Friday, March 17, 2017

A Little Teaser

Here's a riddle my grandfather brought back from the beaches of Gallipoli.

'If a brick weighs seven pounds plus half a brick, what does a brick and a half weigh?'

Very few people get it right.


Ross Nixon said...

But after thinking about it more, I now realise I got that wrong, LOL!
I'll let someone else have their say.

GCMC said...


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sorry anonymous, I don't accept anonymous comments.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


A little algebra goes a long way.

Nick K said...

A brick and a half weighs exactly the same as a brick plus half a brick.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Nick K

You must be a politician?

J Bloggs said...


Nick K said...

Okay Adolf, the mathematical answer is 10 1/2 pounds!

Johno said...

I agree with Bloggs.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well done J Bloggs and Johno.

paul scott said...

B = 7 plus B/2 > therefore B-B/2 = 7 > therefore B/2 = 7 therefor B=7
and B+B/2 = 10.5. Yes they're right
but my bricks are 3.5kg and measure 22cm by 11cm by 7 cm
thats [ 22*7*22 = 1694 cu cm and if that was water > 1694 grams
that is 1694/453 [ where 453 is grams per pound ] = 3.74lb
and 2.2 lb = approx 1kg
so my bricks are about twice as heavy as water.

paul scott said...

So, if by accident a gender identity free speech fascist liberal fell into the water with a brick around each foot,how quickly would he sink out of view, and would anyone care.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I misread it - 21 pounds. I passed UE maths and all.

Nick K

gravedodger said...

I abstained after google algebra delivered that b plus 1/2 b equaled 14.
I only reached SC maths and the rotund thespian masquerading as a Maths teacher, gleefully informed me on leaving Maths two exam (geometry and trig) in 1958, I had most probably failed.

the cassa said...

"a brick weighs seven pounds plus half a brick"

brick = 7lbs + half brick

so: brick - half brick = 7lbs

brick - half brick = half brick

so: half brick = 7lbs

thus: 3 x half brick = 3 x 7lbs

brick and a half brick = 21lbs


paul scott said...

jeez, knock me over