Friday, February 17, 2017


 Babwa Dweaver reported tonight,  Papua New Guinea was facing hardships because the impoverished nation had run out out of money don't be alarmed, no one saw that coming.

One;s news guru on Pacific Affairs with accompanying images of poor people sitting around destitute and the Idiot McCully spouting rubbish BUT!!!

And there is always a But only this one is a doozy.

Chief Michael Somare who has a Knighthood and a life style that is so far removed from the images Dweaver and the morons at state TV used in their infotainment  clip,  has a personal executive Jet aircraft so he does not have to come anywhere near the poor people should they ever manage to get any where near the airport.
Such aircraft don't come cheap starting in the millions and my estimate has Micky's at around the 20 million mark.

Of course Micky Somare has every right to divert aid as he has a job to do, Aid currently from New Zealand running at over 24 million a year. Add in Many other donors and "Micky One" is not such a bigly.

The Infotainment item began with NZ companies not being paid, one shown, a consulting out fit have been waiting over two years but the whole slant was all about "wont someone think of the poor people" and the salient fact that the parliament and government buildings having to use candles because the Power bill hadn't been paid. I guess it might be further up the queue than sundry creditors.

Don't worry about the corruption, the fat getting fatter, or wasteful spending when Mick could fly commercial, concentrate on the poor skinny bugger sitting on the hand woven coir mat with a few pathetic bits of Copra drying in the sun.
Aid appropriations up for review with the Budget approaching, so hence the item, it needed to be said.

Random thought;  why do the Aid posters feature emaciated prematurely aged people when the leaders are all facing the obesity epidemic head on when photographed doing leading stuff.
 Most are only running something around the economy of  a second division NZ City.
Corporate jet FFS.

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