Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Supermarket Gossips

Today is the first of three days forecast to exceed 37 degrees C.

This morning Adolf went up to Coles to buy a few bits and pieces.  He was impeded by six old farts standing in the aisle with their trolleys, having a good old gossip.  Adolf politely suggested to them they should continue their conversation outside in the middle of the highway.

The morbidly obese old girl next door drives ten km each day to the big shopping mall and gets out her zimmer for a half hour walk about in the air conditioned mall.   That's not silly, neither does it inconvenience other people.

I understand NZ experiences the 'old fart gossiping' phenomenon on rainy days.


gravedodger said...

Just don't attempt to enter the one Four Square that services Akaroa when Cruise Ship is in town.
The shop is a haven for visitors too mean to get on a bus so they stand around comparing notes, mainly in the doorway and the street close by.
Too bad some local might want a packet of mixed spice to complete the Gherkin Pickling. Excuse me, would you mind letting me pass, could you have this chat across the road, EXCUSE ME, Havn't quite reached "get out of my fucking way" but it comes closer each day.

Yes go earlier is ok but when the packet is absent and the Gherkins await, that option has passed its useby date.

paul scott said...

They never see you, and even when they do, they still won't move. It's ok just to push them over, good violence practice for the civil war against snowflakes.


Surely, it's time Akaroa had a New World?