Wednesday, February 15, 2017


No not Michael Woodhouse although he is demonstrating almost on a daily basis a very strong bias to something similar. No I am referring to the discovery that an alleged Mugabe dispatcher has turned up here apparently after gaining entry using a false Republic of South Africa passport.

No need to delay sending him back to the Republic, and it is almost certain there will be excess capacity as Saffas come to N Z to support their cricket team, just do it as Nike would say.
That said I don't see Mr Woodhouse as having the balls, for Gods sake there is an obese European still costing us dear as he fights extradition and that has been a study in procrastination lasting years.
Now Billy boy has no leg to stand on, if the corrupt Saffas decline this charming young man then I will bet a dollar to a knob of goat poo that a connecting flight to Rhodesia could be acquired at considerably less money than we will spend so long as he remains here.


Al Kida said...

D'ya reckon ya cud start riting in Ingrish at some stage?


paul scott said...

Al Kido.
Saffa is an acronym, and synonym for South African something. I think it also means South African with a slur. Dodger is writing that Woodhouse Minister of Immigration, lacks fortitude, among other things, and that we should deport criminals.
Usually my typing is a mess, but I made a special effort for you.

Anonymous said...

A brace no less Dodger, I'm impressed......

Lord Egbut