Thursday, February 9, 2017


Yet many consider crime is impacting on their lives in too many ways and it is suggested that police regard burglary of lessor import leaving many cases not investigated or delays meaning evidence unrecoverable.

A random question who has not been burgled.

More prisons, double bunking, alternative sentencing are all regarded by too many as either soft options or too harsh depending on personal opinion resulting from an assumed humanity.

Society is broken in many ways as the Ten Commandments were reduced by a later padre to two and today have been superseded in effect by judges who have overdosed on sympathy giving far too much emphasis to crap parenting, abandonment of personal responsibility and self indulgent behaviour round drugs including alcohol.
 Welfare was a great idea by Savage, FDR, Atlee and co but only while a degree of shame and pride led its recipients to a high degree of desire  to move out of its suffocating embrace s quickly as possible.
Sir Aparima Ngata saw what was in store for his people yet today most would say Sir who?

So today the GDP is sustained and expanded by private security,  substantial security in the home, and an army of   'Crats'  producing stable door solutions on a regular basis that are all "after the horse has bolted" knee jerks.

So the prison service will continue to expand until the people who wish it wasn't so grasp the nettle that all must get an understanding at an early age as to wrong vs right, respect, true rights, values and personal safety that once apon a time were ingrained during "growing up" accompanied by an awareness of all actions have consequences that will surely follow and they could include prison.

Alas many, far too many, die before  that glorious  state of  "grown up" is ever achieved, and some are quite ancient and are amongst us as arbitrators and financial distributors.


The Veteran said...

Telling it how it is. The answer to the 'not my fault' culture where personal responsibility is a dirty word.

Anonymous said...

Recidivism rates..

New Zealand...%49

Funny how the bleeding heart liberal democracies seem to do better than anglo saxon countries where revenge and punishment take priority over rehabilitation. Google them up..then forward to the corrections industry. The US prison figures are truly horrendous.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Note aim for 25 percent reduction by end of this year.

Anonymous said...

Less in, less to rehabilitate.

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland are among the ten countries with the smallest gap between rich and poor.In these countries, citizens pay
higher taxes and receive more social services. John Pratt, a professor of criminology and expert on Scandinavian prisons, believes that strong welfare systems reduce poverty and inequality-key drivers of criminality.

David said...

In addition to your comments, anon, withdrawing from "the war on drugs" reduces prison populations, reduces recidivism, and reduces the cost to the community.

If Portugal can do it, why can't we?