Thursday, February 9, 2017


So Poto W had a gun held to her head and told to recant and grovel.   A statement signed under duress has no standing.

So what about Young Labour and the letter doing the rounds calling for the Labour Party Council to reconsider the question of Jackson's eligibility to stand for Labour and signed by what appears to be 5% +/- of the entire Labour Party membership including an ex Party President, an ex Cabinet Minister and an ex MP along with the little man's campaign manager when he challenged to be in charge of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Are we going to witness a repeat of the show trials conducted after the failure of Klaus von Stauffenberg's  20 July 1944 attempt to kill the Hitler and presided over by the infamous Roland Freisler .... just askin.


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gravedodger said...

Poor old Angry, and the left are still in lock step over democracy delivering the wrong result, the lunatics rioting screaming and destroying property thinking they will get their way eventually.
If one has spare time their is a gold mine on utube, compilations of media, snowflakes and stupid pollies during their hoped for meltdown of The Don, my fave was George Clooney the Crown Prince or is that the Clown of Hollywood stating emphatically "there will be no President Trump", Rosemary's Baby.