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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Hi pdm, I have lost your contact details pls email me via my profile.
cheers, m.



My memories will be gone when the lights go out.

An open secret is accepted and Lancaster Park is to be committed, earth to earth,  ashes to ashes. Requeiscat in Pace.

A sports ground that has throughout my lifetime been a cathedral of spirit, commitment and holy beyond words has had its life support turned off.

Reconstructed beyond recognition from the admittedly basic oval that was converted to a garden growing spuds during WW2 after being left out of urban development in the early 20th century due to swamp like soil conditions in the heart of early Christchurch development, it had became the fortress of Canterbury Rugby and Cricket.
The Gasometer to the West long gone, old wooden stands on the eastern side  replaced with concrete structures during the mid 20th century with my dad in co-operation with other ordinary citizens buying 25 year seats in the funding that were good for any event that came to "the Park".  Compare that with the marketing gurus cavalier attitude in 2005, when my "season tickets" in number three stand were repossessed by the rugby gurus to satisfy the potential demand for the upcoming "Lions Tour". My suggestion to Steve Tew, then CEO of the Canterbury Crusaders franchise as to how interested would the Big Noters be in reinvesting in my five year commitment went un-answered. I departed and purchased  a big screen TV  and avoided the nearly 200 km round trip and a dinner at "Robbies" to secure a car park in close proximity in regular supporter activity
The "embankment" and "enclosures" that gained crowds of real salt of the earth fans, well in excess of the posers and pretenders who complain bitterly when their desire to be there for the "big finals" and other "must be seen to be there" events for snowflakes, come around. Men who needed a bicycle tube to transport the inevitable liquid biproduct of beer safely to ground zero.
The enthralling surges of crowds that miraculously avoided the tragedies of Hillsborough etal.

I was there in 1956 when the NZ rugby trials were continued, North Island, South Island and inter Island to find the warriors (real ones) to finally bury the Springbok curse, I was there when the Boks were beaten by Canterbury 9 - 6, with no replacements, fullback Kevin  Stewart left the field twice to have a dislocated shoulder reset in a career ending game, Buddy Henderson who married a lass two years ahead of me at Waiau Primary, kicked the winning penalty. Again when the All Blacks with D B 'Don' Clark in jersey  number 1, full back not prop, Kevin Lawrence Skinner did what Referees failed to do in  his suggestions to Chris Koch and Jaap Becker, to stop with the illegals and play rugby in the third test victory to send things to Eden Park where Peter Jones became immortal
Again I  was there when the mighty Cantabs defeated  the All Blacks in 1957, the mecurical French in 1960, standing under the iconic scoreboard in a crowd current promoters can only dream  about.
I was also a  regular for late autumn tests  with MCC teams doing  their duty to bring cricket to NZ, albeit rather too bloody late in the season after an "ashes" tour to Aus, Again when the Australians sent a second eleven under Skipper Ian Craig, and the gulf between us was exposed. Provincial rugby,  Ranfurley Shield, Plunket Shield, when crowds would gather in far greater numbers than super Rugby can generate, and players were just blokes one might work with or have in an immediate social circle, and none were paid.

Didn't see Peter Snell's Mile effort, nor did I get sucked in and expose myself to "Billy Graham", but I did watch my older brother play in a curtain raiser on the hallowed turf. Turf that I have included in my lawns in Paradise (don't ask how that happened it would be embarrassing).
It was sad that the "season pass funding" prevented the old icon from being the focus of the 1974 Commonwalth Games, and another even sadder fact that QE2 park complex opted for, albeit  with  a shorter life time, also fell victim to 2011 seismic events.

If there is any truth  in the rather extraordinary rumours around the extent of degradation of the subterranean  soil conditions that lie under the now declared deceased stadium, this latest decision is one that always  had an air of inevitability about it.

As with war cemeteries, disaster memorials, aniversaries of past glories and defeats, it is time to move on and leave the memories with those who care and we are less in number with each year that passes.

Recently spending time around Wellington Hospital it is dificult to find any reference to Athletic Park where many hair raising memories of the Millard Stand resonate, time has moved focus to the Cake Tin, and it is progress.

Jade Stadium, AMI, Hadlee Stand, Paul Kelly Stand, Deans Stand, didn't ever count they were just names adapted to record history it was always Lancaster Park and it is Lancaster Park that died and is remembered.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Kiwis Are Doing Alright

Another reason why Aussies are flocking to New Zealand?

The cost of groceries improved quite a bit over the last nine months.

Supermarket prices Aust/NZ

Aust   Coles NZ   Countdown
Aust   Coles NZ   Countdown


Item  Quant Price $

Price $
Bananas 1kg 1.5

Navel Ornges 1kg 2.2

Strawberries 1kg 14.3

Rockmelon each 4

Potatos 5kg 7

Carrots 1kg 2.5

Cabbage each 3

Rump steak 1kg 22

Leg ham 1kg 19

Leg roast lamb 1kg 9.5

Shoulder chops 1kg 10

Pemium mince ikg 15

Toilet paper 1 x 4 5

Cheese 1kg 9

Margarine 1kg 5

Milk 2l 2.5

Nutrigrain 800g 8.14

Eggs doz jumbo 5.2






Further correction:-

Mar 2017 Nutrigrain is 500g, not 805g.   Larger pack not available online at Countdown..


Those advocating for a coalition with the once forgettable, Just the Member for Tauranga,  after the. Next GE, really need to do due diligence.

NZF have an unenviable record in Government. 25 years in existence and a gold card  that is too often a licence to some transport options to print money, numerous roadblocks and hurdle creation on the path to progress is not much chop from all the palaver.
The party is a personality cult with all the levers within easy reach of citizen number one.
Hand picked to an extraordinary degree the very flexible list has a track record matching a mob of Kaimanawa  brumbies awaiting a date with the cannery.

Meanwhile the leader of what in reality is Winston First, who was once touted as the likely first 'Maori' prime minister, has feet of clay. Lead the country, pfft he couldn't even manage a working relationship with his National Party colleagues in Caucus nearly a quarter of a century ago.
Tossing toys from his Tauranga Cot, resigned and stood again sans the Nat tag, successfully until eventually a more popular local, convinced the rather senior  hoards that WP was for the knackers yard.

However he has hovered around the 'honeypot' since Bob "The Builder" Clarkson terminated his always transparently shallow desire to 'just be the mp for Tauranga', until years later the electors of Northland in cahoots with a NZLP  increasingly  desperate to land a punch on Teflon Johns chin, stood aside and in a moment of madness, elected the aging colleague of Walker J and Parrot G as their MP.

Now the wailing gets louder as the often neglected far North, come to understand electing a Hobby Poly just might have been stupid and the Government saddled with race based desires, and no ability to make serious changes to the RMA, not surprisingly have little interest in doing any North of the Brynderwyns.

Now, amidst the wrecked political carcass of the seemingly beyond resuscitation once great Labour Party, the mentally deranged are rearranging deck chairs in what could be an infantile pick up teams to theoretically build the coalition from hell.
Current polling has that nightmare scenario demanding the eviscerated remains of Labour, the politically neanderthal Melons, two variously orientated, at odds Maori mobs, and possibly even Possum Chameleon in a group that would make herding cats a much more attractive option.

While increasingly frustrated and disappointed with what National are delivering with particular reference to Findlayson, Nick Smith and Simon Bridges to name some, the alternatives are too frightening to contemplate.
The much trumpeted pledge from the MoU bunch on spending restraint is of very small comfort when one considers history, leopards and spots but  with some of Winston First  splashed into the mix taxpayers and patriots should be afraid, very afraid.

For my ever humble opinion, sitting it out could be the best option for Simon Swinglish, while preparing the rebuild. Sadly he seems to portray fence sitting and "just restin" as preferred options.


and he can't blame the Democrats.   When Speaker Ryan pulled the legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare rather than have the Bill defeated in the floor of the House it was a perfect example of ideology 'trumps' pragmatism in play ... and the Republicans have only themselves to blame.

The 35 members of the Republican 'Freedom' caucus (representing hard-line conservatives) threw their toys out of the cot and withdrew their support for the legislation because they didn't feel the Bill went far enough.   A small number of so called liberal Republicans also opposed various aspects of the Bill.   In doing so they collectively dealt a major blow to Trump's presidency.   America, at least for the foreseeable future, is stuck with Obamacare with all its faults including fast rising premiums.

Politics is the art of the possible, not the impossible.   Of course you can stand pure (ACT like) and feel good about it but the reality is that unless you are prepared to give a little to get a lot you end up getting nowt.   And that's where the Freedom caucus is right now.

While the Democrats were united in their determination to preserve Obamacare (not one member of their caucus broke ranks) the Republicans fractured at both ends of the spectrum.    Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The Republicans were very good at frustrating President Obama's legislation.   Looks like they're doing the same to President Trump.   The Democrats will be enjoying this.



I know some of our regular readers are ex military (army) but I'm conscious that many of you aren't.   The army works is mysterious ways and some terms used can be confusing ... so, to clear the matter up for you ...

All people in the Army are soldiers, all privates are soldiers, but not all soldiers are privates. Some are officers who are commissioned, but some are officers who are not commissioned. Obviously if every private was called private it would be confusing, so some privates are called things like trooper, driver, gunner, craftsmen (even some women are called craftsmen), sapper or signaler. Not all the drivers actually drive because some of them cook, but we don't call them cooks, for that matter, not all drivers are called drivers - some of them are privates or gunners. Gunners as I’m sure you know are the guys that fire guns, unless of course they are drivers or signalers in which case we call them gunners rather than drivers or signalers just to make it clear. All gunners belong to the artillery, except that in the infantry we have gunners who are called privates because they fire a different sort of gun, for the same reason we call our drivers and signalers private as well.
A Lance Corporal is called Corporal, unless he is a Lance Bombardier then we call him Bombardier to distinguish him from full Bombardier, who is just like a Corporal. All other ranks are called by their rank for the sake of simplicity except that Staff Sergeants are called Staff, but they are not on the staff, some Warrant Officers, who are not officers, are called Sergeant Major although they are not Sergeants or Majors. Some Warrant Officers are called Mister which is the same thing that we call some officers but they are not Warrant Officers. A Lieutenant is called Mister because he is a subaltern, but we always write his rank as Lieutenant, and Second Lieutenant, and of course second comes before first.
When we talk about groups of soldiers there obviously has to be clear distinction. We call them Officers and Soldiers although we know that officers are soldiers too. Sometimes we talk about officers and other ranks which is the same as calling them soldiers. I guess it is easiest when we talk about rank and file which is all the troops on parade except the officers and some of the NCO’s - and a few privates - and the term is used whether everyone is on parade or not. A large unit is called a battalion, unless its a regiment but sometimes a regiment is much bigger than a battalion and then it has nothing to do with the other sort of regiment. Subunits are called companies unless they are squadrons or troops or batteries for that matter. That is not radio batteries and don't confuse this type of troop with the type who are soldiers but not officers.
Mostly the Army is divided into Corps as well as units, not the sort of corps which is a couple of divisions, but the sort which tells you straight away what trade each man or woman performs, whether he is a tradesman or not. The infantrymen, for example, and the Artillery Corps has all the gunners. Both of these Corps also have signalers and drivers except those who are in the Signals or Transport Corp. Both of these Corps provide special service and thats why the Transport Corp provides cooks. In fact the Signals Corps is not a service at all because it is an Arm. Arms do all the fighting, although Signals don’t have to fight too much, rather like Engineers who are also an Arm but they don’t fight too much either.
So you see, it’s really quite simple.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Iwi and hapu objections to land transactions

In Tauranga, a piece of reserve land was to be sold by the council to Plunket, which had used the land for about 50 years.  But Plunket was in the middle of a restructure, and the land sale became delayed.

In the intervening period, local hapu became aware of the sale.  This is what happened:
A letter was sent after the decision to Ngai Tamarawaho advising of the council's decision to revoke the reserve status and sell to Plunket...
An objection was received on February 15.

Hapu spokesman Buddy Mikaere said in the objection that Ngai Tamarawaho had lost most of its land following the confiscations of the 1860s...

Mr Mikaere told councillors that revoking the reserve status needed the hapu's consent. "This is something we only learned about recently."
So, in short, the council was unable to act constitutionally and after a vote had taken place, because it needed consent of Maori first.

The council then met again, and reversed its decision.

On a national scale, the government is attempting to reform the RMA.  Last week, the Gnats struck a deal with the Maori Party on the changes, which include "Iwi participation agreements".  Act and United Future parties tried to stop this.  You can read about that here.

If you're wondering what these Iwi participation agreements are, they are nicely summarised by Hobson's Pledge here. In short, within 30 days of local body election, local bodies are required to invite iwi into participation agreements which will "virtually entrench co-governance and partnership obligations with some Maori into local government, creating an under-the-radar constitutional change" (emphasis added).

What happened in Tauranga is soon to be replicated on a national scale.  The question is: Will there be a party at this year's election returned in sufficient numbers to put an end to this racist, apartheid crap?    


The one single attribute of the New Zealand Consumption Tax going under the generic title of GST is its universality and simplicity.
Douglas was extraordinarily lucky or as I believe very astute in that when he wrote it over thirty years ago, keeping it simple in compliance, assessment and application were basic.
Yes there are minor issues around it applying to rates and therefore a tax on a tax but for its understandability and collection via self administration along with the fact that there are not interminable court actions to review its application, is remarkable.
VAT,  Aus GST, and other taxes on consumption and there fore widely based, have nothing approaching the simple NZ model. Food is exempt in the West Isle but when the title suggests it is a tax on "goods" and "services" replacing the plethora of variable 'state taxes', any exemption is fraught and will do little to reduce the cost of living. The main argument for the various spurious efforts that come around on a regular basis in NZ.

Now the Media Party and the various desperates who rely on them to try and derail the NZ political train have latched onto water exports and in particular the bottled option that has been portrayed as a terrible injustice being perpetrated by foreign corporations.
BS, the total volumes both current and projected is literally a drop in the bucket.
Any suggestion of a royalty on bottled water exports is also fraught and will be a nightmare to levy, apply and enforce.
Just think for a moment as to where and when such a levy will be applied. Extraction, bottling or when it crosses the border.
Then decide what actually constitutes water being exported, will it include milk, beer, carbonated flavoured drinks, water used in production  or creation of goods and there will be as many more as there will be lawyers seeking work.
Some hypotheticals:
Carbonated water vs pure,
Milk, will the tax on water inputs include rainwater falling on pasture, water collected on farm and sprayed on grass to increase growth or just the now so called free water that costs considerable sums to actually apply.
Water content in exported milk  assessed when dehydrated milk is exported,
Even down to the water consumed to create the one point five liters of H2O in the plastic bottle, tax the total or just the bit in the plastic.

Hosking made simplistic the solution when he claimed "Governments can do anything", well Mike here is the news, MMP means they can do sweet bugger all if faux outrage generated by the ignorant does not agree. Look at the sad and irrational attempts to review the RMA nightmare in the face of the halfwits with agendas making unreasonable demands.

Worst case scenarios have some rather unpalatable cost escalations possible in any attempts to tax the very small volumes of pure water that cross our border currently.

One Commenter on Farrar's Blog summed up the misconceptions and ignorance that this faux debate has fired up with a call to make farmers pay a fair price for their water. There in a Nutshell (pun intended) is a summary as to why it is all total garbage, for starters, define "fair".

Friday, March 24, 2017


The leadership if Islam include many hate speech purveyors and rabble rousers who eventually, often after Friday prayers have a "lone Wolf", mentally unbalanced, or what ever other euphemistic description delivers, head on out on what seems a mindless assault perpetrated on enlightened people going about their lawful enjoyment of life.

Governments and their sycophantic Media enablers then bend over in poses that could win a gold medal in floor exercises to avoid any suggestion of a link with Islam.

Not so on Newstalk News this AM when  it was revealed that another Lone Wolf, this one from the state of Israel had been apprehended on terrorism suspicions in his homeland.
No hiding every salient fact there,  he was Jewish, he was an Israeli,  and his alleged nefarious intentions included a direct threat to even lil ole NZ.

Compare that to UK citizen, Kent born, user of several  aliases, convert to Islam, who mowed down innocents  lawfully using Westminster Bridge, with a hired car as his weapon of choice, then proceeded on foot armed with a knife to stab and kill an unarmed police officer before being shot in the chest twice and sadly died on the way to ED. I assume that poor bugger who euthanised  the  rabid "lone Wolf" will be subject of multiple inquiries  for, one shooting the bastard,  two more than one shot and if I was doing the questioning why the second shot was not a head  shot.

There is a significant and serious threat to world order from a concerted attack,1500 years old and continuing to deliver the Moslem religion to the rest of the world. An attack that once reached Spain and the Gates of Vienna while extending eastwards to India but beaten back by those with the balls to defend their freedoms.
Today it seems that Chamberlainitus has taken hold and the meme of if I dont poke them I will survive for now imbued Politicians and media stand aside practising their ludicrous gymnastics to avoid offence.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017


The absolutely churlish response by the Greens to John Key's valedictory speech where, unlike members from all other parties represented in the House, they refused to acknowledge his contribution to New Zealand or to shake his hand and where one of their members went feral on Key on facebook, reinforces the view that beneath their so called caring and sharing facade they really are a nasty Party.

I guess they will argue they are being true to their ideals.   That John Key is the devil incarnate, does eat babies and is deserving of absolutely no respect at all.   But their actions reinforce their shallowness when measured against their own published values ... "Engage respectively and avoid personal attacks".     In Parliament and elsewhere you earn your own respect and the Greens will reap what they sew.    They have, as a Party, squandered the image of responsibility carefully nurtured by the likes of Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimons.   What goes round comes round ... mark my words.

And I note that in a tail wags dog story they have persuaded Labour to agree to ditch the NZ Defence Force long term capital equipment program designed to ensure our armed forces remain mission capable and instead divert the $20b to more worthy programs ... like reinstating homeopathy for pets??????   At least in doing so both Labour and the Greens are showing their true colours.  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


- they already have paid well over the odds to create and maintain along with fencing to keep grazing stock from invading and create a secure pathway for travelling animals of all categories.

Marlborough farmers are to be required to pay a fee and seek local body permission to move stock along rural roads, I am assuming it will include just crossing a road that bisects a farm.

Gee whiz will they try similar cost recovery and permits for paletons of cyclists, bunches of harriers, and god forbid the local "Hunt" or "Pony Club trek", methinks not.

Homepaddock runs a worthwhile heads up weekday column of featured articles that have a connect to NZ life but will never make it on infotainment and cottonsoft replacements in the MSM.

Yesterday Ele brought a 'Stuff' offering to notice that will impact seriously on many pastoral farmers.
Land aggregation and leases short and long term now again  have many needing to 'drive' livestock on public roads.
Roads that all rate payers, including farmers pay quite serious annual levies to part fund.
Meanwhile many cyclists who pay no fuel taxes, registrations, ACC levies, WoFs, Road user Charges, rates (apart from the hoary old chestnut that they pay via  rent), yet need no permit to set out on a Weekend day in bunches that can make overtaking impossible on many of our secondary roads. Ever wondered why it is pedestrians and cyclists who are banned from motorways unless there is a designated cycleway adjacent, they are a freeking HAZARD, that is why.

Now when stock are being driven on a country road where tourists might coincide,  then the greatest hazard is the almost idiotic measures employed by the visitors  to take Snaps of something they would otherwise never encounter.

I am reminded of the city dweller from Christchurch who embarked on a Sunday drive in late February circa mid 20th century and on return was asked how the trip went.
"You wouldn't believe it he retorted, I think every farmer in North Canterbury chose today to take his sheep for a walk".
Simple explanation, that was the Sunday on the eve of The Amberley Ewe Fair when upwards of a hundred thousand cast for age and surplus maiden two tooth ewes would be traded from higher hill country runs to downland cockies for the remaining years of productive life.

I understand there are serious costs imposed for scheduled cycle and running events such as Coast to Coast, but those training for such events can disrupt and create danger for other road users without any local body surveillance or rule imposition.
So Marlborough council members and staff would be well  advised to move out from their urban paradise, through the verdant Vineyards that have replaced the danthonia dominated almost desert landscapes, to where pastoral farming is the only game in play.

Roads are public carriageways and I thought were available for free access by all with sufficient rules and bureaucratic interventions already in place.
To add another requirement on a segment of productive New Zealand already suffocating under an iniquitous plethora of bureaucratic mindless garbage, seems at the very least unfair.


The MSM have gushed collectively over Jacinda taking over from her boss in the preferred Prime Minister stakes as reported in the Newshub-Reid Research poll out yesterday.   No great surprise given that the little man is polling less than Jeremy Corbyn on track to deliver UK Labour their worst ever result in living history.   Typhoid Mary would probably achieve the same result were her name to be included in the mix.

But glossed over by the media was the state of the parties reported in the poll.   National up 2% to 47.1%; Labour down 1.9% to 30.8%; Greens 'slightly' down to 11.2% and Winston First down 0.5% to 7.5%.   Leading the bunch of 'also rans' was Gareth Morgan's anti pussy party on 0.8%.

And that ladies and gentlemen is where the real action is.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Written from the sidelines by an acknowledged left wing conspiracy theorist whose experience of war and all its shitty consequences is clearly  limited to guesstimates of what might have occurred and all with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight ... and the dumb MSM fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Bad things happen in combat, especially in insurgent combat, where it is virtually impossible to differentiate between combatant soldiers and civilians where civilians are used either wittingly or unwittingly as human shields and propaganda tools.    They all wear the same 'non uniform'.   The International Committee of the Red Cross has published an analysis of the ramifications of this here.   To say that the situation is confusing is an understatement.

The fog of war is real.   Seldom will you have the benefit of 100% reliable complete information.  You go with what you've got and civilians, especially in insurgent warfare, get caught up in it with their 'hurt' sometimes exacerbated by the lure of 'blood money' on offer by a western military trying to atone for genuine mistakes.

What I do find as incredible the accusation that the operation in question was 'authorised' by the PM.
You commit troops to combat.   You sign-off on the rules of engagement (perhaps).  But you leave the conduct of operations in the hands of your military professionals.   If the government was advised of an intending operation then it would only be as a matter of courtesy ... but then Hager clearly prefers the conspiracy theory route.    Fits.

My analysis ... this book will flop because it deserves to.

They Will Live To Regret.......

....... their foolish so-called 'resistance.' (what an insult to the genuine French resistance people who fought the Nazis.)

The violent and vulgar brown shirts of the Democrat party and their Democrat operatives in judicial robes are doing everything they possibly can to frustrate the legitimate and legal efforts of the administration to protect American citizens from Islamic terrorists.   I refer of course to the trumped up decisions of lower courts to halt the president's temporary ban on immigrants from countries where there is no chance of properly vetting those people before they arrive in the USA.   Of course it matters not that Obama had instituted a remarkably similar but permnent ban with nary a whimper from media or judiciary.

I'm guessing the smart people from ISIS by now will have taken advantage of the convenient opportunity given them by the Democrats and will have infiltrated a team into the US.  When those good chaps get around to demolishing some soft target where nobody expected trouble, and in so doing kill a few hundred Americans, the partisan judges whose folly gave rise to the mass murder might find themselves in all sorts of difficulty.

Any sane administration would have them arrested and charged with treason.


Mother of the wee mite bludgeoned to death in what forensic evidence concluded as  more than a single assault that occurred  in the NW Christchurch suburb of  Bryndwr, was giving evidence in the murder trial of her then current squeeze, one Troy Kevin Taylor.
The mother not only stated the bleeding obvious but cleared the way for her own culpability to be established.

When the death of yet another toddler in the home of convoluted and dysfunctional parents eventuated nearly two years ago it was clear that the SOCK syndrome was a highly likely factor contributing to the 'Fifty Nine" separate identifiable injuries that contributed to the death of an innocent helpless little person.

The mother according to Radio news claimed the man on trial,  who was not the biological father, claimed the defendant was so much more successful at getting "Ihaka" to sleep. Quelle surprise, a child with broken jaw bones, fractured vertebrae, and many other injuries would almost certainly go to sleep after a few 'smacks'. Hell weren't we to accept Moron Bradford's hallmark legislation would stop such aids to gaining compliance from children.

The only large elephant in the room is why aren't the both of them in the dock. As Taylor's  defense attempts to blame the mother, gee bet no one saw that coming, the body language and visual observation of the two of them could be of enormouss value to the Jury.


Traveling back from Blenheim yesterday and while I don't usually 'do' newspapers I had occasion to peruse a copy of the Royal New Zealand Herald in the Koru lounge.   The article on page A5 made me very angry ... I'm still angry.

It was about Oriwa Kemp ... lowlife extraordinaire.   You will remember her; the 'mother' of Nia Glassie jailed for the abuse and murder of the toddler ... gave her freezing baths, hit her when she cried, did not intervene when she was placed into a clothes drier which was turned on, was hung from a clothes line and spun round and round.   Found guilty and sentenced to a paltry three years and three months in jail.

At the time of her jailing Kemp had another child who was taken from her into care where he/she remains.  Since her release she has had four more children, the latest only a few months ago.   All four were removed from her at birth into care.   Clearly they were judged to have been at risk in Kemp's care.

The 'father' (who has sired only some of her brood) is in his 60s.  Last year and while pregnant Kemp was convicted of assaulting 'him'.   'He' is also facing charges of family violence against Kemp.   And now Kemp is reported as being pregnant (for the seventh time).   CYF have confirmed they will be involved yet again ... "the baby's welfare will be the first and paramount consideration" ... and it must be.

Enough is enough.   If Kemp wants to f**k and keep f*****g then there's nothing we can do about it.   But surely where it can be demonstrated to the Court that is person is unfit to be a mother then the Court should have the power to order sterilisation as a last resort.    Why should the State (ergo the taxpayer) be expected to carry the can for someone who demonstrably has no idea of the responsibilities that go with bringing a baby into the world.    I reiterate again ... this can only be a last resort option.   The bar for the making of such an order needs to be set very high indeed.

I expect people to disagree with me and if you want to call me a fascist then sobeit.    In my book the  Kemps of this world deserve very little consideration.


The latest trivia game being played by the media on behalf of their spiritual icons, involves the sale for profit of water bottled at many  varied locations of New Zealand.

Throw in some xenophobia, foreign based corporates, a dollop of outrage at someone actually making money from a resource that is so misunderstood and under utilised, and it would appear from published comment we are being raped hourly by avaricious tycoons.

Some relevance;
Best assumptions have the total water exported  in bottled fresh state at less than 10 000 000 litres.
At a royalty of ten cents a liter and it comes to less  than a million dollars pa.
Anywhere in the western quarter of the South Island and a large area of The Tararuas that water could conceivably be harvested from one acre of catchment.
In times of heavy alpine rainfall there are several river systems that disgorge billions of liters of flood water annually.

The misery guts melons who delight in wallowing in a depression of envy at every turn, spend lifetimes seeking to destroy the fabric of their host nation and are only a source of sustenance for ignorant pretend journalists, seeking to justify their employment.
The fact that so many entrepreneurs can create significant wealth by harnessing a resource that would otherwise go "down the drain" is a total anathema to those parasites.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Around forty years ago my life partner was gradually becoming paralyzed from the nipple line down with  total loss of feeling so advanced that medics could insert the needle used for creating nerve response on the skin into  her flesh and no pain sensation resulting. Numerous gods (Drs) assessed her condition as psychiatric and for treatment just go home and pull yourself together which surprisingly did nothing other than increase the feelings of helplessness and frustration.

Eventually, two years on, by means that were at that time nothing short of outrageous and with an appointment with the Neurologist some weeks away, we went to his 'rooms' where a receptionist asked if we had an appointment. My reply was to the point that Yes we did but by the time that date eventually came around the increasing rate of disability had me believing it would be of little use and politely asked if "Mr" Cunningham could spare five minutes at a break or between patients. her reply at around eleven AM was it would not happen. Being of a somewhat desperate and pigheaded disposition we just sat there.
Have no idea what "Mr" did for lunch but finally at 1705 hrs, he emerged from his inner sanctum, the receptionist having gone for the day and beckoned to me saying he would see me then. My somewhat ungracious reply was to the effect that there was nothing wrong with me but it would be great if he would see swmbo.
.Long story short within the hour swmbo was admitted to CHC public and following day had first a lumbar puncture then a cranial after which protocol prescribed 48 hrs bed rest. That disappeared and late morning we were on a scheduled domestic flight to Momona and the following day surgery to remove what turned out to be  benign tumor from the spinal cavity that had compressed the spinal cord as in the example of a hose with a car tire on concrete might restrict water flow. There was residual nerve damage that defied the magnificent recovery in regaining almost full restoration of function below the nipple line.
 Why all this, well in ignorance of the then medical terminology, 2017 had my youngest born c1966, felled by an epileptic seizure  in late January while helping her hubby to makeup  a spare bed for his Mothers upcoming 94th birthday. Went catatonic then onset fitting tested his first aid skills that were  rapidly and effectively employed.
ABC (airway breathing and circulation), call 111 had Pt in HB hospital with tests that established a squash ball size menengioma tumor between temple and Rt ear, six weeks later removed in Wellington Public, Ward seven south, a clearance from Lab with a benign result then staples removed and recovery almost complete.

Admittedly swmbo had no seizure to trigger response but the communication, prompt assessment and diagnosis between two in some ways similar incidents only separated by location and date,  revealed the Gulf of how far medical delivery has traveled.

This post was triggered in part by Homepaddock's Sunday open forum that featured a "bottle" of "Gratitude" as a lead in.
We now have two bottles and are  twice blessed.
In concurrence with The Veteran's post recently, when considering our size we do have a very good medical service that continues to make some awesome strides within the constraints of a small South Pacific Nation economy and a population that flirts with self harm in many guises on a daily basis.
As I warned Daughter, her scheduled surgery could have been postponed if a moron tried to self destruct leading to her appointment with surgery deemed of lesser importance than a badly damaged brain from any of many causes. To avoid such a scenario would require a vast over supply of facility that would be idle for much of the time.

Grateful thanks to the many, almost all unknown, who just do it, day in day out and we are overdosing on gratitude.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

It Will Snow In Hell.....

....... on the day The herald is able to print a story on anyone giving $50k to the Labour Party.

Today's Herald slime job on the National Party zeroes in on Judith Collins's husband, listing all his sins against 'the workers.'

Oravida's founder Deyi (Stone) Shi made the donation earlier this month.
Shi's company, which also exports wine, seafood, freshwater and meat to China, has close ties to National. Former National Prime Minister Jenny Shipley is the chairwoman and director David Wong-Tung is the husband of Revenue Minister Judith Collins.

Collins came under pressure over her links to Oravida in 2014 after she met with Shi and a Chinese border official while on a ministerial visit to China, weeks after Oravida had lobbied the Government about difficulties in getting its products into China.
Oravida has previously given $30,000 to National, and Shi once donated $55,000 in a charity auction to play golf with former Prime Minister John Key.
 Shi is also the owner of Ardmore airport and bought former Hanover director Mark Hotchin's Paritai Drive mansion for $39m in 2013.

Funny thing is, all the sins seen by the Herald are regarded as virtues by ordinary Kiwis.

That's why the Herald is terminal.

Friday, March 17, 2017

A Little Teaser

Here's a riddle my grandfather brought back from the beaches of Gallipoli.

'If a brick weighs seven pounds plus half a brick, what does a brick and a half weigh?'

Very few people get it right.


Unlike Arthur Faulkner in my previous post Trevor Mallard could never be described as one of nature's gentleman.    I got to know him well when we served together on a major Government Board where he was the nominee of the Leader of the Opposition.   The kindest thing you can say about him is that he is a 'take no prisoners' politician.

Mallard is doing a cut and run from his Hutt South seat to go as a List only candidate.   He has a running feud with National's Chris Bishop who ran him close last time and is tipped to win the seat this time round especially given that the Labour candidate was parachuted into the seat against the wishes of local Party members.

Now Mallard has excelled himself in tweeting that Bishop is somehow a lessor candidate because he doesn't have any children.   Real classy stuff.  

The tweet has since been taken down.   One has to wonder if the childless Jacinda had a wee 'come to Jesus' talk with him. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Many many years ago b4 Adam was a Cowboy the Army in its infinite wisdom decided that I should be seconded from 1 RNZIR in Singapore to MFAT (as it is now) as the Military Assistant to Arthur Faulkner, Minister of Defence and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs (Norm Kirk, the Minister, was at that stage quite sick).

As such I got to 'swan' around South East Asia a fair bit with Faulkner who was one of natures gentlemen.  He had been a spitfire pilot in WW2 and, while Labour to the core, he was quite pro-military.   One of our trips was to Thailand where we were afforded 'Guest of Government' status and on our first night there we were scheduled to have dinner at the Royal Palace hosted by King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit.   They play no further part in this story.

We flew early morning from KL to Bangkok,   Included in our Party was the Chief of Defence Force, Sir Richard Webb and Lady Webb.   For whatever reason Sir Richard didn't bring his ADC with him and they were forever trying to poach me to run errands for them.   Pretty hard for a relatively junior Captain to say 'on your bike Noddy' to a Lieutenant General.     Anyway, to cut a long story short I had only just got the Minister and Mrs Faulkner and the Webbs settled into their rooms at the Dusit Thani Hotel when Lady Webb rang my room in early stage panic to say that their red suitcase with her shoes and formal dress along with the General's 'Blues' hat was missing and that it was my fault and I was to sort it out.

I thought I had checked all the suitcases off the plane and into the hotel where they were delivered to their rooms by Bell Hop and politely asked if she was sure it was missing.  I 'enjoyed' having my pedigree read to me. I then checked with the Hotel Concierge ... no luck there.   With about eight hours before we were due to leave for the dinner I could see my next Confidential Report might make interesting reading.   I rang the VIP Lounge at the airport and they confirmed none of our bags had been left behind.   I was starting to run out of ideas so I contacted Colonel 'Shorty' Launder, our Defence Attache in Bangkok, for his sage advice.   He said simple  .... if the bags not here then it must be back in the hotel in KL.   I'll ring the High Commission in KL and tell them to check it out.

About 90 minutes later he rang me back ... you owe me one, I've saved your bacon.  A member of the DA's Office in KL has been to the Federal Hotel and management had accessed the Webb's old room (since re let) and there was a red suitcase in there separate from the other luggage.    The High Commission Staff member had taken it, rushed it to the airport, got it designated 'Diplomatic Priority' and on a flight to Bangkok due to land about 90 minutes before we left for the Palace ... that he would have a staff member meet the plane and get it to us.    Breathed a sigh of relief and proceeded to crack open a cold Singha.

Just finished my first glug when my phone rang.   It was Lady Webb again (she had been ringing me all afternoon) ... was about to tell her problem solved when she said ... dreadfully sorry, we've found the red bag, dunno how it got pushed under the bed.

At that stage I gave up and had another beer ... and hence the title of this post.

Enjoyed the dinner.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Venezuela of The Pacific? Updated

While I was  searching out reliable information for a reply to Legbut's last squirt of unsavoury material, I came across some interesting background on the Australian economy.

It shows a headlong rush in the race to  be the Venezuela of the Pacific.

Australia is heading that way, thanks to a succession of deluded state and federal socialist governments.  Yes, Turnbull is a socialist.

Have a look at the figures.  They make for scary reading.

Population (million)22.522.923.323.623.9
GDP per capita (USD)66,80768,02064,61561,20351,320
GDP (USD bn)1,5041,5591,5061,4441,225
Economic Growth (GDP, annual variation in %)

Australia's balance of trade went from US$35.9bil positive in 2011 to US$12.9bil negative in 2015.
In my opinion, while a weakening in China's demand for iron ore and coal has been a factor, much of the decline in GDP and export revenue can be attributed to an insane energy policy based on closing down the coal industry and subsidizing uneconomic so-called 'renewable energy' which has rendered Australia's power supply among the most expensive and unreliable in the world.
  - all based around the irrational and religious belief in 'global warming.'

No wonder Aussies with brains are flocking to NZ in their thousands.


No sooner do I hit the publish button but the bad news keeps rolling.  600 more jobs gone, this time due to intransigent unions.

Free Range Eggs

So the SFO is going to investigate Ararimu Farms over allegations of fraud involving the sale of so-called 'free range eggs.'

Good luck to the SFO.  Apparently there is no legal or other accepted definition of 'free range eggs.'

Maybe some intrepid reporter might ask the SFO how, in this case, it might define fraud.  It may well turn out the only eggs they find are those laid by wild geese.

After all, to my way of thinking, the only free range eggs are those you can pick up off the ground in areas where they practice with artillery.


Late in our Vietnam tour Victor 3 Company 'captured' a Citroen Traction Avant car hidden away in the jungle near the French run Don Dien de Courtenay Rubber Estate.   Below is a photograph of the car taken shortly after its capture ...

Standing bereft of webbing is our much respected Company Commander John Hall.   John was awarded the Military Cross for his simply outstanding leadership of the Company over its 12 month tour.  My colleague Bob Kellett, commander of 3 Platoon, is on the extreme right.    Can't see TTSS or Lord Egbut in the photograph but they would have been close by.

The car was recovered back to our Nui Dat base ... note the large bullet hole in the driver's door.

Back at base and before its face lift.   Note the number plate NVA (North Vietnamese Army!!!) 601.
Why a number plate FFS.

It was refurbished by mechanics from our RAEME Light Aid Detachment and when finished we gifted it to the nurses (including NZ Nurses) at the 1st Australian Field Hospital at Vung Tau in appreciation.   They used it as transport down to the beach.   This is what the car looked when we handed it over ....

The nurses reinforced its rather distinctive colour scheme with very large flower-power stickers all over.   The car become an icon in Vung Tau.   It was left behind when the 1st Australian Logistic Support Group (1 ALSG) pulled out.

Would be fascinating to know what happened to it.  Off to Blenheim shortly for the Victor 3 Company reunion. Will ask the question there ... and BTW, a big thank you to Ministers Judith Collins and David Bennett who each donated wine to be auctioned at the reunion with the proceeds going to the Vietnam Veterans (Neville Wallace Memorial) Children's & Grandchildren's Trust which I am privileged to Chair.   Judith is a Vice-Patron of the Trust; David is the Minister of Veterans' Affairs.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Like many tens (hundreds?) of thousand Kiwis the Veteran and Mrs Veteran are 'investors' in Bonus Bonds hoping for that $1m monthly first prize.   Over the near half a century that Bonds Bonds have been in existence we have enjoyed some reasonable success although perhaps not as much if we had placed the money in term bank deposits or bonds.   You accept that as part of the deal.

Since since 2000 when I started keeping records up until November last year there were only three months when we didn't receive a prize.   That's 3 months out of 190.    From November 2016 to March 2107 (5 months straight) we have received zip, zero, nothing.    Based on those numbers someone better versed than I in probability distributions can no doubt come up with a precise figure on the likelihood of this occurring.   I would put it at several millions to one.   

A more likely scenario is that the ANZ owner of Bonus Bonds has rejigged (reduced) the prize list and, if they have, surely it is incumbent upon them to advise all bond holders accordingly.   One thing for sure ... apples to donuts, they won't have reduced their management fee one decimal point.   For the bank, Bonus Bonds are a money making machine but they would do well to remember that investors have choices.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Enemy Media At Work

Just one small example from a piece in the LA Times discussing pressure on conservatives in Hollywood.

"The same can be said of some studios. Lionsgate, the Santa Monica-based mini-major, has distributed films by left-wing documentarian Michael Moore, including “Fahrenheit 9/11.” But the company is also behind the most recent documentary by conservative rabble-rouser Dinesh D’Souza."

Funny how Moore is a 'documentarian' and D'Sousa is a rabble rouser.

No Matter What They Said, No matter What They Did.............

While the US enemy media continues to gin up fake news in its war against Trump, events conspire to frustrate them.

New jobs and the number of people re-entering the workforce are on the rise.  Why?  Because businesses are confident Trump will deliver better trading conditions.
"....Labor Department reported a higher than expected 235,000 new jobs were created in February. This came on the heels of a report earlier in the week from ADP and Moody’s Analytics showing 298,000 new private sector jobs in the same month. Better yet, the Labor Department report showed strong wage growth and that 340,000 workers who sensed better prospects came off the sidelines and re-entered the workforce. This addresses a key critique of the weak Obama era recovery after the 2008 financial panic: namely, that the low reported unemployment rate was misleading because of the large number of working age Americans who stopped looking for work and were therefore not counted in official government unemployment statistics."

Since the election, the number of illegal immigrants entering from Mexico has fallen by a massive forty percent.  So Trump's wall already is proving effective, even before it is built.

Not a bad start, by any account.   More jobs and less illegals.

Humpty Trumpty was having a ball
Humpty Trumpty has a great wall
All of the Democrats and all of their shills
Couldn't stop Trumpty from giving then Hell.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


National will go into the election promising tax cuts.   The economy is in good shape, the books balance, there is real growth, there is a significant surplus.

Tax cuts ain't in the other mobs lexicon ... they know they can do a better job spending your money than you can.

Mi-Lord will correct me if I'm wrong but I think that in the UK the first eleven thousand pounds of earnings are not taxed.   That's equivalent of about NZD18,700.    This is a policy whose time has come.   Not sure we could/should try to match the UK figure but on my modelling $13,000 ($250 a week) is a realistic start point here which would give every taxpayer a break worth around $1,365.    The break would benefit those who need it most.

And for all our resident lefties who would argue that the money would be better spent on health/education/welfare well they can of course exercise their right to donate their money back to the government.    Takers?

To Cheer Up Our Resident Lefties

Couldn't win with wiretap

To quote the late Bill Leak:-

"Suck it up, Snowflakes."

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Less than a month ago Northland was a drought area.

Flying back home to the Bay of Islands this morning after a forth week away (all the Friday flights were cancelled because of the weather bomb) and, from the Kaipara Harbour north, Northland was just one big lake.

The damage is huge.   My sympathy goes out to all those caught out by the forces of nature.   You just can't plan for and beat the sort of tropical deluge the upper half of the North Island has experienced over the last few days.  

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday's Fulmination

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Questions for the day

Were Donald Trump and former North Shore Cit mayor, Andrew Williams, separated at birth?

Has Donald Trump stopped beating his wife?

Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday's Fulmintions

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Herald Goes Full Snaggletooth

What an amazing array of headlines in the online Herald.

The only word the editor wanted to hear was "Adern."   No less than six stories are puff pieces on the party's latest Messiahress.   Andrew Little is buggered and it only took 24 hours.

Mind you, puff pieces are all the Herald can print because there's nothing else.

This girl is all puff and no pastry.


One thing I hated about Kuwait when I worked there in the mid-2000s was the use of migrant labour.  The local employers prefer to bring workers in from the Third World because they're much cheaper than local workers and can be mercilessly exploited because they're dependent on the employer for their visa. How I looked down on the uncivilised behaviour of these backward Muslims!  How unlike the home life of our own dear Queen!

Ten years later, the same shit's turned up here, where we have very few backward Muslims but apparently a great many equally-backward right-wingers. Their leader, one Bill English, claims that actually it's OK because NZ workers are lazy drug-addicts so local employers sadly have no choice but to bring in Third World labour (overseas readers may be astonished to learn that this lackwit English isn't the leader of some minor neo-fascist party, but the Prime Minister of New Zealand). 

The Prime Oaf offers only anecdotes for his claims about local workers, for the excellent reason that the data proves him wrong so mentioning it would be a bad idea.  The people benefiting from this adoption of Middle East practice are eagerly maintaining the supply of anecdotes, as witnessed by this story in Stuff:

Cross Country Recruitment managing director Ben De'Ath​ said that since December 4, 2016, 21 individual farm owners have contacted him seeking new staff because they have had to instantly dismiss staff due to failed drug tests for methamphetamine or cannabis.

The implication here is that staff have been sacked for being impaired by drugs at work. That implication is a lie - the staff have actually been sacked for failing a drug test showing they consumed a recreational drug in the last few days (methamphetamine) or the last month (cannabis). 

To get an idea of just how stupid that is, picture a regime in which employers and politicians must instantly be barred from their workplaces if random drug testing shows they consumed alcohol in the last few days, and union leaders were making speeches in which they claim we need to bring in employers and politicians from the Third World because locals clearly aren't up to the job.  It's a very, very painful level of stupid.

But surely Mr De'Ath isn't very, very stupid? Well no, he isn't.  He explains:

De'Ath said his company started to record why vacancies were arising in December because it helped make a case to Immigration New Zealand for foreign workers on behalf of farm owners.

Not stupid at all. Employers need the drug testing and the resulting anecdotes because it helps them make a case for replacing local workers with cheap, exploitable Third World labour.  Helping take New Zealand to the ethical level of Gulf Arab countries - that does actually seem like a suitable epitaph for the current government.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Speech

A few comments on President Trump's speech to the joint sitting.

A significant victory for Trump and a huge blow to the Democrats and their Fake News media friends who have invested their all in demonizing Trump and making him out to be 'not a normal' president.  Like the political left and their media hangers on in NZ continually underestimated John Key, so have their contemporaries in America underestimated president Trump.

He looked, sounded and was 'presidential.'   As one astute commentator put it, that speech 'normalized' Trump and gave the lie to his detractors' hysterical efforts of the past two months to paint him as abnormal.  Trump showed himself to be unimpeachable normal and if there was any abnormality it was his continued drive to keep his election promises, a concept foreign to the Democratic Party.

It is instructive to note a number of political commentators from hitherto anti-Trump media were effusive n their praise.  This represents a major back down for them and a real victory for Trump.  The question is, will they revert to form?   I doubt it.  They now know where there ratings come from.

Also instructive were the gasps and audible groans from democrats when Trump announced an inquiry into the adverse effects upon victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.  The Democratsy could feel their legs and their supply of fraudulent voters being chopped off.

All in all, I think this was a turning point.  The speech was indeed a game changer.


No not the caver in Takaka although that has apparently ended well, an ex Green Party member having  had their fill of the lurch to extreme socialism in the wake of Saints Jeanette and Roderick departure, with an explanation that only confirms what most knew instinctively.

The NZ Green Party no longer gives credence to the environmentalism central point that enabled the embryo to become an electoral force that at its zenith nearly put Fitzsimons into Parliament as sitting member for the Coromandel. Since those days with successive inputs from socialists the green bit in the ID is only a green hued mantle grasped to give relevance or a bullet point to give a heads up for the latest promulgation of an extreme socialist brain fart.

Vernon Tava long time Green Party member who once had leadership ambitions has departed and although not a member of National has joined the promotion team of long time friend seeking election in Maurice Williamson's East Coast Bays seat for National, Erica Stamford.

Many voters, a clear majority in fact,  are environmentally green but it is only a part of what drives in pursuit of lifes goals. For some and it is far too many who give their vote to the Melons while in a state of euphoric addled thinking, it is a vote that so far has been largely wasted.
The original greens did well as a part of the Alliance group and after the departure of those environmental warriors the next generation seeking a pathway to power only saw the green mantle as an adjunct to give credence to the latest extreme socialist click bait, something for Vernon that has become too aligned to fraudulent for him it seems.

Incidents such as Gary Hughes flying to Dunedin expanding his carbon footprint exponentially, to meet with a dozen acolytes when his message could have been delivered by Face time, skype or email for free or a very inexpensive conference call,  Hypocrites just seems so inadequate sometimes and when matters Green Party are discussed always, so well done Mr Tava enjoy your life a whole lot more.