Tuesday, February 7, 2017


What an absolute clusterfuck for Labour and a not so subtle challenge to the little mans leadership.   There she was, Poto Williams, supported by Iain Lees-Galloway, Number 13 (for now) in the caucus ranking, and anxious to tell the media scrum that she stood by her bagging of wee Willie Jackson.

But it gets worse ... not only Poto Williams but 'Young Labour' joined in the condemnation of Little's 'man'.

And what about the man himself.   Now revealed as a champion of Charter Schools (and a Board member to boot).    OK, he said he would resign.   What does he tell the parents and kids ... I got it wrong and you're all trash?    Clearly, for him, the sniff of a back bench seat trumps principle every time.    I repeat ... this is a clusterfuck for Labour but I don;t blame Jackson ... he saw the the 'main  chance' handed to him on a platter and went for it.    Blame the little man.

And don't even get me started on Laila Harre ... Little's (or crimdotcon's) 'b***h;.

Updated ... it gets worse for the little man.   TV1 News reports that Little has promised Jackson a ministerial role as Minister of Maori Development.   That should really get the current caucus going.

But, as they say, there's more ... you sense a certain crisis when your own bloggers turn against you.
Go to Blogrole left and click on 'No Right Turn'.    The post headed 'Labour doesn't need any more Bigots' is trenchant in its criticism of Little ... I am drawn to the final paragraph ..."As for Little, if the Jackson decision is an example of his leadership, then Labour needs a new leader. It is that simple. Someone with such poor judgement is not suitable to be a party leader, let alone Prime Minister.".   Ouch and double Ouch.

The way it's going Little could be rolled b4 Turnbull and Corbyn.   Robertson and the toothy one ... there's a thought.   

Updated #2 ... the little man is backpedaling on this one so fast he's in danger of falling over backwards.   It must have been a REALLY rough caucus meeting.    

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Anonymous said...

Well put. On another note I apologise for not visiting your site as frequently as I did a year or so ago. I find the pointless abuse/name-calling by some visitors destroys all opportunity for a measured debate. Best wishes.