Monday, February 6, 2017


The great brown hope of the Little Labour Party about to be parachuted into Parliament per courtesy of a high placing on the Labour List as dictated by their leader and in total disregard of clause 350 et seq of the Labour Party Constitution which vests that responsibility in the hands of their Moderating Committee.  

A picture tells a thousand words and yesterdays picture of the little man making the announcement outside the Te Tii Marae with a very pissed of Kelvin Davis looking on sez it all.    On current polling it's a moot point whether Little himself will make it on the list let alone his Deputy who is vacating her Rongatai seat.   So if Little wants Jackson on his team then he's going to have to 'heavy' him to high on the list and Davis knows that.   He also knows that with the apparent electoral accommodation between the Maori and Mana Parties it's going to be a straight fight between him and Harawira in the Te Tai Tokerau seat and he also knows that Hone has the John Frum vote sewn up tight.   Davis is in trouble ... a good guy (apart from his luv affair with NZ criminals being deported from Oz) but it looks as though his leader is stitching him up and hanging him out to dry.

And what of Jackson himself? ... failed Parliamentarian and Waka jumper par excellent.    But it's worse than that ... his defense of the so called 'Roastbusters' on Radio Live and his contention that the girls involved got what they were asking for is a valuable pointer as to why there is so much violence in Maoridom; why the statistics on Maori child abuse are so appalling ... and Little wants this 'man' on 'his' team to showcase the new face of Labour going forward!!!!   Unfair? don't criticise me ... all I'm doing is repeating the criticism of Poto Williams, MP for Christchurch East and Labour's spokesperson on sexual and domestic violence.   She slammed the announcement.   And Williams has something going for her that Little and Jackson cannot match.   She made it into Parliament as Maori and winning a non Maori electorate seat.  In my book that counts.

MMP has much to answer for but one thing for sure ... if Jackson is the answer then it surely was a stupid question.



Lindsay Mitchell said...

Poto is Pacific Island descent - Cook Island specifically.

The Veteran said...

Lindsay ... thank you. I stand corrected. Cook Island Maori then? The point remains. She, as a non European, won a general seat. Doesn't happen too often (especially in the South island).

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The burning question however, is:-

When will Lab/Greens rebrand themselves as 'The Alliance?'

The only person missing is Sandra Lee.

paul scott said...

Yes we love Poto here in the East. Someone said she lives here, but nobody has ever seen her.
For NAT to win East Christchurch it would take a full military operation and extensive vote fraud.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... you mean St Jim is coming back? hadn't heard that. If he is then his ego is such that the little man might as well throw the towel in now.

But seriously, I am truly amazed at Little's lack of political nous in promoting Jackson as the face of new Labour. I thought he had the Unions in his back pocket. Clearly it's the other way round.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Jamdertin briefly crossed my mind as I wrote but then I realised he is nearer to death than is Hillary Clinton.

Paulus said...

Lindsay - are not of what we know of Maori evolved through Cook Island descent.
This is following the movement from the present Gao Shan Tzu Tribes in what we know as Taiwan from whom all Maori are descended, through the Pacific
People in the Cook Islands speak a language known as Cook Island Maori.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ho ho ho.

Chris Trotter describes Ms Williams as 'ill disciplined, unsanctioned and reckless.'

He accused her of spoiling Labour's chances of winning the 2014 general election.

Popcorn, anybody?