Sunday, February 19, 2017


After over ten thousand earthquakes, then many more to the northern regions, droughts, floods, socialism  and the week just passed delivering an Australian magnitude destructive wild fire, this morning the wireless is sans actual life, only spluttering through a fog of hissing, the sort of canned music I imagine might accompany the end of the world from a "putor" running on till its batteries fail.
Technology would do that when the chips fell off.

The knobs who pretend to have the answers for when disaster strikes, preach from their cardboard pulpits to listen to the "radio"  but don't say what to do when that media is not going to deliver.
All the two frequencies that carry Canterbury's very own "Pravda"  can manage is  a  squelchy voice intervening through the appalling music suggesting Newstalk ZB will return "soon".

I am starting to wonder if  the aliens have finally done what the gods failed to do and Christchurch is no more, deceased, gorn.
Garry McCormack warned this week that the City was facing burn out, was the smoke last week evidence that confirms his prediction.

No "pearly gates" , no ugly bastard with a tail and a trident, no seventy odd virgins and a paradise with a pile of mince at the gate, so I wait.
Might give Mr McCawber a call and see if he has any idea what the hell is going on. Bugger he's still dead, hang on, was that fact or fiction.
Maybe it doesn't matter any more.


Anonymous said...

The story of Christchurch and NZ generally is that most people will do what is required to look out for their own stuff, their neighbour's stuff and get back on their feet if left alone. Bureaucrats have chipped away at this to build empires of control and its starting to rankle because they consistently stuff up when they are put under pressure. When I see such running around in hi viz (or a white vest) I cringe. Dazzle had to admit the mistakes apparent following the EQ's are still apparent so these people have learned nothing.

One thing I liked was watching the bulldozer driver working right on the fire line - health and safety types will have needed trigger warnings.


Anonymous said...

Anon out the army, the Scott family brain cell has escaped.

Dodger...Loneliness and vin rouge can lead to your help.

Lord Egbut

gravedodger said...

Gee Thanks M'lord didnt know you cared and still dont think it could be genuine. Clearly my patehetic effort at combining quaint humour with a serious problem around very limited Radio links this morning clearly missed the ethereal intellectual capabilities you have to contend with.

There was zero alcohol or any other drug stimulation involved, although some sleep deprivation might have impacted, but that is a constant companion in current times.

You have a nice day, or is it night where you are in your universe.
Save the sarcastic malice inspired faux concern for someone who actually gives a toss for what you think.

paul scott said...

Christchurch is half inaccessible, care of the idot Council.
I alone have the City and authority to do what I like, and I just drive down there through their road blocks.
A guy in coloured vest comes up.
" Do you have permission to be here "?
Me. I'm Ngai Tahu"
Him "Ok I see, you don't look Maori"
Me " You should see my mother "
Him " Is she Ngai Tahu "/?
Me " No, but you should see her "

The Veteran said...

Wot has the fair city of Christchurch done to deserve of of this ... how did you manage to piss off God so much? ... quakes, more quakes, fire ... how long before the locusts descend? Is there a common denominator ... many blame the water; others the Wizard; for myself I think St Jim of Spreydon has much to answer for.

Paulus said...

We are already hearing that some of the property owners whose houses burnt down are either not insured or underinsured.
Not sympathetic though.
Likewise some residents of Kaikoura are in the same position.
Sad they did not listen to the widely disseminated insurance policy changes after the Christchurch insurance fiasco.