Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Bureaucratic  inane hopeless responses to glaring inadequacy of personal development, by idiots who see more rules as the answer to everything life places in the pathway of human existence.

While a doomed embryonic trend mulls over the reduction in moronic suffocating rules imposed on  every thing citizens attempt, with one idea to revoke two legislative requirements for every new initiative proposed, the insanity of much of the invasive useless ineffective pronouncements from central and local officialdom is glaringly exposed with current drowning statistics.

New Zealanders are drowning themselves and visiting tourists in record numbers.

Yes draconian pool  fencing requirements might be saving lives but a more intractable statistic will never be revealed in how many lives are lost due to the removal of personal responsibility from developing lives denied an opportunity to assess the danger of breathing under water without a snorkel or aqualung.

As a child I was constantly reminded of the danger of water and with a water race flowing through our garden and three adventurous boys my mother must have been in constant state of worry. We dammed it by dropping a sheet of tin over the upstream end of a culvert creating a minor flood wave by dragging it out and releasing thousands of gallons.
What was the danger of one of us immersed in the over one meter deep water when the others released the torrent? I wonder.

Onerous and expensive Health and Safety requirements around school and other public pools often situated within close proximity of entirely unprotected bodies of natural water only serve to diminish respect for the dangers of water in developing young minds as many more pools are closed
Hell I was mortified but learned a valuable lesson when a pup climbed into its mothers paint tin water vessel and drowned head first unable to find reverse.
That initial, almost paranoiac fear of water was largely (or is that now bigly) dissipated with school swimming lessons, totally unprofessional but basic ducking a head under water, floating  then swimming and eventually diving. It was not all straight forward but we became safe and confident around liquified Oxygen di-hydrogen after a walk of a Km on a hot day to the pool , a walk that had a swim upper most in a child's mind after the long walk back to the school grounds. A trek even  more accentuated around one summer in the early fifties when a Polio threat closed the school pool and a farmer with a TD 9 made a hole in the nearby Mason riverbed that was apparently deemed safe enough health-wise although the march was longer and much of it an unformed track across river stones with ankle sprains and stubbed toes a constant companion.

Very few pupils could not swim in water deeper than what could be coped with by treading water and any urge to panic overcome by year 8.

When the death toll from drowning exceeds the road toll during a holiday weekend something must be out of whack but I do not expect any serious remedy after the hand wringing is over from the usual suspects apart from more moronic rule creation from idiots who have risen well above their level of expertise that will see a property owner still  threatened with serious financial penalties for not fencing a valuable adjunct to garnering life skills in the form of a pool on a lawn, while only meters away an irrigation race, natural stream  or drainage ditch exists with out even a sign of the greater danger present.


Anonymous said...

"Having never learned to swim has saved my life on many occasions"
Charlie Douglas.

Anonymous said...

If you read the legislation behind it you will find that is not about children, it is about toddlers who for brief moment escape from mums attention. The same toddlers that get run over on the family drive way in ever increasing numbers.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

I built a house that had an internal water feature. On completion, the building inspector then decreed I had to fence it under the Swimming Pool Act. I went crook as the council had been involved in all planning from the get-go with no mention of it. No way past it, so I turned it into a rock garden. Since then I've seen the wisdom of it. The dwarf wall around it is just the height that sprogs like to scramble up. I'd hate to have woken up to find a drowned kid all for the sake of a bit of architectural flair.