Saturday, February 4, 2017


Some of you may not have picked up on the link here supplied by our esteemed titled person whereby the Trump administration on Thursday night effectively endorsed Security Council Resolution 2344 when it called for the Israeli Government  to stop  building settlements on occupied territory as an obstacle to achieving lasting peace in the region.

Kinda cuts the ground from beneath a lotta feet.

Thank you Lord Egbut and belated kudos to President Trump.


Anonymous said...

As this is a long weekend, here is a sample of comments about Muslims.(Lengthy, deeply notated books, give a similar picture). What we get fed about Israel doesn't usually line up
Council for the National Interest
There are many links to gain additional information
Essential context about Trump's refugee ban
When did America's obsession with Islam begin?
The same author makes similar comments in the next two links
The problem is foreign intervention, not Muslims
Fallacies of the anti-Islam crowd
Myth of the U.N. creation of Israel

As I wrote, this is just a sample. Many times [elsewhere] read Americans who are bewildered by their support for Israel. And they're not leftist numpties.

Anonymous said...

Veteran....there are two narratives running in parallel here. There are the tweets and loud mouth proclamations on various subjects that is for the consumption of the faithful and the quiet nuts and bolts of government which is startlingly close to Obama's policies and is not tweeted upon. That bit is run by Bannon.

The travel ban is gone as I write this and I believe the Orange in Chief owes an apology to the previous AG for doing her job well and who incidently is in line for an award.

It is now known that the lone attacker in Paris was an Egyptian national who bought his ticket and travelled from Dubai, you know, the place famous for it's golf courses and not on the list.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...


Crap paper but it's food for thought if true.

Lord Egbut

David said...

Don't worry, Veteran, it's all false news, activist judges and anti-semitism. Hasbara Troll whaleoil has had his instructions from Tel Aviv and is lying his arse off.

Oh, and the latest viewing figures are out - 7640 squajillion people attended Trump's inauguration ball.

paul scott said...

Good to find out that so many people attended Trump's ball David.

Anonymous said...

Your so called esteemed, likely self titled resident troll who is consistently on the wrong side of predictions, Trump/Brexit etc I wouldn’t expect to pay any attention to details like wording, after all why let accuracy get in the way of facts.
Still most bloggers that profess to cover news with any modicum of impartiality check the facts being pedalled before posting. Still it continues help to show us who the idiots actually are.