirty and I will want to see Peters on TV rather than other forms of campaign.
2020 is a crystal ball