Saturday, February 4, 2017


The Northland summer rolls on and on.   Tourists aplenty, the beaches are packed, businesses and especially those linked to the tourist sector are doing a roaring trade.

There's a flip side to the good weather ... farmers are doing it hard.   Yesterday Minster Guy, accompanied by Matt King, National Party candidate for Northland, declared a drought emergency for the region.   The declaration makes available a suite of measures designed to assist the farming community. 

Have to report that the temporary MP was MIA.   Probably at his home in St Mary's Bay Auckland or at the Green Parrot.
In the next little while I will be starting a blogspot called 'Candidate Watch' which will chart the movement of candidates around the electorate.   I think it will prove interesting.


paul scott said...

The value of the candidate is not directly proportional to the time spent in the elctoirate, although obviously he has to be there often as possible.

Anonymous said...

Bless, you have a follower ............

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Paul ... 'he' famously said on the hustings "Give me a chance and if I haven't delivered come the general election then kick me out". 'he' also promised Goldcard holders free trips on the Paihia-Russell and Hokianga ferries. To date zip, zero nothing (and it's the NRC not the MP that determine where the concession is to apply).

Hoist with his own petard methinks.

The 'man' opens five electorate offices which are mostly shut and thinks that constitutes being a good MP.

Northland is going through a mini boom. There are jobs aplenty begging in the forestry industry. Tourism is big and getting bigger. Packing sheds are having to import Islanders to do the work because lazy people bought up to believe in John Frum have figured out they can enjoy a pretty relaxed life style on the benefit with a bit of wacky baccy growing on the side along with some abalone poaching and undersized crayfish thrown in for good measure as an alternative to work.

Iwi leadership (with some notable exceptions) is sadly lacking up here. When so called Kaumatua point a finger at government they would do well to reflect that three of their fingers are pointing back at themselves.